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The Curse of Maraqua Expansion Interview

by neopian_queen_liana


With the release of the Curse of Maraqua expansion of the Neopets Trading Card Game creeping up, it’s time once again to nag Adam for another sneak peek into the game.

NQL: What new species of Neopets will we see in this set, and which Neopets are returning from past expansions?

Adam: Well, you will see lots of new species! Chomby, Tuskaninny, Lenny and Yurble are new, and Scorchio, Flotsam and Krawk are returning from previous sets. We’re running out of Neopets to feature, better create some new ones. :)

NQL: The Hannah and the Ice Caves set was a highly balanced expansion. No faerie type seemed to be more powerful, which is a first for the game. Is this something that we’ll see again in The Curse of Maraqua, or will one or two faerie types stand out above the rest?

Adam: Well, it's hard having so many water-themed worlds in Neopia. Islands, underground cities, ice caves and snowy mountains are all sort of water-themed. Although there are understandably a lot of water-themed cards in the set, we have tried to keep a balance. There is one location for each faerie type, for instance (but an extra one for water!)

NQL: In past expansions, we’ve been given new types of cards from new Items and Equipment types introduced (Plushies, Petpetpets, etc.) to entirely new card types. Are we going to see any new additions to different card types in this set?

Adam: In the Maraqua set there are no new card types, although we hope to introduce more in future sets. There are lots of cards of existing types, so that people who build Negg, Book, and Plushie decks for instance, are not neglected. You'll find the usual Heroes, Villains, Experienced Neopets and Something Has Happened cards in the set, as I am sure you know by now.

We are releasing a new type of Weapon and Armour however, Maractite. Although it is not a new card type in itself, it's a type of metal that is important in the plot, and lends itself to an interesting TCG mechanic.

NQL: Are their any other new mechanics that you think are worthy of note?

Adam: Firstly we have a card that allows you to search through your deck for a Curse card, and one that does the same for Something Has Happened (it’s called Something Will Happen. :) These, and other cards from the Maraquan set, are designed to find a place in existing decks. Other interesting cards include Whirlpool (which moves all the Neopets one arena to the right), and an EXTREMELY nasty one that allows you to steal cards from an opponent's Neopet and put them into your bank. There are also lots of alternative ways to bank cards, similar to the "Put on Display" card from the first set. The way to win the game is starting to diverge from simply winning contests, which I think is quite interesting.

NQL: One thing that was uncommon about the Hannah expansion was that you used it not only for the Hannah and the Ice Caves plot, but there are also many cards in the set referring to or finishing stories from past plots. We saw unrelated cards from Mystery Island and Meridell. Will we see this happen often in the future?

Adam: Yes, I like to do that with every set, as there are so many ideas and characters in previous sets, that it is a shame to forget about entirely. Most of the cards in an expansion are themed around that particular storyline, but we also like to add in lots of cards with different themes too. Not everybody likes space, or tropical islands, or medieval settings, so it helps us to mix up the content a bit.

NQL: Now I have a few questions related to the game and in general. First, with almost (dramatic pause in memory of the Dr. Sloth plot) every expansion, we’re seen a new plot, game, war, or puzzle on Neopets. With an expansion every third month, they’re coming right on top of each other now. Is this a trend that’s going to continue, or are you going to space out the plots and the trading card game somehow?

Adam: Haha, it really depends if I get my huge amount of work done :) Yes, we really want to back up our 3-month TCG releases with as much content as possible, it has just taken us a while to adjust to the workload. That is why we cancelled the Sloth plot, because all of a sudden there was too much to get done, and we wanted to make sure the Hannah set was done well. Every set from now on will have an accompanying comic, at least a few flash games, and hopefully a new world or at least a couple of new maps.

NQL: Many players are worried about the game and its future. Are we going to see any new promotions involving the game? Is league play going to be introduced any time soon?

Adam: That's really a question for Wizards, I can’t really answer the league play question. As far as new promotions involving the game, yes they will continue to occur.

NQL: In our last interview, you mentioned that players could send in content for the TCG area on Is this still a possibility, and if so, where should we send our content?

Adam: Yes, this has been set up now. We will be accepting user-submitted content for our TCG area very soon. I will be posting an email address for people to send it to on the site within the next few days.

NQL: SOMEONE *cough* *Donna* *cough* let it slip in the editorials that the next set you’re working on is based in the Lost Desert. Anything you’d like to accidentally let slip about that?

Adam: I could tell you, but I’d get in trouble. :) *shouts at Donna* It may or may not be Lost Desert related.

NQL: Thanks again for the interview! All of us Neopets TCG players really appreciate hearing a little about the new expansions.

Adam: It's my pleasure, hope this has been of help.

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