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So You Want a Jelly Pet?

by jshark105


So you’re reading an article by some crazy loonie saying that Jelly World exists (what a strange, sad little person), sipping your Lemon Jelly Pop and having a small piece of Lemon Jelly when a... Jelly Pet? walks by. Quick, double take three times! Having done this, and it still appears that a piece of jelly in the shape of a Techo is walking around, you decide to check yourself into an insane asylum.

Wait! You’re not crazy! Er, you might be crazy, but you are not hallucinating! Disclaimer: Do not use this article as proof that you are sane; only a licensed professional can tell you that. Or a bitingly blunt pet. (Ha ha ha, alliteration!)

Now that you’ve been told you’re not crazy, time to learn what you have seen. You have just witnessed what is commonly referred to as... *drum roll* A JELLY PET!

Jelly pets are those that have been transformed through the Lab Ray into living pieces of gelatinous goodness. If you want one, either get a Lab Ray (and a life) or adopt one. Oh, and read on to find out if you are qualified to care for one of these delic-I mean, really, really cool pets! *thumbs up*

If you have not figured it out by now, I’m Jess, here with my trusty sidekick, Jessie the Electric Aisha (from So You Want an Electric Pet?) once again here to give you the facts about yet another color of Neopet.

I set out on my quest for knowledge with high hopes, a brave heart, and a sack full of Chocolate Neggs. I came back with the first two and a sack. Sadly, our venture was cut short because SOMEONE ate all of our supplies. *angry eyes*

Jessie: Hey, if you didn’t want me to eat it, you shouldn’t have picked something so delicious.

Me: If I had brought anything else, you wouldn’t have come!

Jessie: And then you would still have your supplies. What’s the problem?

Me: Never mind.

So, since we will not be going on an expedition this time, due to unforeseeable circumstances *cough cough* I have elected to stay home and find out information by watching pets out my window and coming to conclusions based solely on what I infer.

I tried to talk to people about what they knew about jelly pets, but they kept giving me shifty eyes and walking off muttering about crazy people. Do I really look that crazy?

Jessie: Yes.

Me: Rhetorical question.

I mean, is it really so hard to believe that jelly pets exist? Because they do, unlike a certain world that doesn’t. But jelly pets deserve some coverage in the news, which merely strengthened my resolve to get to the bottom of this conundrum.

Jessie: What does conundrum mean?

Me: A problem.

Jessie: Then why didn’t you just say, ‘A problem.’

Me: Because I want to sound intelligent and articulate.

Jessie: What does articulate mean?

Me: It means... Oh, look it up in the Neopedia!

Anyway, back to jelly pets and what my research has given me.

Jessie: Jess?

Me: What?

Jessie: Articulate isn’t in the Neopedia.

Me: I’m sort of busy right now, could you come back to me on that?

Jessie: Do I have a choice?

Me: No. Now shoo!

Personality: The jelly pets I have noticed are rather insane. Probably lost a few marbles in the many chases from half-crazed rabid Lupes. Pets either seem to be trying to eat them or running away screaming about seeing things that don’t exist. That seems to have affected jelly pets to an extreme in either direction. Either they are extremely extroverted and gregarious, trying to make themselves be seen and heard, or-

Jessie: Jess! Enough with the big words!

Fine! Jelly pets are either party animals or timid creatures that run from any neopet who looks hungry. That blunt enough for you?

Jessie: Yes.

Me: That’s great. Now... BUG OFF!!

Appearance: All jelly pets are the color of jelly, solid green, red, pink, yellow, purple, blue, or orange depending on what species the pet is. They are slightly transparent, but not as much as ghost pets. So you might be able to see some things through the pet, but it will be distorted. Jelly pets really are made out of jelly, created from a freak accident at the Lab Ray. Which means that they feel like jelly, all squishy and slightly slimy. Just so you know before you shake their hand.

Petpet: Well, considering that your petpet is more likely to eat your gelatinous friend, I wouldn’t recommend it. You should have heard the screams from a jelly Shoyru on my street screaming when he woke up and saw his Anubis had chewed a hole through his wing. So unless the petpet in question does not eat jelly (and you must have tested this first), such as a robot petpet or a carnivorous one, I would say no.

Special Needs: Since jelly pets really are jelly, they leave a sticky residue on most furniture and things they touch. Not as bad as snot pets, but it can become annoying after a while. So either give your pet some gloves, or ground your jelly-kins to a certain area of the house were you don’t worry about cleanliness. Also, you will need to feed your pet mostly transparent liquids and jelly pets. How embarrassing would it be if your pet walked around, oblivious to the floating bits of food visible in its stomach? Not a pretty picture, and I know from experience. Above Shoyru is an example.

Is a Jelly Pet for you?

If you can have a giant piece of jelly walking around in front of you and not raise an eyebrow, are committed to stopping the inevitable mob when they find out you have an edible jelly pet in your house, and know that you are perfectly sane, go nuts! Get yourself a jelly pet, and let the good times roll! Oh, and make sure your other pets are aware that the walking jelly is a family member, not dessert.

Me: Is that all?

Jessie: Well, considering you used at least five other words I don’t know the meaning of...

Me: I’ll take that as a compliment.

Jessie: It wasn’t.

Me: *smashes Chocolate Negg in Jessie’s face *

Jessie: ARGH!!!

Me: *laughs manically*

Here’s to tcatso and fire_chix24 for the recommendation. And keep the requests and info coming!

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