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Snot Splatter - the Guide to Spewing Snot!

by ewagon


Who would want to play a game like Snot Splatter? Well, you might... if you want a trophy. So how do you play this strange and disgusting game? Well, you make those snot blobs so big they explode! Then, they send little bits of snot at other snot blobs and make those blobs bigger.

How to play

Grossed out yet? Good. Now we can move on to gameplay. Your goal is to clear the grid of the snot web. When you click on a blob, it gets a bit bigger. There are five sizes of snot. At the fifth size, one click will send small snot bits spewing in all directions. This is the key to the game- you want to make one blob explode and set off another blob, which will set off even more. Your goal is to get a massive chain reaction. This also helps re-fill your bits of snot. You get a maximum twenty five clicks before you die! On the first level, you start out with ten and must replenish it by making big chains of explosions. You want to click all those globs until they explode so that you can save all those poor neopets who would otherwise be trapped in Meuka’s disgusting web.


This game features six different bonuses. These appear on the left of the massive snot grid. They are the grid (3x3 dimensions), the arrow pointing up and down, the arrow pointing left and right, the teardrop with a 2 in it, the x2, and the portal (the swirly thing). Keep in mind that to use a bonus, you will also be using one of your clicks. Always be aware of how many clicks you have left; even the best bonuses won’t help if you lack the necessary clicks to use them!

The one shaped like a grid will clear out all booger blobs highlighted in red. These boxes are highlighted once you have activated this bonus. If, after you have clicked on it, you decide not to use it, you may return in to its place on the left. This is useful if you have lots of small blobs in a close proximity. Instead of wasting ten clicks on these blobs, you can use just one to clear them all out.

The horizontal and vertical arrows do the same thing, just with different reactions. Much like the grid bonus, you want to use this when you have lots of small blobs, except you need them to be all in a straight line; either horizontally and vertically.

My personal favorite bonus is the teardrop with the 2 in it. This is especially helpful in later levels when you have lots of small blobs to begin with. Using this powerup counts as 2 clicks for every blob! If you have lots just two clicks from exploding, this powerup will make them spew snot faster than you can say “booger bonanza, bat boy!” five times fast.

Another good bonus is the x2 powerup, but this one is better for the beginning levels when you can click the big snot globs and don’t need to make the little ones really big. This blob will double the score, so if you can clear the screen with this, you’re in for a major point boost!

A bonus that I should probably use more is the whirlpool. When placed in the path of the flying excess snot, it will go in one portal and shoot out the other! If you’re running out of clicks, this can help a lot when you’re almost through with a level and can’t quite get through it. This is one that’s very useful when used properly.

Now you know about the bonuses and when to use them. However, even the best bonuses are no help if you don’t plan your moves.


In the first few levels, the gameplay is basic and straightforward. There is nothing on the grid to block the flow of mucus. However, things start getting complicated when stuff is thrown onto the board. These stages are when planning your moves becomes most crucial.

You must anticipate the path of the flying snot and use it to your advantage. The squares are menacing, though, because it flattens that snot and renders it useless! The triangles, however, can be very helpful. Instead of leaving the grid, they send the snot on a different path. Much like in Attack of the Marblemen, a bit of snot that hits it will move either left, right, up, or down depending on the shape of the triangle. You may have to spend some time practicing so you know how to use these triangles to your advantage.

Another obstacle can actually be the snot itself. If you have a tiny blob, it may be difficult to send enough excess snot in its direction to get rid of it. When this happens, all you can do is use a bonus to clear it up or make it big enough to explode. There is very little you can do about these small blobs other than plan your moves so that they will get big enough to explode.


Now, what’s this game really all about? Planning. You can clear almost levels with just one well-planned click. These maximize your score and makes for a lot of entertainment as you see dozens of snot blobs flying across the screen.

For the very first level, you want to get a lot of them in close proximity to be so big that they’re one click away from exploding. Your goal is to set off a chain reaction that will end up exploding all blobs on the screen. For the first levels, this is an easy enough task. Once you get to later levels, you’re going to find yourself depending on the bonuses (especially the teardrop that makes your click twice as strong) to help you clear the grid.

For those harder levels, you must plan your moves from the very beginning. I can’t give any specific advice because each level is unique, but the key is to anticipate the reaction of the snot and click appropriately.

Go for the Gold

So you know how to play, you know how to use the bonuses, and you know how to beat the levels. Still, you can’t get to the necessary score for the gold trophy. Why not? Here’s the secret: When you click an empty square, you create snot! In the beginning levels especially, this can send your score skyrocketing. However, you must always be cautious when placing these boogers; you don’t want to put them anywhere in the way!

The key to getting a high score is to place as many extra boogers on the screen as you can; this will maximize your score as each one gives you points, and if you can clear the screen with one click, you get an even bigger score!

You also may want to “save” some powerups. Don’t just use them because they’re available; you want to save them for when you most need them. Always be cautious and anticipate the movement of the snot.


Well, now you know all you need to. Use the bonuses wisely, plan your moves, and also have fun! If you’re having fun, you can play this game a dozen times trying to get yourself onto the high score table. Rather than being a chore, though, you’ll enjoy yourself much more.

So go out there and splat some snot!

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