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Neopoints Without Flash

by lil_princess_of_evil


Do you have a slow and laggy computer? Do you have problems playing flash games on your computer? Can’t reach those neopoint goals because you can’t load even the easiest game? You might be thinking, there is no way I can buy that royal paint brush now. Think again. You don’t have to be broke just because you can’t play flash games. Sure, it would be great if you could win your easy 3,000 NP playing Kass Basher every day, but Neopets has a goldmine of ways for even the slowest computer to earn neopoints. Compiled here is a list of ways that even you can reach your neopoint goals while avoiding the hassles of flash.


Your first actions every day that you log onto Neopets should be to take care of your dailies. Collect your interest, collect your free non-existent jelly, and go visit Coltzan's Shrine. His ghost tends to get lonely after all. These are the quick, free or cheap places to go that have the potential of giving you items or neopoints. The daily question located in the pet central area always provides a few neopoints, provided you can give the correct answer. Even if you don’t make a large profit off your dailies, it might help you feed your pets for a day or two. If you don’t know about these yet, find a guide quickly.

NonFlash Games

These will be the basics of your neopoints making. This category includes the card games: Scarab 21, Sakhmet Solitaire, and Pyramids. These games will give you neopoints depending on how well you do, and you don’t even have to win to earn neopoints. While it costs a little bit of neopoints to play, you have the potential to win between 2,500 and 5,000 neopoints for each of these games. If you are lucky, you might even find one of them to be the featured game, earning you double the amount that you would normally win. After you reach the maximum amount earned in one day, you can practice for free.

Some nonflash games may take a little bit more effort, but are awesome ways to make neopoints once you understand the strategy. These games require that you win them to earn your neopoints, but with a little research and effort, you can win them pretty easily. Examples of these games are Cellblock, Faerie Crosswords, and Cliffhangers.

If all else fails, you can play many, many games of Kacheek Seek for small neopoint rewards. Your pet will enjoy the time you spend playing with it too.

Plushie Tycoon

While this monthly game seems very difficult to understand at first, I found that with a clearly laid out guide, this game can be an awesome way to make some neopoints each month. The concept of this game is quite simple. You are given a factory and 50,000 neopoints to spend in the game, and you have to make your factory profitable. You lose by going bankrupt. The game restarts every month, so you have up to a month to try to make a profit. The great part of this game is that the amount of neopoints you can win is dependent on the amount of time you spend on it. Spending a lot of time on the game can potentially win you hundreds of thousands per month.


Everyone should play the Neoquest games at least in their neolife. While it may initially seem like a time consuming game, it can be an easy neopoint maker. In Neoquest I, you earn neopoints every time your character levels up. It might not seem worth it, but these neopoints add up quickly. Neoquest II does not give you the neopoints for leveling up, but it has a chance of giving you some spiffy items at the end that you can keep or sell. As an added bonus, you get a trophy, and a few avatars, for completing both games.


If you are unlike me, and find yourself to be highly creative, you might try your hand at the spotlights. There are several games that reward you with neopoints, a special trophy, and maybe even a nice item or two. If you can draw or paint, try the art gallery. You could win 10,000 neopoints if your entry is accepted. Maybe you can’t draw, but you are highly imaginative. The Story Telling competition or the Caption Contest might be more up your alley. If you consider yourself to be more of a person who uses the logical side of your brain, try Lenny Conundrum or the Mystery Pic. While this would not prove to be a stable income, it could provide a few extra neopoints of spending money each week. Allow your talents to shine, and it could add up in your bank account.

Luck and Chance Games

This is probably my favorite part of the site. The slots, Double or Nothing, Kiss the Mortog, Dice-a-Roo, and the Lottery are all examples of games that have the potential to give you a higher return than you invest in them. Remember, though, it is called chance for a reason. While there may be some strategy involved, there is no guarantee of profit. One week, you may win an extra 100,000 neopoints, the next you might lose 50,000. You will have to decide yourself which of these works for you. These may not be available depending on your region.

Quests, such as Edna and the Snow Faerie, should also be treated as luck and chance neopoint makers. Sometimes you will win more neopoints than you invest, and sometimes you will only get a cheap item. You have to learn when to accept and carry out a quest, and when to walk away.

Stock Market

Once you have neopoints in your bank account, it is time to start putting some of it to good use. You know the old saying, “It takes neopoints to make neopoints.” The concept is the same here. Invest your neopoints now, wait, and in no time, you will be getting more than your initial investment. The stock boards provide plenty of good guides and can even provide some personal advice to help you get started.


Maybe your computer can’t handle the flash games, but is it fast enough to restock? If you have the time and patience, and the extra neopoints to start a shop, you could consider learning how to find restock. If your computer is too slow for restocking, try a quieter time of day. Try browsing other aspects than the shops. There are plenty of good deals on the Trading Post and Auctions. Who knows, you could still find a good deal once in a while for reselling. If you are able to find some neofriends and have a large enough shop, perhaps you can even start or join a mall.

Site Events

A final, nonregular way to make neopoints is to keep up with the new events that Neopets offers from time to time. This includes the plots and site events like the Neopies. Many site events offer free items to users just for participating. For instance, you can win free items just for taking two seconds to vote in the Neopies. Plots usually offer prizes in the middle or at the end of them. The best way to keep up with these is to check the news. New events will almost always be posted there first.

You probably already knew about some of these options, but hopefully this will article will motivate you to search for a guide for some of these options that you may have not considered earlier. Many of these options also offer added bonuses like easy to obtain trophies or avatars. You can locate guides easily by asking around on the games or help boards. If you need further help, there will always be someone willing to explain it to you. Hopefully some of these ideas will help you earn neopoints, at least until you are able to obtain a computer with flash.

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