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Top Chop! A Guide to Becoming Your Best Chopper!

by facetiousmind


If you’ve always wished you could chop through a block of wood like those fancy karate masters, then you have come to the right place! No, I’m not going to teach you karate, silly. Instead, I’ve come to help you master the latest game: Top Chop!

Game Objective

You play Katsuo, a young Kougra eager to be the next Shenkuu Palace Guard. In order for you to help his dream come true, you need to help him pass each test which consists of three levels. The first test consists of three levels, the second test has four levels and the last test has five levels. In order to pass each level, you must help Katsuo chop through his block of wood!

Playing the Game

The only key on the keyboard you need to worry about is the space bar. There is a meter in the top right hand corner of the game that rises and falls from a green, yellow, and red zone. When the slider is inside the green zone, you want to hit the spacebar. If you are successful, Katsuo will be able to break through the block of wood and you will continue on to the next level! If you get anywhere outside of the green zone (yellow or red) it is game over! You only get one chance in this game in each level (unless you have a certain power-up, but more on that later) to hit the green zone, so be careful!

Scoring Points

There are a few ways in this game to get bonus points! You certainly want to make sure you hit inside the green zone, as discussed earlier, but even more than that, you want to aim for the very middle of the meter- the thin white line in the center. The closer you hit to this white line the more points you will get! As long as you hit inside the green zone you will continue on, but with more practice and patience it will pay off if you can hit closer to the white line to gain more points.

There is a time limit for each level in this game. You have thirty seconds to make a hit before time runs out and it's game over for you! That being said, the less time you take, the more points you will get! For every second you have left on the timer, you will receive one point! So if you are a gaming genius and manage to hit the green zone within one second of game play, you will receive a 29 point time bonus! Go you!

You should also note that stopping the slider at any place on the meter will earn you points. Even if you land in the red, although your game will be over, you’ll still get some points! The farther away you are from the center of the meter, the fewer points you’ll earn, but at least your game over is a bit less painful with some earned points, right? ;)

Playing the Different Tests

For the first test (The Courtyard), you have three levels to complete. In each level, the moving slider in the meter will move progressively faster. Take heed of this and maybe take a second or two longer to be sure you hit the green zone (it’s better to lose points for time than to have a game over). Since this level is easiest of the three, there is one additional object to be aware of that may interfere with your game play. There are flowers that will fall from the sky and fly all over your screen (conveniently, they tend to fly right over your meter, blocking your view). It is best to wait until these flowers move away from the meter so that you have a full view and can see exactly when to press the spacebar.

For the second test (Imperial Guard Dojo), you have four levels to get through. In each level, the slider will again get progressively faster, but there is an additional twist! During this test, the slider will slow down and sometimes even come to a complete stop and then start up again, just to throw you off! And trust me, it does throw you off... really bad! You need to pay special attention to the slider because it could speed right past your green zone or slow way down; you will never know what it’s going to do. Also, there is a little Moffit that comes out to distract you even more. If this petpetpet crawls across your block at just the moment that you hit spacebar, your throw will be halted! You will get a message that says, “Don’t hit the moffit!” forcing you to try again when the moffit crawls away. These levels are very hard, but if you can get past them, then you are on your way to becoming a true karate master!

The last test (Emperor’s Grand Hall) consists of five levels and they are the hardest yet. If you think the previous test was difficult, it’s nothing compared to this! Along with the slider getting progressively faster and moving at random speeds throughout the levels, the green zone also moves! Now you have to not only keep track of the moving slider but the moving green zone as well. You want to wait until the two are in line with each other before you hit spacebar. These levels are obviously the most difficult, but completing them is going to be imperative in order to place yourself on the high score table! At least in this level you have two guards in the background to keep you company, although watch out for the one on the right! Sometimes he will lower his flag and block your view, much like the flowers during the beginning levels.


There are three powerups in this game that are there to help you!

Kougra Powerup: This nice little powerup will give you a second shot at chopping your block! Missed the green zone? No problem! Use this and you will have a second shot at it.

Square Powerup: This one will increase the size of the green zone, making it easier for you to aim for it!

Timer Powerup: This will slow down the slider on the meter so you will be able to see better and hopefully hit that green zone!


If you thought getting Neopoints was a good reward from playing a game, TNT has really iced the cake with this game! Depending on the score and test you reach in this game, when you send your score you will also receive some wearable items!! There are eight possible items to win from this game, so try to increase your score little by little to win those extra wearables!


I hope my guide for Top Chop helps you to increase your score a little! If nothing else, this game is quite nice for keeping your reflexes in check. Well, what are you waiting for? Go on and start chopping some blocks!

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