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Snazzy Gifts for Shoyru Day!

by retrean


Also by xbebedawlx

It’s that time of year again –that’s right, it’s Shoyru Day once more! The day where we honour and celebrate Neopia’s most popular species; of course, there are more ways you can make this day extra special: gifts! If you’re stuck for gift ideas for your Shoyru (it can happen!) then this article will hopefully shed some light on some of the things most Shoyrus love and will make the perfect gift for them. Of course, every Shoyru is unique and has special tastes, so not every Shoyru may go wild over one gift; they surely will over another!

Cuddly Shoyru Plushie

This plushie may well be on the pricey side, but it makes a wonderful toy for any Shoyru of any age, and also is considered to be a marvellous collector’s item and great addition to any gallery. Just one look at this cute little plushie’s face and your neopet will be in raptures - guaranteed!

Dapper Shoyru Monocle

Oh, I say, what a spiffing monocle! Does your Shoyru to look a little more refined? This monocle is a great start, and instantly makes them look a little more sophisticated. If your Shoyru wants to look even better, there is an entire Dapper Shoyru clothing set which will make a great gift!

Shoyru Artist Shirt

This shirt is a neutral color, which means that it will match with almost any customisations or outfits that your Shoyru wants to show off. This shirt adds the perfect touch to any outfit and completes it. Your Shoyru will be showing off the shirt to all of their friends, since it looks good with just about ANYTHING!

Maraquan Shoyru Float Ring

If your Shoyru isn’t lucky enough to be painted Maraquan, they are likely to not be the best swimmers in Neopia, and may have to be confined to the shallow rock pools of Mystery Island if they fancy a dip. But not anymore! This adorable float ring looks cute and is very practical: any Shoyru, no matter what ability, will be able to swim with confidence thanks to this adorable float ring.

Shoyru Tree Sculpture

This delicate piece of foliage has taken several hours to create, and doesn’t it show? As an added bonus, this remarkable sculpture can be placed in your neohome garden. It makes a great addition to any garden, so buy one today!

Tattered Shoyru Puppet

This adorable puppet is not hard to fall in love with. A Shoyru of any age would love to play with it or entertain others with its bumbling antics for hours. With its bright colours, cute button eyes and big smile, it’s definitely hard to resist!

The Beautiful Shoyru

This tale depicts a inspiring story of a mutant Shoyru learning to love himself, despite his appearance; this book is a great read and will make any Shoyru realize the true meaning of beauty. Although this book is more on the female side, male Shoyrus will probably enjoy this tale just as much!

Strawberry Shoyru Cake

Yum! No celebration is complete without a big cake, and Shoyru Day is absolutely no exception! This wonderful treat is moist, gooey and delicious. Although it may be expensive, any Shoyru would love to eat it!

Wooden Shoyru Spinning Top

This wooden spinning top is a hit with younger Shoyrus, who will love to spend hours watching the top spin around and around. Although it is intended for young Shoyrus, older Shoyrus will still appreciate it! Luckily, it is quite cheap and readily available from the toy shop, or in other users shops!

Adorable Blue Shoyru Kite

Although Shoyrus love to fly, it’s sometimes nice to rest their wings and watch another Shoyru do the work – this adorable little kite! A Shoyru of any age would love this kite and could easily spend many happy hours flying it.

Bouncy Green Shoyru Boots

These boots will help to evade most enemies, and are designed especially for Shoyrus! Although these boots are mainly for the battledome, they can easily be used as a wonderful toy for your Shoyru to use for bouncing around! A Shoyru's battledome set would simply not be complete without this set of boots!

Green Shoyru Sofa

A sofa, designed in the shape of a Shoyru? This is the absolute perfect gift for any Shoyru. This sofa is fantastically comfortable and soft, and very affordable. An absolute necessity for any Shoyru's room to be complete.

Full Shoyru Armour

Shoyrus are not the brawniest neopets, so this armour certainly will come in handy in the Battledome. This armour covers the Shoyru’s whole body and will protect them from most hits while ensuring they can move freely to counter any attacks safely. If your Shoyru likes to fight in the Battledome, this armour would make a great gift!

Best Friend Card

Shoyrus make great friends, so this lovely card would be an understandable idea for a gift. This bright and happy card makes an ideal token of appreciation and will let your Shoyru know how much you value them and their friendship they offer you.

Although these are just ideas, hopefully this guide has set you well on your way to finding that special, perfect, gift for your special Shoyru. Even the cheapest item can still express your love and appreciation you hold for your Shoyru. (Though expensive items are even more nice for spoilt Shoyrus!)

Shoyrus are currently the NUMBER ONE MOST POPULAR NEOPET IN ALL OF THE SITE! This means that there have been around 16 million created so far, and this number is rising day by day! Though it’s hardly surprising, Shoyrus make fantastic friends who will remain loyal and love you no matter what life throws at you – and who doesn’t want that? Another reason Shoyrus are so popular is their amazing variety of colours, their great range of wearables and of course their ability to look great in almost any outfit. So why not take the plunge and create a Shoyru today? You will not regret it!

Or if you already have a Shoyru, have a fantastic Shoyru Day; filled with gifts, cake and love!

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