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The Lucky One

by cookie___crumbs


“What a dreadful day,” said Ben the grumpy, red Pteri.

     “Why, oh why, did you drag me into this freezing cold weather of Terror Mountain?” he asked his friend Charles the Green Lenny.

     Ben was the kind of kid who would wake up with gum in his hair or drop his coin collection in a slimy, wet sink by accident. He was the kind of kid who would get a 30 % on a math test or even the kind of kid who would forget to take off his pyjamas before he left for school. Ben was unlucky.

     Unlike Ben, Charles was careful and always remembered to throw his gum out before he went to bed. Charles would be the kind of kid who had a lot of friends and good grades. Charles was lucky.

     “Hey, look, a 5 Neopoint bill!” Charles exclaimed with excitement. “This is a good day after all!”

      Ben didn’t share Charles's excitement at all. He just mumbled a few words and kept on walking. Charles frowned when he saw Ben’s obvious and clear jealousy.

     “Want some hot chocolate?!” Charles yelled before Ben got too far.

     Ben twirled around. Charles knew that Ben couldn’t resist a nice cup of hot chocolate.

     “Okay,” Ben said trying not to sound like he was begging but it was clear he really wanted some.

     They started walking past snowy houses and stopping occasionally to see the toy shops. It was spring in a lot of places in Neopia, but they knew that in Terror Mountain it was always Christmas.

     Charles was already mentally making his Christmas list. All of a sudden a cry of surprise pierced through the silent air. Stunned, Charles turned around to look at what had happened. Of course, there was Ben face first in the snow. Charles helped him up.

     “What happ-” Charles stopped when he saw the anger in Ben’s eye.

     Although later on, Ben explained that he didn’t know why he fell since he was focusing on not slipping on the ice beneath them. Charles didn’t mention he was day dreaming when they were walking on the ice. He knew better.

     They continued their walk and finally got to the cozy little café where they rested while they waited for their hot chocolates. Only five minutes had passed and Ben had managed to trip on the rug, stain himself with coffee that belonged to an elderly Bruce, fell off his chair and spilled salt all over the floor.

     When the waitress finally brought them their hot chocolate, Charles brought Ben outside.

     “Do you want to drink it by the lake?” Charles asked Ben.

     “No, let’s go eat it at the Snowy Food shop,” Ben replied.

     Charles knew how Ben could get when he didn’t have it his way so he agreed. Minutes passed until they arrived but unfortunately for Ben, there was construction going on at the shop, so he was forced to agree with Charles and eat by the lake.

     As they sat down something flew above their heads. And then another one and another one. Charles observed slowly and all of a sudden he said “Run!” But it was too late; Ben had already been hit by one of those exploding snowballs. There was pink sticky goo all over him and not to forget his hot chocolate dumped in the snow bank.

     Slowly, Ben started to realize what had happened. His face, that was once red, went to purple.

     “AAAARG!” he yelled.

     At that point, he couldn’t take it anymore. Tears started pouring down his eyes, his nose started running and his tail started drooping. Tears started slipping off his beak and he dropped himself to the ground.

     If only he could spend one day without bad luck. He was sincerely ready to do anything for one. After getting cleaned up, he left Charles at his house and started thinking of how he could get rid of this bad luck. He was almost out of ideas when he had a sudden flash. Edna. Edna the witch could reverse his bad luck. At that time, it didn’t occur to Ben that Edna could be evil. Very evil. Although, everyone was pretty sure it wouldn’t make a difference to Ben if he knew. He was desperate.

     Ben turned around and ran to the entrance of the spooky forest. One more step and he’d be in the hands of evil. No hesitation was shown as he stepped into the dark creepy woods. The branches creaked beneath his feet as he made his way to the tower.

     Meanwhile, Edna furiously screamed at Mr. Scratches the werelupe.

     “What do you mean you didn’t bring back a young Pteri? We had a deal! You did my quest and I’d give you a treat in exchange. How could you let me down?!”

     “But Miss Edna-”

     “Out, fool! OUT!”

     Edna couldn’t finish her potion, and she would search all over Neopia to find the missing ingredient. She quickly brainstormed where she could find the chubby ones. Her thoughts were interrupted by knocking. At first, Edna ignored the knocks but she finally gave up and yelled.

     “ALRIGHT! ALRIGHT! Come in!”

     Ben nervously made his way into the tower.

     “M... Miss Ed... Edna?”

     Edna stared at Ben. Finally! Her spell could be completed. She smiled nicely.

     “Yes, my dear boy, what can I do for you?”

     “I... I’d like to have amazing luck, Miss Edna. All my life, I have had bad luck, and this is my breaking point. I am tired. I want good luck, and am ready to do anything for some.”

     Edna was trying her best to not flash an evil grin.

     “It’ll cost you nothing, but you will have bathe in a special herby potion.”

     “Anything Miss Edna, anything,” said Ben with a little hope of finally having a chance to be normal.

     “Excellent, dear. Sit down and make yourself comfortable.”

     Edna quickly began shuffling through bottles of herbs. There was a large variety from “Esophagor Sticks” to “Meowclops eyelashes”.

     “Now, my little one, you might have a shock stepping into my cauldron... errr... I mean bathtub, because the water is a little warm,” said Edna while dumping a jar full of Brain Tree eyes in the cauldron.

     “Oh, alright...” answered Ben nervously. He wasn’t so sure it was a wonderful idea anymore.

     Edna carefully added a brain wrap into the cauldron. Fire rose up to the ceiling. That was too much for Ben. He ran to the door. Panic ran through Ben’s body as he found out the door was locked.

     “Windows...” he thought. But it was too late. Edna grabbed him by the hand and pulled him towards the cauldron.

     All of a sudden, smoke appeared. There was Charles and his father the Lenny Conundrum Wizard!

     “Step away from that boy, Edna!” he roared.

     “ARG, YOU AGAIN! You’ve just passed the limit! Maybe this spell will fix you up!” she yelled as she raised her crooked fingers up in the air.

     “Dad, do something!” Charles yelped. But it was too late, Edna had already started the spell.

     “Mystic Powers from the sky,

     Evil gods hiding behind the forest fog,

     Here this body must lie,

     Turn this man mortog.

     Feel my glare from where you are,

     Answer my call,

     Together we aren’t that far,

     Terminate this –” Edna was interrupted by a big splash. Ben had dumped the cauldron on her! Purple smoke started swirling around her and sparks were flying in the air.

     “Nooooo!” she hurled as she quickly began to change to an Angelpuss.

     Charles’s father slowly walked up to Ben who was now trembling and said, “Good job, son, good job.”

     “Ben, why didn’t you just come to my father if you wanted your luck reversed?” Charles asked, confused.

     “Because I-”

     “Because he doesn’t need good luck, he already has it,” the grinning wizard replied.

     This remark surprised Ben, but later on, while thinking of all the events that had happened, he realized he did have good luck. Ben might be the type of Neopet that would wake up with gum in his hair, get 30 % on a math test or even forget to take off his pyjamas before he went to school, but Ben was lucky. And he knew it.

The End

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