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What Type of Muffin Are You?

by lola123_52


Have you ever wondered if you should start a collection? And if so, of what?? Or have you considered showing off your favourite item, something that really means something to you? I've seen people collect all sorts of things. I've seen school supplies, plushies, and jellies. Meh. The usual. What about collecting something UNIQUE? What about collecting... Muffins? I know, I know. Sounds crazy, right? Well, maybe not. This quiz is specified to figure out exactly which Neopian Muffin reflects your personality. Are you a Sutek Muffin? An Evil Muffin? Or even a Fyora Day Muffin? Time to take the quiz and find out!!

Question Number 1: What is your favorite activity?

a) Playing with friends! :D

b) EATING! Yumm...

c) Helping others 0:-)

d) Playing pranks... Muahaha...

e) Neopets! Neopets!!! NEEOOPETSS!!!

Question Number 2: Do you stay to yourself or with the crowd?

a) I like fitting in

b) I'm a softy. Others!

c) More to myself but I can open up :)

d) I'm... the quiet type.

e) I'm all that I need! Myself!

Question Number 3: How would you describe yourself?

a) Unique

b) Picky. "Oh no, wait... The other one... No, wait!!"

c) Helpful

d) Aware. I keep myself on my toes.

e) Quiet.

Question Number 4: What is your expression RIGHT NOW?

a) Smiling. I'm gonna get a good score on this quiz!! :)

b) Concerned... *gulp*

c) Gleaming! Smiling just doesn't seem like the right word... :D

d) Smirking. This thing is so easy.

e) Expressionless... "I. Am. Bored."

Question Number 5: What's your goal in Neopets?

a) Make HUNDREDS of neofriends and get my inbox full... TWELVE TIMES.

b) To never EVER have my pets hungry. ONLY BLOATED.

c) Complete a collection I've been working on for a while.

d) Neopian BILLIONARE!!

e) Get some neofriends together and start a guild!! :)

Question Number 6: Are you bored of this quiz by now?

a) Nope! Any more questions?

b) Kinda... Maybe... Uhmm...

c) Not really, but my neofriends are asking to neomail with me...

d) YES! Is it almost over?

e) I don't mind some more questions. This is a nice quiz!

Well, if you wanted the quiz to be over... Your wish has been granted! That's all the answers we needed to calculate your results. *Beep. Bop. BOOP! Ding!* Okay! The results are in. Remember the answers that you put and look around for your test score...

If you got mostly As, you are a... Cloud Muffin! You're special in your own way, and everyone likes you for it. You have a good sense of humor and you're not afraid to stand out! You have lots of friends and your self-confidence is blooming. Stay just as you are; you're wonderful!

If you got mostly Bs, you are a... BACON MUFFIN!! You're nice and sweet. You like to share with others and you're not ashamed of grabbing a quick snack once in a while. Your buddies enjoy spending time with you and you've got a good sense of humor. You're a good person, don't be afraid of the world and show 'em what you've got to offer!

If you got mostly Cs, you are a... Taelia Muffin. Why, you goody two-shoes, you! You like to help others and you're not afraid of giving a bit of extra to the Money Tree. You wave it off when Wandering Ghosts take a bit off extra neopoints and a smile always grows across your face when you know you helped someone. Remember to stay true to yourself and give a little extra. Remember when you were out on the streets with nothing but a Newbie Pack? Remember that ONE nice stranger that helped you? Give a little something back. :)

If you got mostly Ds, you are a... Evil Muffin! Now, now... Don't worry... We won't lock you up with Jhudora... yet. *snicker, snicker*... You truly are a good person... on the inside, at least :) You have a good personality and people enjoy your company. You know exactly what to do in a time of need, and people can rely on you. Sure, a prank once or twice is okay, but don't let others forget what a great person you are!

If you got mostly Es, you are an... Invisible Muffin! You're quiet and don't need much. You prefer libraries instead of malls, comfy beds instead of camps in the wilderness. But remember this--you're great! You have your own way of doing things and it makes you different--in a good way-- of course! On the other hand, others are losing sight of the great person you are, and you need to open up a bit. Sending a couple neofriend requests or shooting a couple of neomails would be perfect to start you on your way! Don't ever let yourself be forgotten, okay? :)

If you got a big jumble of different ones, you are a... Doughnutfruit! You are different. If all the Lupes were wearing Veiled Autumn Hats, you would set yours up with a Striped Neopets Party Hat! Your personality is shooting in all sorts of different directions, never intertwining. People like you because your interests spread everywhere; your moods can be... a little spaced out. Your tastes are bizarre, and you're not afraid to try new things. Everything about you is so likable, you could be famous! You're an absolute star and you would definitely have a lot of fans.

Well? Did the quiz help you out? Huh, huh? Either way, now you know who you truly are... as... a... muffin. :) Well, at least you know what to feed your pets!! You got a fun quiz, a type of muffin, a personality summary, and some advice. If you want to start a collection, maybe you should start with your type of muffin! Every time you look at your tasty treat, you will be reminded of who you are, and what you can do for yourself. Don't ever forget that no matter who you are, you can always make yourself better; there's always room for improvement! Have a great day in Neopia!

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