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A Very Peophin Christmas: Part Two

by babygirl229911


Sparks of delight flooded through Sam's mind every time she glanced at Bree. She felt like singing, like letting out an entire hallelujah chorus, but instead, she just merrily squeezed her ex-owner's hand. She, Savannah, Bree, and the other woman were all situated around her bedroom, whereas the Tyrannian Peophin's many siblings were downstairs, watching a movie on Neovision.

      "So, Bree," Savannah began, her eyebrow creased and eyes inquisitive. "What brings you to our home? Sam said that you had left Neopia."

      "Well, yes, I did leave. You see, on the night that I left, I got a room in the Neolodge, and stayed there just to make sure that Samantha-" Sam mentally cringed at her full name "-and her siblings were all safely in the Pound. Then I left Neopia. But in mid-September, I realized that leaving was ludicrous, and that we could have simply just played in the Games Room until we saved back up. So, I reactivated my account, and have spent the last few months finding and readopting all of my pets, so that we could be a family again. Then, today, I found Samantha's name through the search engine, and I was so thrilled to see her again!"

      "I'm happy to see you again, too!" the Tyrannian Peophin smiled widely, and Bree perked up.

      "Wonderful! I'm glad to hear you say that! Because I would like to ask for you to come home with me. You see, I would like to complete my family by adopting you again!"

      "What?!" Savannah and Sam's jaws dropped simultaneously, and they both stared wide-eyed at the ex-owner, who was waiting patiently for their answer.

      The blonde nodded towards the other woman, a gangly red-head with pale green eyes. She laid a briefcase on Sam's bed, spun the dials, and then clicked it open to reveal two baby paint brushes, a sack of neopoints, and several sheets of printed paper. Also, taped to the inside of the case was a nametag that read 'Amber Tayfern, Social Security Worker'.

      "Savannah, I'm willing to offer you these two baby paint brushes, or the neopoint equivalent to that, which is one point two million neopoints, in exchange for full custody of Samantha." Amber pulled the packet from her briefcase and handed it to Bree, who held it out. "All you have to do is sign here, and she will be back in my hands."

      "Well... I... I..." Sam stuttered, completely shocked. She had never imagined this happening.

      "Now, wait a minute!" the blue-eyed girl jumped up, suddenly recovering from her shock. "You can't just barge into my home and ask for my pet! She is MY pet!"

      "Well, I used to be her mother! And I AM giving her the choice to come with me! Plus, I even brought the transfer papers!" She waved the papers in front of Savannah, a smug look on her face.

      "Let me see those!" Savannah snatched them from Bree, and began scanning them, before giving a sad frown. "I... I guess you're right. But it is still Sam's decision." Both girls looked at the Tyrannian Peophin, wanting to know her answer.

      Tears sprang to Sam's eyes. "I don't know!" she replied.

      "That's okay, darling," Bree said in a velvet-y tone, smiling gently. "So, how about I give you until Friday to decide?" The Peophin glanced at the calendar on her wall. That would give her just two days.

      "Well... okay," she finally agreed.

     * * * * * *

      Later that night, after Bree had left with the social worker, and her pets were all in bed, Savannah flopped down onto the couch in the living room. What could she do? Sam had been her full-time pet, up until today, and now she may have to give her up. And right before Christmas.

      Why? she asked herself, a tear sliding down her cheek. Why did Bree have to come? Everything had been perfect.

      The brunette's gaze slid over to the fireplace, where fourteen stockings hung, each with a name stitched lovingly onto it. Savannah had worked for weeks monogramming them, and still had bandages on her fingers to prove it. A few tears sprang to her eyes as she looked at the Peophin's.

      She remembered hearing the saying, 'if you love something, you will let it go'.

      But she didn't want to. She didn't want to let her pet go.

     * * * * * *

      Upstairs, Sam was having a hard time concentrating. Dozens of questions mulled through her mind, making her want to scream in frustration. What should she do? Whom should she choose? And how would she explain this to her siblings? The Peophin didn't have long to think about it, as within minutes, there was a knock on the wall, followed by a soft shuffling sound.

      "May I come in?" She looked up as Madalleena's face peeked around the stone wardrobe. The two pets' rooms were separated by a single doorway, which was covered up by a wardrobe on either side - Sam's stone and Maddie's purple. Sometimes, late at night, the two would push them aside and talk about just about anything. Anyways, Sam nodded, smiling.

      "Sure." She waited as the faerie Kougra slipped the rest of the way through the small opening, and then leaped onto Sam's bed. They sat in silence for just a moment as Sam's Gruslen, Taylor, leaped up as well and nuzzled her owner.

      "So, that was Bree?" Maddie asked. The younger pet nodded. "Well, what was she doing here?"

      The tears that Sam had been holding back suddenly filled her eyes. "S-she wants for me to go back with her!"

      The faerie pet's eyes widened in a mixture of horror and disbelief. "What?! No! What did Savannah say?"

      "She said that it's my choice, but I don't know what to do!" Sam leaned on her best friend/sister's shoulder, her dark red hair falling over her eyes.

      "How long do you have to decide?"

      "Until Friday." She didn't want to have to decide. In fact, Sam half wished that Madalleena would tell her what to do. But instead, the elder pet sat in silence, a thoughtful look on her face, before sighing, her bottom lip trembling.

      "Sam, I would really really, like for you to stay, but it's your decision. So if you would like to go live with Bree, then that's okay. Just remember that no matter who you live with or where you are, we will always be best friends."

      "And sisters?"

      "And sisters."

      And then the two sat silently, talking and crying, until they fell asleep.

     * * * * * *

      The next morning when the Tyrannian Peophin woke up, Madalleena was gone and her alarm clock read ten oh nine in the morning. With a yawn, she sat up and rubbed her eyes, wondering why Savannah had let her sleep in so late on the last day of Neoschool before Christmas break.

      Then she remembered. Bree. Savannah. Madalleena. Her choice. It rushed back into her mind all too fast.

      Sam lay quietly for a moment while Taylor snored at the foot of her bed, before rolling over and dragging herself to the downstairs bathroom. She turned on the hot water in the shower, and took a long bath, washing her mane twice. It was when she began toweling off when someone knocked on the door.

      "Sam? Are you okay? I didn't know if you would want to go to Neoschool today, so I let you sleep in..." Sam opened the bathroom door to see Savannah's worried face. In her arms was Misty, and latched onto her legs was Nicky, a three year old skunk Kougra.

      "Thanks, Savannah," she mumbled, trotting into the carpeted hallway.

      "You're welcome." She paused. "Would you like to be alone, or have some company? I can have Brooke sit for Misty and Nicky if you'd like."

      "No," the Tyrannian Peophin replied automatically. "I'm actually going to go to my treehouse, so I can think."

      Within twenty minutes, Sam was up in her treehouse with a blanket and some hot cocoa. The treehouse had been built for Emily originally, but since the Xweetok never really played in it, she had given it to Sam. The Peophin went there to think, and that day, she certainly had a lot to think about.

      Taking a seat by the window, she looked between her neohome and the picture of Bree that hung on the wall.

      Sam missed Bree and her siblings terribly. She had wanted them more than anything when Savannah had taken her in as a foster. She felt as if she owed Bree her undying love, as she had created the Peophin. But she was the exact opposite of Savannah: neat, calm, graceful, a blonde, and the kind of girl that was ashamed if she ever got off schedule.

      But Savannah had saved her from the Pound, nurtured her back to health after her accident, and loved her like she was Sam's original owner. She was sweet, loyal, and her personality seemed liked that of a Puppyblew. Then again, she was hyper, clumsy, and a horrible cook.

      Sam then squeezed her eyes shut, tears streaming down her cheeks as memories flooded through her mind. A soft whisper escaped her lips. "I'm so sorry, Maddie, but I have no choice. Bree needs me."

To be continued...

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