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Vegetables: Friend or Foe?

by luna_moonsilver


KITCHEN TABLE - We’ve all heard it before. A steaming plate of food is placed before you, and as you look over the broccoli/carrots/peas, you hear: “make sure you eat all your vegetables.”

Now you’re sitting there, thinking, ‘Yuk! Brussel Sprouts!’

But, should all vegetables be categorized like this? Should they be classed as good or bad things? (Note: if an asparagus-crazed guy can open a website, anything is possible!) Make up your own mind…

1. Vegetables or veggie food.

Salad, more commonly known as ‘rabbit food,’ is most popular, but, of course, there are so many more. Lettuce, tomato, carrot, peppers, cucumber, and a whole bunch of other fruit and vegetables are the ingredients for this popular dish, since they are more common.

Of course, there are also more interesting and exotic fruits and vegetables out there. (They’re usually not used on salads though.) Take asparagus or pineapple as an example. You can have an asparagus and yoghurt pizza, or a spinach and asparagus pasty. There’s always a white chocolate asparagus soufflé, or a pineapple and broccoli pie. Trust me, there are so many things that involve fruit and veg.

2. Vegetable weapons.

Okay, onto number two. Strange, for sure, but pretty useful. Why? Just imagine this:

You’re in the Battledome, fighting your arch-nemesis (whoever that might be) when they pull out a cardboard sprout cannon.

’Ah-ha!’ you think. ‘How can veggies (and of course, cardboard) hurt my tough pet?’ Then, you realise you’ve been beaten. Badly.

Not good, is it? Humiliating, since you thought you were gonna win, and, tough on your poor pet. (Especially since you spent all that money training it!) However, use the power of veggies to your advantage, and buy some yourself! (Note: I wouldn’t use the weapon I mentioned, since it’s very expensive.)

3. Vegetable pets.

Ever seen a Chia? Well, did you know that they’re the only species of pet that can turn into a fruit or vegetable? Yes? Oh, right…

Anyway, a Chia is the only species of pet that can transform into a fruit or veg with the help of a magical Chia pop. Pretty cool, huh? Even if you don’t think so, it actually is. I mean, you’ve never seen a blueberry Pteri or an aubergine Peophin hanging around. No. Just Chias. And, it’s also made the sale of Chia pops go up. Now if you get your hands on one, it’s as if you’ve got hold of a magical paintbrush, or at least a morphing potion. Now do you think it’s cool?

4. Vegetables and your pet’s IQ.

I think this one will be pretty short, since there’s only a few books lying around that are about veggies. But there are some, don’t get me wrong. Remember, every single book your pet reads adds to its intelligence. That includes: Carrot Growing, Picking the Perfect Carrot, and a few more. See if you can find them all!

5. Vegetables in design.

Searching for something to brighten up your Neohome? Try a chokato or coconut lamp. I suppose coconut is the most popular in this category, seeing as there is so much more of it lying around. However, it doesn’t mean you should be put off. You can always buy a pumpkin sink if you don’t like coconut. Give your Neohome a natural feel this original way.

6. Vegetables and games.

If you’re bored, or need Neopoints (or even both!) one of the first places you go to is the games room, right? Play a few games, earn a few Neopoints, (That you lost training your pet that was beaten by your arch-nemesis) and then go spend them. (On veggies, hopefully.)

Though, I bet you’ve played at least one game with veggies in, right? (Note: They have pretty high NP Ratios)

Turmac Roll, for instance. An NP Ratio of 100 NPs to 100 points scored. Gadgadsgame. An NP Ratio of 75 NPs to 100 points scored.

Cheeseroller. But, you may think ‘that’s cheese! It doesn’t count!’ Of course it does. What do you think Spicy Juppie Cheese is made of?

Dice-A-Roo and the Fruit Machine. Both give food prizes, both give fruit and veg. Same as Coltzan’s Shrine (when he does decide you deserve something more than maniacal laughter.)

Guess the weight of the Marrow. How about ‘guess what that game involves?’ That’s right, a marrow. And, obviously, a marrow is a vegetable.

Pick your own. Pick your own what? Pick your own berries.

7. Vegetable shops.

Maybe a visit to the health shop doesn’t seem very nice, but imagine how much healthier it is than going to the chocolate factory and buying a load of sweets. You won’t have to make your pet do a ton of exercise, and they’ll thank you in the long run. (Note: I take no responsibility for your pet hating fruit and veg now and getting all mardy at you about it.) Also, remember that sometimes, if you go to the money tree at the right time of the day, you get free health food, since the Quiggle that owns the health shop gets annoyed about pets eating chocolate all the time.

Also, playing lots of Dice-A-Roo gets you food and stuff. Leeks, tomatoes, all vegetables can be sold off at a reasonable price. (Especially garlic and leeks. ;) )

So there you have it. Vegetables. So maybe they’re not as appetising as sweets, but, let’s face it, they’re getting pretty popular. They’re fun, clever, protect you, are good for you, and so much more. You can even get pets that are like them, or make money out of them. There’s so many advantages to having a few fruit and veg every now and then, so what’s the harm in it? I bet, some day, Neopets will make a world about them (probably asparagus) like the fabled Jelly World. Then, there’ll be wars between jelly and veggie troops (kinda strange) and more games, more shops, more places to visit. I think veggies aren’t as bad as they seem. If we just give them a chance, maybe we’ll come to love them with time. If not, they’ll just stay hidden away in the dark, only coming out when your mom shouts “dinnertime!” or you have to play some games. Try ‘em. You’ll come to love them.


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