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10 Reasons to Accept Xandra As Our Overlord

by xeriuno



So, Xandra finally succeeded. She turned the faeries and heroes into stone and watched as Faerieland crashed into an uncharted area of the Haunted Woods. She even succeeded in creating a monologue that caused several users, such as myself, to declare themselves her loyal and undying minions. However, there are still a few, ahem, doubters who do not find her motives as appealing as the rest of us. To convert those doubters to Xandra's side, I reviewed Xandra's monologue and asked Xandra herself questions to find reasons to welcome Xandra as our new master and overlord.

Requesting an audience with Xandra was a difficult yet worthwhile experience. She had many followers at that point, but she noticed I had my speckled Xweetok with me and allowed me to go to the front of the line. She allowed me fifteen questions and answers, so I cashed in on the opportunity and asked her many questions that have been hazy in the eyes of even her followers. Her answers, and answers I uncovered in my research, are included in the pitch for her acceptance into Neopia below.

1. She understands the limits of her powers.

Many people fear that Xandra has gone power crazy, and cannot keep her hold over Faerieland forever. However, this is in no way the case, as she has taken several precautions to keep her power strong. She understood how powerful the 'winged tyrants' were, warning Brynn several times of what they were capable of but didn't help Neopians to their full potential. She also knew her magic wasn't nearly powerful enough to turn the Faeries to stone: she needed that artefact to enhance her power. She also understood that she couldn't rebuild Neopia alone; she made a personal plea during her monologue to Neopets that understood and stood behind her ideas of rebuilding Neopia to help her, an idea that many of her followers support. She is very powerful, but understands her limits and, more importantly, takes steps to overcome them.

2. Creating a Neopet in her image to idolize her is cheap and easy.

It was revealed in the Editorial that Xandra is a speckled Xweetok. Xweetoks are not Limited Edition, and making one is very easy (recommended traits similar to Xandra: City, Exploring the Land, Attack Others if They are Weaker). Once your Xweetok is created with a Xandra-related name (Xandras_Minion, MinionOfXandra, XandrasConsul are all acceptable), turning it speckled requires a little NP, but very little as far as paint brushes go. At time of writing, a Speckled Paint Brush costs only 40k, a respectable sum but nothing compared to Zombie Paint Brush or Maractite Paint Brush. Once you have your very own spotted Xweetok, be sure to customize it with evil items (festive items from the Advent Calendar will not enhance Xandra's evil image!).

3. She is not bent on destroying everything Faerieland had, just rebuilding it in a new image.

Xandra has said nothing to say she is against Math's Nightmare, the Wheel of Excitement, the Blue Grundo Plushie, or even Poogle Racing. She was against how the Faeries ran them, not the faeries themselves. The only thing she might be against would be Faerie Quests, because she feels Neopians should get their strength through training, not faerie blessings. Maybe she would even rename the freebies/events, naming them the Wheel of Xandra, or the Xandra Plushie. Many users are afraid of losing their beloved freebies, but really there is nothing to fear.

4. Xandraland would replace Faerieland in the Altador Cup.

Unless Xandra takes every Neopian land she has conquered and combines them into one, chances are she will keep them the same (but make it known she is their ruler) and turn Faerieland into her hub of power, naming it Xandraland. Her minions would come together every June to once again show their allegiance to Xandra, not to mention the Faerieland Yooyuball team wouldn't be missed much. Perhaps the clouds where Faerieland once stood could finally be the home of the Yooyuball trophy, glory restored to those dismal clouds. Maybe Xandra herself would be the forward or even the goalie of her team, and her top supporters would serve as her teammates. No matter the scenario, she would reward her minions for serving her in the Altador Cup.

5. She'll need all the help she can get to find her glasses.

Her magic was so strong in Chapter 13 that she obliterated all the shadows... and her glasses. There could be a sitewide event, similar to Tarla's Mystery Tour, to find her beloved spectacles. She must be upset, not being able to see Faerieland's destruction in 20/20 vision. As minions of Xandra, we must be willing and able to fulfill every whim of hers, and if we cannot do as simple a task of finding her glasses, how are we supposed to take over Neopia?

6. You all know you want an avatar of Xandra's face in the last panel of Chapter 13.

If you don't know what I'm talking about, you need to go look at that panel. Hundreds of Neopians were converted to the side of Xandra because of her smug expression of power and victory as Faerieland came to a huge crash behind her. If you want to use that face as YOUR face on the Neoboards, you're not going to get it by supporting the Faeries. You'll probably get another avatar with a Faerie on it, like the FFQ avatar or the Fyora avatar. A Xandra avatar would CLEARLY be better, amirite?

7. Xandra took out as many Shadows in one panel as ALL of us did over weeks and weeks of battling.

Earlier I said that Xandra knew the limits of her powers. However, that doesn't mean that she doesn't have a huge amount of power. She has Oblivion under her control, and his expression when she ordered him to go into Faerieland was one of fear. If she has that much power over Oblivion, she clearly has a LOT of power. She turned many past Neopian heroes into stone at once, including King Altador, a master Ogrin, and the beloved Jazan. If she really wanted Brynn and Hanso on her side, she would already have them either on her side or petrified. Many users seem to be doubting Xandra's power, but it is definitely there.

8. She has BOTH artefacts under her control now.

She turned every faerie in Neopia to stone with only one artefact. Now she has both, which should understandably amplify her power to unimaginable levels. Those of you who are Brynn sympathizers, watch out; her powers are greater than ever before.

9. She is letting Neopets who support her join her; she is not using force.

She makes arguments for her points; she doesn't make the point and then petrify those opposed. Instead, she convinced Hanso to join her, and she is asking Neopets who share her dream to join her. If you don't want to join her, fine. She is not forcing you. However, her argument is convincing many to freely join her, and the free choice is appealing to many.

10. She has a cool name, even though it's hard to pronounce.

Xandra. It's merely a variation of a common nickname for a common name; instead of Alex for Alexandra, she used Xandra. It is a pretty cool name. Anything that begins with an X is a pretty cool name to start with, but Xandra is just a cool name. One of the questions that I asked Xandra was how to pronounce Xandra, and the answer was that it's Alexandra without the Ale, or ksan-druh or gsan-druh. Obeying a ruler with the name Xandra would be much cooler than being ruled by someone called Fluffymuffin or Happyrainbows.

There are my top ten reasons for obeying Xandra as our overlord. I hope this article has convinced many Neopians to join Xandra in her conquest for Neopia.

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