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Kookith Capturing: A Guide to Kookia

by justlilly


Also by moocowalex

GAMES ROOM – Kookiths are taking over Neopia, and your help is needed before they get into any trouble! In this latest challenging game, Kookia, your objective is to capture all of the Kookiths before they disappear. While this task may seem simple, these mischievous petpets are fast, so only the best will be able to succeed. However, with the help of this guide, you can become an expert at snaring the Kookiths as well!

Kookia is a fairly simple game overall: there are eight levels, each of which has numerous Kookiths hiding throughout the screen, waiting to emerge. All of Neopia has been struck by the Kookith plague, including Meridell, Brightvale, Darigan Citadel, and Kiko Lake. As you play through the levels, you will travel through these parts of Neopia and capture the petpets within.

Controls and Rules

In Kookia, you must hover over the regular Kookiths with your mouse to capture them. Regular Kookiths include any Kookith that is not a ghost – they may be yellow, like most are, or a different color, which predominantly occurs in the latter levels of the game. Ghost Kookiths, on the other hand, are slightly different. To capture a Ghost Kookith, you must click on it. By capturing three of these elusive Kookiths in a single level, you unlock the bonus level, giving yourself chances to catch additional Kookiths and get more points during each round.

As you catch Kookiths on each level, the time bonus meter at the top of the screen will slowly fill up. When it is full, you can hit the spacebar to slow down time in the game, making it easier to catch the sneaky Kookiths.

The only requirement in continuing on to the next level is catching at least 80% of the Kookiths in each level. Though it sounds fairly simple, it is easier said than done. The following tips later on in this guide will make things much more manageable for all the aspiring Kookith hunters out there.

Modes and Scoring

There are three different modes of difficulty that can be chosen: Easy, Medium, and Hard. Each has a different level of scoring:

Easy: The first Kookith in a combination is worth 10 points, with each subsequent Kookith being worth 10 more points, until a maximum of 80 points per Kookith is reached.

Normal: The first Kookith in a combination is worth 50 points, with each subsequent Kookith being worth 50 more points, until a maximum of 400 points per Kookith is reached.

Hard: The first Kookith in a combination is worth 100 points, with each subsequent Kookith being worth 100 more points, until a maximum of 800 points per Kookith is reached.

Obviously, if you are going for a high score, Hard Mode is the only option. It is much faster and more difficult than the prior difficulty levels, but practice (and the following tips) make perfect!


1. The main way to earn a high score is to capture streaks of Kookiths in a short amount of time. Once you have a high streak of Kookiths in a row, you can earn up to 800 points per regular Kookith, and up to 1600 for Ghost Kookiths, assuming you play on Hard Mode. Streaking together as many Kookiths as possible will ensure you receive the highest score you can get.

2. When a level first begins, wait for a few seconds before beginning to collect the Kookiths. This way, it is possible to streak multiple waves of Kookiths together for the maximum amount of points possible.

3. Whenever you encounter a wave with a Ghost Kookith enclosed, it is best to rapidly click to ensure that you don’t miss the Ghost Kookith. Capturing three of these Kookiths will activate the bonus round, so it is imperative to get all of them, if you can.

4. Pay attention to the time bonus meter at the top of the screen, and try to use it by pressing the space bar as often as you can. By doing this, it becomes much easier to get strings of Kookiths, resulting in many bonus points for capturing them quickly.

5. Try to save a full time bonus meter for the bonus round in each level. This makes it much easier to get extra points in the bonus round, which is necessary to getting a high score and possibly a trophy. There is no use in saving the meter, as it resets every level, so make sure to use it completely before the bonus round is complete.

6. Don’t be discouraged if you can’t pass a level when you first try it. Practice is the key to getting past those tricky levels that you think you can’t get past. After playing the game for a while, you will learn the paths of those sneaky Kookiths, which will make it much easier for you to pass the level.

7. Don’t be afraid to experiment with the time bonus meter to find out when using it is most effective for you. Some people find that different techniques work best for them, and it’s evident that sometimes you have to make a strategy your own before being able to utilize it.

8. Boss Level: The eighth and final level of Kookia is considered the boss level, where the evil Mutant Kookith has been waiting for you all along. Set in the bottom of Kiko Lake, it is certainly an eerie scene to take in. The main strategy for this level should be to keep your mouse pointer as close to the boss as possible so that you can quickly capture the Kookiths that it sends out at you. Finally, when prompted to, you can beat the Mutant Kookith boss by clicking it five times. After you’ve done this, you’ve captured all the Kookiths and beaten the game!

Remember, this is just a game, so always have fun! However, you can have fun, and be the master Kookith capturer. ;) Just follow the tips listed in this guide, and you’ll be well on your way to getting that high score and seemingly impossible trophy to add to your collection! Now what are you waiting for? Go get playing!

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