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Cherished Trinkets: Ten Favourites of Illusen

by surgery


Also by naneun

Today we celebrate one special day out of the entire Neopian year: Illusen Day! This kind yet powerful faerie has been a part of Neopia for as long as most of us can remember, sending pets and their owners running about the globe in search of elusive items for her worthwhile quests while she tends to the forest. With a schedule as busy as hers, and considering all of the time she makes for us on a day to day basis, it only makes sense that we take the time to celebrate her!

As Illusen has been around for a long time, naturally she has garnered an overflowing collection of Neopians who look up to her. This list is for Illusen admirers from all walks of Neopian life-- whether you simply enjoy her benevolent personality and fair attitude or if you are actually an avid Illusen fan! Either way, you will now be enlightened as to her favourite objects in the whole of Neopia. Who knows, perhaps you could surprise her with one or more of these in her Glade today? :)

Illusen Strawberry Perfume

Illusen's home is well-known as an aromatic, alluring little glade in the Meridellian forest. However, this scent is not inherent of the trees themselves. Illusen's secret rests in a tiny glass bottle. Twenty of the most succulent strawberries were distilled and then kept fresh by Illusen's magic. They were then blended with a generous splash of water from the gentle stream found deep in the forest, and just as the two were combined, Illusen enchanted them to bond and produce a beautiful perfume unique to her Glade.

This graceful fragrance of Illusen delivers soft, refreshing notes of its delicate fruits.

Illusen Organic Replenishing Shampoo

Unlike Illusen's Strawberry Perfume, this sweet shampoo is available to all of Neopia while also being used by Illusen herself. Precious emerald-stained glass encases the shampoo within, with soft bark providing a solid base. Unlike most hair care products, the Illusen Organic Replenishing Shampoo is composed of a beautiful shimmering green rain that rejuvenates your hair while keeping it completely dry. An added bonus is that this item is 100% organic, as is characteristic of most of Illusen's items.

Illusen Organic Moisturising Conditioner

If you feel that your hair still needs a small amount of extra revitalisation after using Illusen's Shampoo, this item will definitely suit your needs. While the bark base is reminiscent of the shampoo, the moisturising conditioner finds other ways of standing apart from its companion item.

The emerald glass has been replaced by an earthier casing imbued with the most benevolent minerals to be found in Neopia so that your hair finds ultimate renewal. Additionally, the green rain found in the shampoo has also been altered; instead, the conditioner holds earth-tinged flecks of a precious nectar which has been enchanted to not dampen your hair upon application. Again, keep in mind that the Illusen Organic Moisturising Conditioner is just as organic as its companion; by using it, you're beautifying yourself as well as all of Neopia.

This item is often used by Illusen after she has had a bad day with Jhudora.

Iced Illusen Tea

Iced Illusen Tea is the most refreshing beverage in all of Meridell. Light and flavourful, this iced tea is infused with delicious tea leaves chilled to perfection. A small slice of Muntando fruit sits atop the cylindrical blown-glass cup entangled with twisting, sweet-smelling vines. Although Meridellian weather is often quite temperate, things do begin to heat up during the month of Hunting, and this is where the tea's secret feature comes into play. As the item description suggests, the beverage is 'refreshing as a cool forest breeze'; however, it is the craft of Illusen which makes the drinker of the tea feel the slightest of gentle breezes with every indulgent sip. This enthralling refreshment is an especial favourite of most Meridellian citizens, even those least expected... The iced tea has been rumoured to cheer up even the grumpy King Skarl himself, after all!

Earth Faerie Sundae

An ice cream confection that never melts, this mouthwatering sundae is one of the few favourites of Illusen that wasn't created by the Faerie herself. Smooth, almost heavenly vanilla ice cream creates an ambrosial experience as soon as your spoon touches your lips. A spicy yet undeniably satisfying mint sauce ladled atop the dessert provides a strikingly flavourful contrast with the silkiness of the vanilla. A pair of irresistibly soft mint wings are considerately attached to the glass for your enjoyment after the sundae and also give the dessert an aesthetically-pleasing frame. Illusen can be seen enjoying her favourite frozen treat all throughout Illusen Day.

Earth Faerie Hair Clip

This delicate hair clip was crafted by Illusen one fine, translucent evening. Made from the finest silver and preserved leaves taken from her majestic garden, this hair clip required exquisite craftsmanship and a pair of careful eyes to ensure not even a hint of subtle error. It was deliberately designed to accentuate her hair's luminous shade of autumn green and brown and her prominent facial features. It's perfect for any typical day at the Glade.

Leafy Illusen Hanky

Even the most tenacious of faeries needs a hanky! Softer than the fluffy fur of a Cybunny, this light green hanky is a necessity for Illusen. She uses it to dab her porcelain skin dry after cleansing it with the river's fresh, dewy water each morning. The best thing about it? It has a blended scent of different kinds of citrus--lemon, lime, and orange-- as well as natural earthen properties that help rejuvenate the skin after an exhausting day out in the open forest.

Illusen Connect-the-Dots

Illusen's absolute favorite game: Connect-the-Dots! This book offers a wide selection of various shapes and sizes for the player to choose from as well as different techniques used to master the game. After a draggy day waiting for Neopians to bring back the items asked from them, Illusen would sit under the twiggy branches of her beloved tree with this book in hand along with her thinking cap and her most trusted pencil, all sharpened and ready for what's to be revealed after completion.

Illusens Staff

As one of the most powerful weapons available, only those who are worthy and resourceful enough are granted their fair share of this staff of grandeur after completing fifty of Illusen's challenging quests. Many have tried their luck getting their hands on this elusive staff, but few have actually claimed admirable victory. Carved from maple wood, it has been blessed by Illusen to wield great power beyond imagination. Even the most darkest of creatures dare not offend the owners of this staff.

Earth Faerie Recorder

No one has ever had the honor to see this magnificent instrument with their own eyes, but word has it that it took many helpful Neopets and dozens of Faeries to find the materials necessary for the creation of this recorder. Fyora then magically carved, painted, and polished it herself as a gift for Illusen's birthday. The recorder was then tuned to a perfect, melodious pitch, which is often heard when Illusen composes every morning and every night. The sound it yields is indescribable. It has the capability of blanketing serenity and tranquility over tense atmospheres. There is only one true to its kind in Neopia.


Thank you for reading this article. We hope you enjoyed it! We also give our enormous thanks to TNT for carefully reviewing and (hopefully, should you be viewing this to begin with) publishing this article! We had an excellent time putting it together.

Happy Illusen Day! :)

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