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The Last Copy of the 500th Issue

by petitehirondelline


Also by talacheziggy

Something horrible has happened, dear Neopians! The white little Weewoo needs your help. Let me explain what happened.


This morning, the white little Weewoo was flying over the streets of Neopia Central, delivering the Neopian Times to Neopians, like he does every week. But this week was not like just any other week. This week, he was delivering the 500th issue of the Neopian Times to all the faithful readers (that’s all of you!) who have been reading his journal for years now. He is pretty proud of being the official mascot of the most read newspaper around Neopia and he was even more cheerful this morning because his beloved Neopian Times had reached 500 issues.

He was swiftly soaring through the sky, gently dropping the precious rolls of paper near the door of every neohome in which a Neopian subscribed to the Neopian Times. It had become increasingly popular with time. The Weewoo still remembered back in the days, when he began distributing the newspaper only to a few friends in Neopia Central. Today, there are people as far as Moltara who read the Neopian Times! Thankfully, the team of the Neopian Times has grown since the beginning, and he isn’t the only one carrying them to each neohomes anymore, or he wouldn’t be able to make it every week! But, just like in the first days, the Petpet was still eager to see the readers’ reaction when they read the beautiful stories and the interesting articles about everything that’s going on around Neopia week after week.

While the white little Weewoo was lost in his thoughts and dreams, the wind suddenly blew his list of addresses away! Oh no! Hopefully, there was only one copy of the Neopian Times left in his bag. He remembered it had to be delivered to someone on the last street of his itinerary, the Rainbow Lane.

He landed on the street, and looked despondently at the straight row of neohomes in front of him. There were only six neohomes, next to each other, on one side of the road. But he wondered how he was going to know to which neohome he is supposed to deliver the last newspaper.


What a peaceful neighbourhood!

Each of them looked pretty normal, and nothing could have given him any hint on which neohome was the right one just by looking at them. He knocked on each door (or he pecked, I may say), hoping a kind Neopet seeing him at his door would surely tell him whether or not he was at the right place. Unfortunately, no one seemed to be home on the Rainbow Lane that morning.

Thinking that a reader wouldn’t get the special 500th issue on time, he just couldn’t tolerate it. He had to do something!

Panicked, he turned around and decided to consult a friend. Muffin the purple Eizzil always knows everything about everyone and her burrow, by chance, wasn’t too far away! She’s great at gathering information she hears from everyone in town. She must know who reads the Neopian Times on the Rainbow Lane, thought the Weewoo.

When the Weewoo arrived at the Eizzil’s little home, she greeted him with a cup of tea and cupcakes.

“So why do you look so worried, Weewoo?” she squeaked, as she was pouring him a cup of tea.

The little Petpet explained the situation to his friend and asked her if she knew who reads the Neopian Times on the Rainbow Lane and in which neohome that Neopet lives.

“Hum... I’m not sure,” said Muffin.

“But then, how will I be able to know who I am supposed to deliver this journal to?” sadly tweeted the white Weewoo.

“Maybe if I told you everything I know about all the Neopets living on that street, you’d be able to figure it out?”

“Well... I guess I could try,” replied the Weewoo, doubtful.

Muffin cleared her tiny throat and then recited, in a single breath:

“The Aisha is starry.

The Neopet that owns a Carmariller is a Draik.

The Bruce likes to eat Azzles.

The cloud Neopet lives on the right of the chocolate one.

The Albat’s owner lives next to the Neopet that reads the Shenkuu Bulletin.

The Neopet that plays Sutek’s Tomb raises Spyders.

The rainbow Neopet plays Snowmuncher.

The Neopet living in the third neohome likes to have a Purpple for breakfast.

The Kacheek lives in the first neohome.

The Neopet that reads the Haunted Woods Reader lives on the right of the Feepit’s owner.

The Neopet that likes Doglefoxes lives next to the one who plays Hasee Bounce.

The chocolate Neopet eats Dewy Apples.

The Neopet that plays Snowmuncher lives next to the one who owns an Albat.

The Neopet who likes Apriberries always plays Meerca Chase.

The Neopet that reads the Meridell Herald lives next to the starry one.

The Xweetok likes to play Ice Cream Machine.

The pink Neopet lives next to the Kacheek.

The Neopet that plays Hasee Bounce lives next to the one that eats Gargapples.

The magma Neopet doesn’t have any neighbour on the right.

The Bruce reads the Faerieland Gazette.

The Xweetok doesn’t like the Neopet that likes Lemwarts; they aren’t neighbours.

The Neopet that eats Azzles lives next to the Aisha.

The Neopet that eats Lemwarts often plays Kass Basher.

The Peophin reads the Maraquan Messenger.

The Shenkuu Bulletin’s reader doesn’t live in the first neohome.

The Draik doesn’t play Kass Basher.

The Beekadoodle doesn’t live in the second neohome.”

“That doesn’t tell me in which neohome lives the Neopet that reads the Neopian Times, Muffin,” said the Weewoo.

“I’m sorry, that’s all the information I’ve got. You will have to figure it out,” sadly replied the Eizzil.


So dear readers, do you understand the problem, now? Our mascot needs your help!

Knowing that in each neohome on the Rainbow Lane lives a Neopet of a different species and color, and that each of them likes a different fruit, plays a different game, owns a different Petpet and reads a different journal, could you help the little Weewoo guess in which neohome (the first, the second, the third, the fourth, the fifth, or the sixth) lives the Neopet reading the Neopian Times, so he could deliver the last copy of the 500th issue of the Neopian Times on time?

(Neomail me with your answer!)

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