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Sailing Around Neopia

by blah_of_ha


“Paabie! Make the sandwiches and stuff!” Kanya called out. Kanya is my little sister. She and I were planning on sailing around all of Neopia, then flying to Faerieland, Kreludor and the Space Station.

     Kanya is only 6, but she has a huge ego. In fact this whole trip was her idea. Personally I’m glad she thought of it. I’ve always wanted to see Mystery Island and Shenkuu, but Mom prefers us to stay in Central.

     “Yes OK, I’m making them now!” I yelled in reply. Kanya was busy packing books and maps and things to do. “Do you know where Mom is, Kanya?”

     “I think she went to get us some clothes for all the different climates.” Kanya is a Korbat. I found her at the pound. She looked so cute, especially since she was painted Striped. And Mom, a Disco Flotsam (her nickname is Disco Dolphin, though) agreed that we could take her home.

     I can’t believe she put on that shy-girl act. Actually now that I know her better, I can. She is definitely not a shy-girl. She falls more under reckless-daredevil! But we love her the way she is.

     I made lots of sandwiches and little salads and was going to make some goody bags. I made Sandwiches, Snow Sandwiches, Cheese Sandwiches, Mega Meat Sandwiches and BLT Sandwiches with Cheese.

     Mega Meat is my favourite. Snow is Kanya’s. Mom’s is a Grilled Cheese, but she isn’t going.

     I made a few Oyster Salads (Kanya’s request), Fresh Green Salads, Turkey Salads, Twin Salads and Seafood Pasta Salads. The Fresh Green are my favourite. Kanya’s is obviously Oyster and I have NO idea what Mom’s is.

     Kanya came in and said, “Don’t make the goody bags yet, Paabie. I still need to get some things for them.”

     “OK. Do want to go see what is at the Chocolate Factory?”

     “YES!!!” And when she said that her whole face lit up. She is so sweet.

     We walked through the Main Shops and saw Kauvara getting some new stock. Kanya loves the Magic Shop. Kauvara teaches her what everything does. Kanya is great friends with Kauvara actually.

     “Hello there, Kanya!”

     “Don’t I get a ‘hello there’?” I asked sarcastically

     Kauvara just said, “No.” Kanya giggled.

     Kauvara, who is lovely to Kanya and my family, gave me and Kanya a little bag of potions.

     “Just in case you get any trouble along the way!”

     “Thank you!” I said

     We then walked to the Bazaar. The Factory stood right in front of us. Kanya and I skipped randomly to the door. As we walked inside, the smell of chocolate hit us.

     It smelt so good! We ran into the little shop to see what they had. They had White Chocolate Pteris and Jelly Beans and Lime Nimmo Bites and all these other cool chocolates. Then Kanya saw something she loved.

     Chocolate Coated Mint Bars. There was only one. And Salam, Kanya’s worst enemy, was eyeing it off. But as soon as he saw me, a big Lupe, he walked away to torture some other kids. I think the principal has to talk to his parents.

     The Shopkeeper said he had lots of chocolate bars out the back and Salam could have the one in the shop.

     We followed the shopkeeper out to the back. Along with chocolate bars, he gave us lollypops and jelly beans.

     We said thank you and then went to the smoothie shop. I got a Small Honey Lemon Smoothie and Kanya got a Small Ice Creamy Jelly Smoothie.

     When we got back, Mom was out the front gardening. Mom only does gardening when she is worried. And she has been gardening a lot recently.

     We went inside and began trying on the clothes Mom had gotten us. Mom had also dropped by the Pharmacy and picked up some bandages and things.

     We were all set.


     At lunchtime we set out for Roo Island. We were so excited.

     “Kanya, remember that food has to last a while,” I said.

     “I know... Mom!” She giggled.

     It only took us half an hour to get to Roo Island.

     Kanya went straight to the Merry-Go-Round. She was wobbling as she came off. We went to the souvenir shop. I got Fluffy Golden Dice and Kanya got a Roo Island Lamp.

     We then went and played Dice-A-Roo. I got six points, then lost it all.

     Then we sailed to Meridell. We went straight to the Farm. I played Extreme Potato Counter and Kanya played Guess the Weight.

     I won some money and Kanya won nothing. Kanya did her sad face and the guy at the Guess the Weight said she could have 2,000 Neopoints for her effort, as she was very close!

     Kanya wanted to see the Darigan Citadel, but I said that we should keep going. We walked over to Brightvale and went to visit King Hagan. He wasn’t there, however; he was out studying.

     Kanya then went to the Wheel of Knowledge. She won a Furanga Fruit! It looked really exotic.

     We then went to the Motery. We didn’t buy any, but we wanted to see what types they had. They had Dung, Air, Electrical, Wood, Ash, Mud, Water, Hail, Salt, Smoke, Rock, Dust, Fire, Bubble, Frost and even this one called ‘Ree Mote’.

     Then some new stock came in. There was a Gold one!!

     We then left and sailed over to Kiko Lake. We went straight to Kiko Lake Carpentry and had a look. It was amazing there! There were all sorts of things like Bubble Tables and Shell Mirrors and Lamps.

     We then went to the Treat Shop. Kanya only bought two Chocolate Orange Kiko Fudges and Bubblegum Kiko Drinks. I was amazed.

     We were going to go on a Glass Bottom Boat Tour but we just missed it. We were early leaving, but we wanted to get to Terror Mountain and set up camp before it got really dark.

     On the way there, we got our beanies and jumpers and snow shoes on.

     We got to the Happy Valley around 9pm. It was freezing! We saw a few Bruces still skating on the Ice Rink. We tied our boat up and Kanya set up the tent.

     I went to the Petpet Shop to ask what events would be happening the next day. The little Bruce said that there was a big Dancing Competition in its secret location. He said it was at a secret location to keep Lupes, like me, and Meercas away.

     On my way out I looked at some of the petpets. There was a Snuffly and some Abominable Snowballs. Kanya always said she wanted a Snowbunny or Garooda. I want a Candychan or Krawk. Or maybe even a Kadoatie, even though they would keep me up all night.


     The next morning we went to the Ice Caves. It was 6:30, so we went to the Snowager’s Cave. I snuck in and got a Sword of Domar. Then Kanya ran in silently and got a Terror Trove Scratchcard.

     We then went to the Snow Crystal Shop. I got a Tartan Snowball to add to my collection of snowballs. Kanya got a Golden Snowflake. I hoped they wouldn’t melt when we went to Tyrannia or the Lost Desert.

     Kanya has a collection of Neggs, so we went to the Neggery. She had over 100 tokens, so she bought a Kaleideonegg and Faerie Queen Negg. They looked so good!

     We then went up the path to the top of the mountain. Kanya flew to the Garage Sale. They had some Snow Grapes, Infested Peaches and Smoke Motes.

     We left Terror Mountain and went to Tyrannia. We were no longer worried about the snowball or snowflakes, because a lovely Bruce, who obviously wasn’t afraid of Lupes, gave us a special heat-proof cold case.

     I went straight to the Wheel of Mediocrity. I won 1000 Neopoints. Kanya played Tyranu Evavu! She got 52 guesses correct and won 12 grand!

     We then went to the Plateau. We got pieces of omelette. I got a Carrot and Pea, and Kanya got a Sausage one. We then went to the Ticket Booth; it said Jazzmosis was playing. We got a ticket and went to the Concert Hall. Kanya thinks she has gone deaf in one ear.

     We left and sailed to Maraqua. We put the boat on submarine-mode, and dived down to Maraqua. We had a look at the petpets. They were really cool! But we promised Mom we wouldn’t buy any petpets.

     Kanya then swan to the Ruins. I followed her after playing with an Arkmite.

     “Paabie! Look at this!” Kanya said, proudly holding up a Blandfish.

     “Cool! I got some kelp!”

     “Ha ha!”

     After visiting the Bubbling Pit, Kanya decided she wanted to be painted Maraquan! I want to be Christmas, Electric or Pirate. I am currently Camouflage.

     We then swam back out of the Ruins and had dinner at Kelp. We got a Tropical Fruit Bowl for appetizers, Stramberry Sausages for main and then Kelps Signature Ice Cream for dessert. Our drink was Cornupepper Lemonade.

     We sailed over to Mystery Island and set up camp just outside the Tombola stand. Kanya quickly played and won a Tai-Kai Codestone and a Main Codestone!


     The next morning we went to the rock pool. Kanya wanted a Kelpflake and I loved the look of Jawshells.

     We then went to the Cooking Pot. Pango Pango wasn’t very happy with Kanya’s ‘Book Soup’. Kanya mixed The Gorgeous Gallion, Hoppers Hayday and The Book of Ice together.

     After that we went to the Island Mystic. He said I will accidently discard a Chia plushie in Maraqua. Right.

     “That guy is weird, Paabie!” Kanya said.

     “You don’t say...”

     “We’ve already been to Maraqua, though. So how could you?”

     “Well, maybe he meant later this year or something,” I said, thinking hard.

     “Or maybe he is talking from his–”

     “I get the point, Kanya!”

     Then we went to Geraptiku. We went to the Deserted Tomb. We found the treasure chamber, but there was no treasure left. Then on our way out, a weird little petpet jumped up and gave us a snow globe.

     “I guess it’s better than nothing!” I said.

     “Mom won’t be happy if we give her something worth 10 neopoints to put in her shop!” Kanya said.

     “Point taken. Just keep it as a souvenir?”

     “Yeah, OK.”

     We then went to the Tombola. We only got a booby prize. It was Neoflakes Cake and 157 neopoints.

     Then we sailed over to Krawk Island. I saw a group of Maraquan Krawks hanging around the Golden Dubloon. I walked over with Kanya and asked where to find the Buried Treasure Game.

     Once they told me, I walked to the game with Kanya. When I played, I won nothing. But Kanya won fifteen grand! I was so excited. We then walked over to Smuggler’s Cove, but they had nothing to sell. I was a bit upset as I had stolen Mom’s One Hundred Dubloon Coin.

     We then tried to get to Lutari Island. But we couldn’t. There was a big storm and our boat swayed over to Altador. We went straight to the food place. I bought Stuffed Figs and Kanya bought Honey Filled Olive and Altadorian Sun Cheese.

     As always, we went to the petpet shop there. They had Altachucks, Garfirs and Altalaphuses. None of them took our fancy, so we went to the Hall of Heroes.

     Kanya found it boring as soon as we got in. So we left and went to the Magical Marvels shop. The things in there were really cool. But we didn’t need any, so we left and went back to the boat.

     We sailed around the land and went to Shenkuu.


     It was morning when we arrived at Shenkuu, Kanya got us lost a few times with her mad steering of the boat (I accidently let her steer – never happening again!).

     Kanya said that Lailai, a mutant Cybunny from her Tyrannian class, had said the medicines shop was really cool.

     So because Kanya decided she was in charge at Shenkuu and Altador, we went there. It was actually really cool. Uncle Solar was suffering from Ugga Ugga and refused to take the normal medicine; we bought him some Shrimp Powder.

     Kanya then remembered Miss Gigglio (real name Minsa), a student teacher at her Tyrannian Class, was off sick with Watery Eyes, so we bought Dried Orange Peels as well.

     We then went to Exotic Foods. I bought Starberry Satay, Purplum Buns and Urchin Surprise. I decided to buy Mom a Dandan at the petpet shop. The shop keeper said they would deliver it ASAP.

     “Why did you buy a petpet?” Kanya asked.

     “Mom has always wanted a Dandan but she couldn’t come to Shenkuu or find them for reasonable prices in the Trading Post. So it is just kind of a ‘thank you for everything’ gift,” I replied.

     “That is really sweet of you, Paabie!” Kanya exclaimed.

     We didn’t want to look at weaponry, so we went back to the boat to grab our stuff to set up camp.


     The next morning we went to the Lost Desert. We got there at about 2PM.

     We went straight to Coltzan’s Shrine, after changing into our Desert clothes, of course. I got a Two Dubloon Coin. Kanya increased her defense.

     We then went to Sakhmet. I went to the Fruit Machine and got 50 NP and a Tchea Fruit.

     Kanya went to Peopatra's Petpets. She ordered a Crystacat for herself and an Ettaphant for me.

     Next we went to Osiri’s Pottery. Uncle Solar had asked us to look for Painted Pottery Kacheek Candle Holders for his collection. So, of course, we did. We got a special discount.

     We then left Sakhmet and went to Qasala. We went to the Armor Shop, ‘Desert Arms’. They only had a Queela Bomb and Mighty Cobrall Mace. Didn’t want either of them, so we left.

     Kanya wanted to go to the Food Shop, as always, Qasalan Delights. We bought Spirit Of The Ruins Fizz, Fruity Shaved Ice, Qasalan Flatbread Delight and Hot Chocolate Dip. SO GOOD!

     We then set up camp and went to sleep.


     The next morning, we sailed to the Haunted Woods. Kanya wanted to do a Brain Tree Quest, but we couldn’t.

     Neither of us can believe our journey around Neopia is almost over. But it will be great seeing Mom again, and eating her yummy pancakes and all the other stuff moms do that I miss so much.

     We had a look around, and saw the Esophagor and Brain Tree, then went up Edna’s Tower to see what she was brewing.

      Bubbling Wand of Kacheek Charming was what the delightfully green mixture was. It looked disgusting, but smelt like a bunch of daisies in the spring!

     We didn’t want to cliché our adventure, but we still went to the petpet shop. Only there was no stock left. Kanya was pretty upset as she had always wanted to see a Melton or Marbluk.

     But she brightened up (somehow) when we went to the Deserted Fairground. They were right when they said ‘Deserted’. There was no one in sight!

     We then saw the guy at Test Your Strength come out, so we played that. I got Useless. I got an Almost Gummy Rat as a prize. Oh well!

     Kanya started to get scared so we left the Haunted Woods.

     We then put the boat on plane-mode and went up to Faerieland. Kanya put it on Auto Pilot, so we could have a rest.


     When we landed, Kanya went straight to The Discarded Magical Blue Grundo Plushie Of Prosperity. She got a Faerie Cybunny Plushie and I got a Wooden Quiggle Toy.

     We then went to the Healing Springs. We both got Super Strength Healing Potions.

     It was almost time for the Poogle Races to start. We placed a bet on Poogle 1. He didn’t win. Oh well.

     Kanya begged to go to the Faerie City. She wanted to find the Hidden Tower. I bought a Yoyo Of Death, (to play a prank on Mom!) and Kanya bought a Maractite Battle Duck, don’t ask why.

     There was no way I was going to Jhudora’s Cloud, so we left. I did a quick sandwich count. We had 25 when we left Neopia Central; now we only had 5! Kanya must have been taking second helpings.

     We put the boat on Space-shuttle mode and went to the Space Station. When we got there, we basically sprinted to the Recreation Desk. I played Gormball and Spell-Or-Starve and Kanya played Evil Fuzzles From Beyond The Stars and Splat-A-Sloth.

     We then went to Grundos Café. I bought a Oil and Nuts Slushie and Kanya bought a Metal Pizza. Even though we weren’t going to eat them (actually that should be ‘couldn’t’), they were cool souvenirs!

     We then walked around and set up camp behind the test engines on the Hangar.


     The next day we flew over to Kreludor. We went to Booktastic Books. I bought about five books. Victory Is Ours, Constellation Spotting, Kreludan Encyclopedia, Galactic Adventures and Space Exploration. Kanya only bought two, Collecting Moon Rock and Wishing On A Star.

     Kanya was ready to go home, so we packed up and flew back to Neopia Central.


     “Mom! We’re home!” I called out as we walked through the front door.

     “Paabie? Kanya?” Mom said as she came to the foyer.

     “Mommy!” Kanya said excitedly and gave Mom a big hug.

     That is the end of our story. You really should try it someday!

The End

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