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A Rather Curious Interview

by hogwartsbean3


Huge numbers of Neopians love to collect avatars, it’s a fact. Everyone has their favourite and many people spend hours to achieve it! Whether it’s a game avatar or pet avatar, each one features a unique image. You’re in for a treat this week, Neopian Times fans, as we begin our series of interviews with some of the most influential figures in avatar collecting. These interviews will get to the heart of the people behind the avatars, finding out how they feel about you, intrepid reader, using their faces on the neoboards.

This week we meet a familiar face, who has been held responsible for several years of frustrating avatar seeking. His avatar alone had an unknown method and drove the general Neopian masses to the brink of insanity. With rumours having spread far and wide, the method was finally revealed just a few months ago. Yes, I am talking, of course, about the one and only Chef Bonju.

Hi there, Mr Bonju, and thanks for joining us today!

Hello to all the Neopian Times readers! I’m very pleased to finally be getting my voice heard! But please, call me Chef!

Chef it is! Well then, let’s get started with an easy question. What are you cooking at the moment?

I’m currently working on a creation involving Simmered Shenkuu Mushrooms, a Slime Ghostkersandwich and several Chocolate Neggs. It’s going to be a taste sensation!

We’ll take your word for that one. Tell us, what’s it like to have one of Neopia’s most famous faces? Your avatar is one of the most discussed!

It’s great! I love it! Whenever I see my face shining out of the Neoboards, it’s a fantastic feeling. I really feel like I’ve been accepted by the Neopian world at large, especially after other incidents that somewhat discredited my name!

It has certainly earned you some negative attention, though? A lot of Neopians were frustrated with the time and effort involved in finding the method? Especially when there was no reward for them for such a long time!

Yes, I did receive some bad press about that; people were trying some crazy things! Of course I’m glad it has been discovered now, but it’s my opinion that the people of Neopia had three years of fun whilst trying to discover the method. To be honest, I’m glad it was my avatar that was the most difficult to discover; it created a challenge and got people thinking. It’s just like in cooking; you have to pick the right flavours and to do that you have to think hard. My avatar is kind of the same, don’t you think?

Well, yes, that’s certainly an interesting perspective. So were you privy to the information that the rest of Neopia sought so desperately?

Of course, I knew how to get the avatar all along! It was simple to me; I really don’t know what took everyone so long! Who wouldn’t have guessed that all you had to do was visit Shenkuu with an Orange Blumaroo as your active Neopet! I am an Orange Blumaroo that lives in Shenkuu, after all!

Um... I... well, that’s not the avatar method...

Oh, it isn’t... well, it’s been a while since they told me; maybe it's just to own an orange Blumaroo? I don’t remember the exact description they gave!

Well, let’s not give the method away to the readers who are yet to discover the secret! Needless to say it does not involve an orange Blumaroo! So Chef, let's talk about the Cyodrake's Gaze. How is life with the crew these days?

It doesn’t involve an orange Blumaroo?! Well, what kind of silly avatar method....

Back to the Cyodrake's Gaze, Chef?

Oh... sorry! Well, I see the crew regularly of course, when I’m not busy coming up with new recipes! However, we don’t spend much time on board the Gaze these days. Our last voyage didn’t work out so well, as most people know!

Ah yes, you’re speaking of course about the loss of Hoban at sea.

Yes, well, that unfortunate incident is in the past, but we have not made a voyage since then. As I said, we see each other regularly, and I miss the adventure that came with travelling around but I’m quite happy to be settled in Shenkuu now.

How are things with you and Hoban today, after the – uh – unfortunate incident?

Things are fine; of course they were a bit rocky at first. Needless to say he didn’t appreciate floating at sea for as long as he did. Well, he learnt his lesson not to insult my food anyway, which is the most important thing. I stand by the decision I took to push him off the Gaze.

Uh, decision? I think most of Neopia has been led to believe it was an accident?

Of course it was an accident! I made a decision to accidently push him overboard! What are you accusing me of? It was an accident! Why would you suggest otherwise?

Moving swiftly on, is there any rivalry between the two of you? Both your faces have been turned into avatars now, which must be nice.

There is no rivalry between the two of us; our avatars are two very different avatars with two very different methods. Sometimes I think he resents me as I am obviously the most famous of the two of us, but no, there is no rivalry, well, not from my point of view anyway!

And finally, let's talk some more about avatars! Are you an avatar fan yourself?

Of course! I love finding the latest solution to the newest avatars; if I had spare time, I would definitely be an avatar collector. I prefer the orange ones, of course, as it's my favourite colour, but I love them all.

Which of the avatars would you say is your favourite? If you had to pick one?

Well, I’m biased; the Chef Bonju avatar is easily the best and I would hope that all the readers agree with me!

I’m sure they do. It’s been a pleasure meeting you today, thank you for taking the time out of your busy schedule to join us!

Thanks for having me, and remember, kids, keep cooking!


You can visit Chef Bonju at any time at the Culinary Concoctions cooking pot, although we’re not sure we advise it. We hope you’ve enjoyed this first interview and please keep an eye out for the next edition of avatar chat, when we meet a very special punchbag!

Disclaimer: We at the Neopian Times do not condone the pushing of your crew mates overboard. Please refrain from doing so.

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