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CayCaed! Travels: Goldrun

by kattrish


Tired of spending those beloved neopoints only to find out that the "super awesome extravagant" vacation place reeks of utter fail? Well, no need to fret! Cue the drumroll, and bring on the spotlights because the wacky duo is back for another round of reviews! (This time with places to insult--erm... critique.)

Enter Caylir and Caedir.

One is an eccentric genius, and the other is a sarcastic mastermind. Put those two together, and you'll have a spanking new review.

*Disclaimer: CayCaed! Travels is not responsible for any sudden meepit attacks, feepit liberation schemes and rogue asparagus rebellions that may (or may not) happen during the said vacation trip.


Destination : Goldrun

The Wild West

The Nitty-Gritty

Goldrun is a small thriving town located at the heart of the Valley of Sand, which is right between the Kingdom of Altador and the Lost Desert Empire on the west side of the mountains. It is home to a good 342 pets, 655 petpets and overrun by wild cacti.

Traveling to the town could be tricky, but the easiest way to get there is to obtain a map which the visitors must have at High Noon. Once 12 noon strikes, they have to be ready to read the spell written on the parchment. Tourists will be transported to the town in less than 0.0897 seconds, and since there is 72.3% chance of them landing on the said cacti, wearing very thick pants is highly recommended. (Please note that traveling via portals could be hazardous and should never be tried if you have an illness... or rotten luck.)

Cay: It's such a beautiful place! There are plenty of things to see and lots of areas to explore in that region. It's a wonderful place to be.

Caedir: Yeah. If the visitors live to see it. Seriously, though. They need to think up a much safer way to get there. Half of the travelers probably got stranded in some other dimension... which explains why the town is such a barren desolate place.

Cay: They could get there from Altador--

Caedir: Cobrall invasion.

Cay: --or the Lost Desert--

Caedir: Wild animals.

Cay: --or even by sailing across the south sea!

Caedir: Sea beasts.

Cay: Plus the portal's fun anyway.

Caedir: Oh lovely. So the portal's fun-ness is going to overshadow the fact that it's as dangerous as an oversized meepit?

Cay: Yep!

Caedir: *headdesk*

The Fame and The Famous

Sheriff Ellie

Sheriff Ellie has been in charge of Goldrun for many years, and ever since she took the responsibility of running the settlement, everything has been coming along smoothly. The Spotted Kau has been sending maps to various folk as well which serve as a way to get to Goldrun. A messenger in a form of a White Weewoo called Rodeo delivers them to the willing travelers, but those maps recently have a rather distressing note attached to them, however, and it seems the town is plagued with trouble.

Cay: Oh dear.

Caedir: "Oh dear" is right. What kind of person would put such upsetting thing in a travel guide?

Cay: Good point.

"Wacky" Wocky Wilson

"Insane," some would say. "Pure genius," others would argue. This Wocky earned him his name due to his strange yet useful inventions that helped the town survive the harsh Desert life. He was also the one who accidentally discovered a huge deposit of gold near Goldrun which proved to be quite handy in paying up all the town's debts.

Caedir: Heh. I think you two would get along. "Wacky" Wilson and "Korbatty" Caylir: Inventors Extraordinaire!

Cay: Awesome idea, Caed!

Caedir: *headpalm* Can you not sense the sarcasm? Gah!

Calice "Cheater" Acara

Calice still stands as the best of the best Cheat! players in Goldrun, and has never once lost a game in her life. She has beaten countless others including the great Imoven Ixi of another settlement. Challenge her to a game of Cheat! and she'll have all the neopoints in her hands before you could even blink.

Caedir: Now this is one rockin' Goldrunner! I wonder how she beats 'em.

Cay: Uh... she cheats?

Sights and Sounds

Goldridge Canyon

Famed for its beautiful dawns and spectacular sunsets, Goldridge Canyon is ranked as the number one tourist spot in the whole of Goldrun. Visitors could get there via a caravan (cost: 2,000 – 5,000 NP) and the journey would take 30 minutes to one hour if one is coming from the town.

Caedir: WHAT? 2k to 5k? Are they serious? I'd protest and just walk all the way!

Cay: Bad idea. When I went there along with Sheriff Ellie, there were hordes of Scamanders slithering about.

Caedir: *hyperventilates* S-scamanders?

Cay: Yup. Nasty little things. One even tried to crawl up--

Caedir: Why didn't you tell me that ages ago? Dude, they're like 4 million NP! *drags Caylir to caravan* Goldridge Canyon, here we come! Come to me, my monies... Hehehe.

The Grand Saloon

It was built over 50 years ago by the founders of Goldrun, and it still stands as the town's greatest legacy. Celebrations and gatherings are still held in this hall each and every day. It is known for its delicious and outstanding menu, and high-quality service. The Grand Saloon is the one stop you'd never want to miss.

Cay: Do you see those? *points at walls with portraits* Aren't they lovely?

Caedir: I find them disturbing, thanks. Look at them glare like you're a piece of dirt; these people ought to smile some more. But then again...

Cay: But then again what, Caed?

Caedir: I couldn't blame them. *grins evilly*

Cay: Why do I have a feeling that I'm going to be hit with sarcasm once more?

Caedir: Because you are going to be hit with sarcasm, Cay. It's my nature.

Cay: Just like how frowning is part of these pets' natures? ^^;

Caedir: Hey. Don't start getting all witty at me. Anyways, as I was saying: this place is disturbing. Look at the dust.

Cay: Maybe it's part of the design! Give the visitors a feel of the old Wild West!

Caedir: They'd get a "feel" of the old Wild West, all right. The dust is two inches thick. If they can't feel that... wow. Just wow.

Last Words and Final Ratings

Cay's Rating

Goldrun is a spiffy place, and as I've said awhile back, there are tons of things to see so you could never get bored. The citizens are super nice, especially Sheriff Ellie over there--Howdy, Sheriff! Sure, there's a bit of a problem here, but that can be fixed right? You could try to help out, and I bet the townspeople would love that.

The history is quite interesting as well, and the places are something that you should see at least once in your short life. The trip to Goldrun and back home is quite fun, and maybe it's a tad bit dangerous. But who cares, right? It's an adventure!

In my short stay here, I've learned a lot, including how to take care of cacti and other wild petpets, and of course, how to effectively shoo away the Scamanders from the food supplies. I've learned a lot history that I could write two thick novels of it! So to sum this up, I give this place... 5 stars!

Caedir's Rating

Wow... thanks for boring us with that boring review, Cay. So, onto the truth. (Eh. My opinion at least.)

After spending a week in Goldrun, chasing Scamanders, dreaming of the neopoints, cursing the annoying heat and sand, I've learned one valuable important thing: I didn't like it.

I didn't like it for the sand. I didn't like it for the annoying Weewoo messenger that Sheriff Kau has. I didn't like it for the people trying to make me guilty enough to help them in their plight. I didn't like it for the Scamanders that united against me for trying to take their comrade. I didn't like it at all.

But... as Caylir did say. Tons of history. Tons of awesome sights to see (except the dust, though; I wouldn't want to see that again). If you're one of those people who are gullible enough to do those plots--cough--chores--cough--then come here. I bet you'll have a blast. But my rating is this: 3.391. That's for the wild Scamanders.

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