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How Jhudora Celebrates Illusen Day

by theyellowrose


Also written by skyerandom301

The most anticipated day of the month of Running (besides the day where it was cancelled due to lack of interest) is Illusen Day! People all over Neopia enjoy this special day by celebrating with the one and only, Illusen. For the party, you can imagine balloons, confetti, Illusen items and foods, and much more fun-filled items floating around Meridell as people celebrate this glorious event. However, while everyone is parading around happily, there is one person who does not enjoy this day. And that person is... Jhudora.

Known as one of the darkest faeries of Neopia, Jhudora is also the biggest enemy of Illusen. We can see this, and possibly prove this by telling you that on Jhudora Day, Illusen seems to mysteriously disappear from Meridell, and in place of her usual spot is fake-Illusen, painted on a piece of cardboard held up by a bartamus. This "cardboard" Illusen tells us to go visit Jhudora, and possibly do one of her quests. Fishy, isn't it? -holds up fish- Anyways, Jhudora is never happy whenever the year comes around to Illusen Day; she gets overly jealous of her enemy, Illusen, so she goes around before her ‘big birthday day’, plotting ways to *cough* celebrate *cough* for Illusen’s birthday. Each and every year, Jhudora thinks of more crazy and horrible ideas to off-put the joy and happiness that should be heard in the air at Meridell on Illusen Day. Now, if you have you ever wondered what Jhudora does on Illusen Day, then read on because you're about to find out!

Jhudora's Celebration Plans Phase One: When midnight strikes on Illusen Day, Jhudora's plan begins to unfold. Firstly, before every other neopet has gotten up to begin preparations for the Illusen Day celebration, she waves her hands, and places a special little item in every Illusen balloon. Of course, Jhudora also has her little petpet minions to help her hide these "gifts" and wrap them in Illusen's homemade wrapping paper, leaves. "They won't suspect a thing," snickers Jhudora.

Jhudora's Celebration Plans Phase Two: The next part of Jhudora's celebration plan is to call back all of her little minion petpets from their posts. (Oh yes, she has them everywhere. They might even be watching -or stalking- YOU!) Jhudora sends her minion petpets to hide in the pile of gifts that Illusen is to receive later on, oh what a fright she will get! Hey, Illusen does need some new petpets... right?

Jhudora’s Celebration Plans Part Three: Jhudora hates the taste and cheery look of ‘Illusen Tree Cakes’ so she decides that a change of food order should come about. She exchanges the Tree cakes which are specially made for the celebration, for some of her own cakes. These cakes are then altered so they look the same as the Tree Cakes, they just taste... better.

Jhudora's Celebration Plans Phase Four: This is the Fourth and final part of Jhudora's great plan to ruin Illusen Day. Her last scheme is to draw over all of the Illusen posters that hang on the fences, poles, and store windows. Using her own specially made pen, happening to be permanent, Jhudora goes through every picture of Illusen and scribbles humiliating things on them. Each poster has a different design. Multiple copies of these defaced posters are created by Jhudora's minion petpets. This is how the ‘Defaced Portrait of Illusen’ came to be about. Now, the plan is finalized, the plot steps are all complete. Jhudora finds the best seat in Meridell, which is probably the small hill where you can clearly view Illusen's Glade and all of Meridell. All Jhudora has to do now is sit and wait for the day to begin.

It has begun! When dawn comes, every neopet awakens and begins celebrating. Oh what a glorious event! Mountains of foods and drinks that Illusen herself created (or so the guests think) are brought out and served to everyone. Soon after, Illusen cries out, "Bring out the confetti and the balloons!" The neopets bring out these items and throw them into the air. Little did they know, the balloons were filled with Jhudora Rotten Neggs! SPLAT! Almost immediately, these balloons pop and the disgusting rotten neggs spray all over Illusen! Phase one of Jhudora's plan has been completed.

Even though everyone is dazed at the vulgar smell of the neggs, Illusen shrugs off the rotting negg explosion and smiles bravely. "It is time to open my gifts!" she proclaims as a little neopet strides over to hand her the first box. But before she can even open the box, all of Jhudora's petpets pop out of her gift boxes and swarm everywhere! Neopets are shrieking at the sight of these atrocious petpets; everything is starting to turn horrible and hectic. Phase two of Jhudora's plan has been completed.

Illusen pushes the troubles out of the way and tells everyone, "Okay, loyal friends, calm down. Eat some delicious Cakes to settle down again." So everyone sits down ready for a delicious feast, in front of all the yummy looking food sitting upon the table. The guests start talking and calming down a little while enjoying some treats, ignoring the evil minions and smelly neggs. Screams are suddenly heard from all angles; the cakes are exploding. They must have been switched for some 'Exploding Muffins', hmm, how odd... Phase Three of Jhudora's Plan has been completed.

As Illusen watches her special day fail, Jhudora is sitting on the hill, practically dying of laughter. Back in Meridell, Illusen continues about her day until she notices something strange about her posters, which her lovely friends made for her. She gasps and realizes that they have been drawn all over with marker! What has this day come to? Final Phase, or phase number four, of Jhudora's plan has been completed.

Operation ruin Illusen Day, complete. So this is how Jhudora celebrates Illusen Day... er, rather, ruins Illusen Day. On a scale of 10 to 10, how mad do you think Illusen is?

Hours after the celebration was over, or rather ruined, we find Jhudora in her lovely home looking quite proud of herself. But before we could ask her any questions about this day, she poofs away into the darkness, cackling, "Happy Illusen Day!"

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