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Talking To Illusen: Dos and Don'ts

by jamba_jukeba


Ah, it’s that time of year again. The one day that celebrates everything that we love about Illusen. She lives in Meridell and gives out quests to those who seek it, and her rewards are great. There are even two avatars you get for completing her quests on certain occasions! How awesome is that?

Now that is it finally Illusen Day, you want to go beat the crowd and complete her quest, right? Wrong! Hold your horses, folks! You can’t go yet. You have to follow certain etiquette when talking to Illusen on her special day. It’s not like she’s the queen today, or anything of that sort. It is just that Neopia has gone through the trouble of dedicating an entire day to her! You just have to take it up to the next level in order to impress her. Might I remind you that the whole purpose of this day is to appreciate her and make her feel special.

Here are some suggestions of what to say to her, from the greeting to the parting.

Do Say: “Happy Illusen Day! I love your outfit.”

Be subtle. Don’t flatter her too much. Compliment something simple like her hair or outfit.

Don’t Say: “Illusen! Oh my gosh, you are the coolest faerie ever! Can I have your autograph? Please? Please?”

You will probably end up scaring poor Illusen with such exaggerated claims. You will end up getting on her bad side, and you don’t want that happening. Also, please keep in mind that she has thousands of other Neopets to give quests to, so you don’t want to hold up the line by asking for an autograph.

Do Say: “Illusen, here is a gift from me to you. It is a new vase for your home. I hope you like it.”

We could go on into a whole separate article about gifts for Illusen, but we won’t. All I would like to say is that you should not go overboard with the gifts. Think of something that she would use such as a clock or a flower vase.

Don’t Say: “Illusen! Party at my house! Be there or be square!”

Like I said earlier, since it is Illusen Day, her schedule is packed. She most likely won’t have time to attend a party. Even if she does decide to attend a party, it would be thrown by her friends and family and not some random Neopian who wants to make Illusen his/her best friend forever.

Do Say: “Wow, this quest sure looks difficult. I’ll do my best, though.”

Accept the quest from her without any hesitation. If you can get the item she wants, then go for it. If you cannot, please don’t abandon her entirely until the next day. That would upset her greatly. Be honest and go back to her and reject the quest. She will not bite.

Don’t Say: “Illusen, this quest is too hard! Can I please have another one?”

Please do not argue with Illusen on her special day. That is very rude. She will not give you a different quest, even though she will be in a good and festive mood.

Do Say: “Thanks for the Cream Cookie. I’ll come back soon. Hopefully, tomorrow’s prize will be bigger!”

Don’t Say: “A Cream Cookie? That’s all I get?”

Even though the prize may not be worth the trouble, don’t complain about it. The prizes always get better after the next level. Besides, you should be happy that you managed to complete a quest on Illusen Day. Now, you get that shiny avatar to display to all your friends and family!

Do Say: “I hope you had a great time on your special day, Illusen! I hope that next year will be even more festive!”

Be nice to her. Don’t butter her up too much. Well, maybe just a little. We all want Illusen to like us.

Don’t Say: “I hope you had a great day. Now that I did your quests and visited you on your special day and all, does this mean I get free items?”

The only prizes you will get on Illusen Day are the avatar and the prize for the quest you completed. Don’t expect anything else because you are not going to get it. It is not nice to ask for anything more. If Illusen wants to give something else, then she will.

Here are some other quick pointers when talking to Illusen.

1) Do not get too excited. If you are like me, visiting Illusen every day for quests, then Illusen Day should be nothing special. It is just like every other day. The only difference is that it is more important than the rest. Don’t let the pressure get to you. Remain calm.

2) If you want to have a quiet chat with Illusen with some tea and crumpets, then I suggest you come earlier than usual. If you visit early in the morning, not many Neopians will be there. You can finally ask her about that hairspray she uses.

3) Make sure you look and smell presentable. You don’t want to let Illusen know about your foot odor. Clean your shoes and feet before leaving. Brush your teeth thoroughly so that you will have a bright smile. Wear your best clothes and make sure they don’t get stained on your journey to Meridell.

4) Give Illusen that special gift you picked out for her first. That will make her want your company and she will not think of you as a freeloader, entering into her house just like that. Take off your hat and address her properly. Remember: this is her day. Make her feel special. Not many Neopians take the time to appreciate her.

5) If you find yourself getting lost in her conversation, don’t just nod. If you do that, she will know that you are not paying attention. Just try to change the subject, but don’t stray too far away from it. For example, if she was talking about Faellies’ burrowing habits, talk about your friends’ Faellie-themed gallery. Your friend doesn’t have one, but make something up. Be creative! Just remember that you don’t want to make it too obvious that you spaced out.

Illusen is a beloved earth faerie. We never appreciated her much, even on her special day. That all changed in Y12 when she and the rest of her fellow faeries were turned to stone. Only then did we realize her importance. Now that she is back, we have to make this the best Illusen Day ever. Good luck!

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