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Explore -- Terror Mountain

by cyborg8000


TERROR MOUNTAIN - Hi, I'm here to tell you about the worlds of Neopia. Are you ready to hear about Terror Mountain? Or maybe Tyrannia. Whatever the case, you'll learn things about these worlds. You might want to know what makes the Lost Desert so special, and why people even bother to visit Coltzan's Shrine. Maybe you want to hear secrets about what really happens on Krawk Island. Could it be that the Faeries of Faerieland aren't always happy and carefree? But to start things off, I'm going to take you on a tour of Terror Mountain! Fasten your seatbelts, because he we go!

* * *

Today we'll be exploring: Terror Mountain

One of the best things about Terror Mountain is that it's like a three-for-one bargain deal. When you click on the link from the "explore" page, you not only get Terror Mountain, but you also get the Ice Caves and Happy Valley.

Terror Mountain

*Top places to see while visiting Terror Mountain:

If you're planing to visit this icy mountain, you should probably take a look at is Taelia's home. To get here, click on her cave or click on: "Snow Faerie Quests". Taelia's quests aren't usually to hard, but they can be odd at points. She uses what you bring her to heal sick Neopets that are caught on Terror Mountain.

Another place you might want to go to is the colouring pages, where you can print off fun wintery images. Maybe you want to see a Bruce zooming down a hill, or Taelia surrounded by some of her friends, or maybe the Snowager glaring at everybody. To get here, click on the stick figure drawing (hmmm...I'm glad that wasn't entered in the art contest...).

You might also want to stop by the "Toy Repair Shop" and get Donny to fix that long broken blue fuzzle for you. He'll return it to you good as new, and for a good deal too. Plus, you get an avvie here too! :)

*Natives of Terror Mountain:

Pets: Cybunny, and some occasional Boris

Petpets: Polarchuck, Abominable Snowman, Fir, and Wreathy

*A fun fact about Terror Mountain:

Look to the side of the page where you see Poogles running down the hill. Click on them.

Happy Valley

*Top places to see while visiting Happy Valley:

The first think you might think about Happy Valley is: "What's with the candy canes?" Well, I'm not really sure but they use them for sign posts for everything.

In December, check out the Advent Calendar. In December, this probably the one most visited page on the entire site of Neopets. You can see a little movie (with sound!) and get free stuff too. These can include: Books, toys, food, Neopoints, Avatars, and petpets.

Might want to visit the brand new "Ice Cream Cart" as well. Run by a pretty slick looking character, eh? You have to obtain an Ice Cream coupon to get some ice cream, but there's a rumor floating around that the Snow Faerie has some. But she's frozen most of the time, so it's kind of hard to tell, huh?

You might want to visit the "Merry Outfits", where you can see what Christmas pets look like. Some are dressed up in coats, look like Santa, but most have a particular love for reindeer...if you'd like to see a real Christmas pet, check out my page! :)

*Natives of Happy Valley:

Pets: Bruce...I can't find any others. Oh, and the Bori sometimes as well.

Petpets: Feepit, Raindorf (another reindeer), and Candychan (does this have something to do with Happy Valley's obsession with candy canes???)

*A fun fact about Happy Valley:

Happy Valley wasn't always a nice place...

o.O really scary...

Ice Caves

*Top places to visit while visiting the Ice Caves:

You must have a really thick head if you don't know the first place. The Snowager is probably the most visited place in the Ice Caves. When he's awake, there's nothing to do, but when he's sleeping...that's a different story. While sleeping, the Snowager can't tell if you're coming to take something from his amazingly huge stash of stuff (the greedy worm...). So when he's sleeping, you should go in there and take something! But how do you know when he's sleeping? Well, the Snowager is so organized that he has scheduled his napping (isn't that sweet?). I can't tell you all the times, but just between you and me, he usually is sleeping between 6-7 in the morning.

Another fun place is the Scratch Card Kiosk. There's one saying that describes everything about it: You win some, you lose some.

Maybe you've got some Neggs, and are going to cash them in for some Negg points. Neggs can be won, traded, bought, or found. After getting enough, you can cash those Negg points in for a nice Negg, maybe for a collection or because you're going to use it.

*Natives of the Ice Caves:

Pets: Boris are the only thing I can think of…

Petpets: Garooda, Powtry, and Felf are all rumored to come from here

*A fun fact about the Ice Caves:

Hannah travels through the Ice Caves while looking for treasure.

And on a much more interesting note, a long time ago (not too long, because I saw it), you could travel from the Ice Caves to Tyrannia. There used to be a crack running straight through the Ice Caves, and by going through this crack, you would end up in Tyrannia! Wait, don't go looking for it now, it's not there anymore.

* * *

Well, that's it for today! I hope you enjoyed learning about Terror Mountain, and if you like this one, then maybe (hopefully) you'd like to read the next one! After Terror Mountain, we're visiting Tyrannia, where wild Chombys roam the land! Or maybe you'll want to skip to the part when we talk about favorite bands. Well whatever it is, just make sure you read it! Keep looking for the next article, to find out what the deal with Tyrannia is. Over and out, from Cyborg8000.

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