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Top 10 Places To Eat In

by jamespongebob


I'll admit it, when I started off in Neopia, I wasn't a very responsible owner. My Xweetok normally wasn't given enough food most of the time, and when I fed him, it was usually cheap food from Tombola or food I won from wheels. After a while, he started getting really mad at me, and ate up my papers and ideas. Also, he threw dung at me. And my house. Anyhow, after a while I realized that I had to feed him. I traveled around Neopia and tried food, but I realized some food, even if from a store, generally stinks. So, I decided to hunt down the best places to eat in in Neopia. I used to think that most of the food is unhealthy, since it looked like it was made and packed in a factory and sent to stores. The truth, though, is that many stores sell freshly-cooked meals. Most of the time, they have a kitchen in the shop. Also, many storekeepers are actually talented chefs! Although, others are... how do I say it? Well, they won't be able to impress a talking dung. If that exists. I traveled around Neopia, visiting every single place to get food and testing it. I admit, some flavors are probably going to stick to my tongue for the rest of my life. So, without further ado, here are the Top 10 Places to Eat In!

10. Brightvale Fruits

When I stopped in Brightvale, I went to this fruit stand because many friends told me that Brightvale fruits are really delicious. They are. There are odd varieties there and I had a lot of fun tasting them. Each fruit was unique in it's own way. I do have to say, though, majority of the fruits are sweet and juicy. Some fruits are slightly scary and I don't recommend you to eat them. The Squibble Berry has tentacles when you open them. The Magenorb has three fruits, and only one of them tastes right. A Skeem has rock-hard seeds, although they're actually pretty good. Just watch out for the seed. Some of their fruits even have functions! The Passionberry has a hard shell which can be used as decoration or ink pots. I use them for paperweights. The Parchment Fruit can actually be used as a parchment! I recommend trying Fresh Skeem Fruit Salad, Tangella, Grenelon or Cocorot. Ask the nice Acara for descriptions of each fruit, so you know what to expect. All fruits are home-grown, so they're healthy... I think.

9. Kelp

I bet some of you thought it would be #1 or 2. I don't blame you. Kelp has exceptionally amazing food. It takes fine dining to a whole new level. The problem? The price. Kelp is only for the richest of the richest. The cheapest thing in the entire menu is a whopping 7000 NP! The most expensive is about 33000NP! Just having the cheapest meal from all of the menus (this includes cocktail, appetizer, main course and dessert) is a crazy total of more than 60000 NP! I only sampled some dishes, and even that made me feel a whole lot lighter... in cash! I tasted a Foozette Juice, which was absolutely delicious, a Maraquan Cream Broth, which was creamy and luxurious, and a Honeyed Horn Of Plenty, which was heavenly. I think the food isn't worth the price, even though it's crazy delicious. There are cheaper ways to get delicious food, but if you want to experience a whole new level of fine dining, go ahead.

8. Neopian Fresh Foods

No place like the classic. If you have no idea what your pet eats, no place better to go than here. A large variety of food is waiting here. Trial and Error and hope that you'll find that right food.

7. Tropical Food Shop

I love Mystery Island, so it isn't a surprise this was the first place I visited. A nice Techo was kind enough to let me sample some food. After that, I bought a whole lot more. The food was delicious. Most of the food revolved around the strange fruits grown in Mystery Island. I admit, I was skeptical with some fruits like the pungent Azzle. It was actually good. My personal favorites are the yummy Nurako, the citrusy Oranella, the delicious Green Octopepper, the thirst-quenching Turihar Berry Coconut Milk and the sweet Funnydew Melon.

6. Qasalan Delights

I was crossing through the Lost Desert, trying to get the sand off my mouth after visiting Lost Desert Foods. I think it was OK, but I wasn't too impressed. I somehow stumbled into this stand, attracted by its interesting smell. I was a little doubtful, looking at the owner and the food. But when I tried a Queela Stick, I was blown away! It was crunchy and it tasted really sweet and salty. The Queela fruit was used in many of the dishes actually. The Double Fruit Kebab was delicious in its cheesy-pineapple sauce. The Queela Quench was delicious and quenched all of my thirst. I see how it got its name. I packed it for the rest of my journey. Qando is also a common ingredient that is used for drinks here. The Qasalan Cone was sweet and yummy. It tasted like vanilla, but with a unique Qando twist. The Qasala Fountain Soda was sugary and sweet (don't take too much, though). The Qando Bread? Delicious. The stand also has some spicy delicacies like the Spicy Queela Dip and Spicy Fruit Punch. They were actually really good, but don't take too much or eat it quickly. It might burn your tongue. Beware of the Evil Baklava, though.

5. Faerie Foods

Yum! A nice Earth Faerie gave me a tour of the kitchen. It was truly magical and really aromatic. The scent was heavenly. I noticed that nearly all types of faeries were incorporated into the food. A lot of them are actually magical. I had to duck numerous times to avoid flying foods. She also showed me how magic made food really delicious. I have never tasted a better carrot than the Faerie Carrot! Sooner or later, I was settled into my seat and I ordered food. Cloud Cookies are delicious and they don't spoil your appetite. My favorite was the Orange Cloud Cookie. I noticed "fire foods" were really hot. But the Fire Faerie Cupcake was really good. I drank using special straws too like Jhudora Faerie Straw and Fire Faerie Straw. Each had a flavored sugar. I recommend Faerie Bubbles. They're truly magical and they come in many flavors. If you ever eat here, try as much as you can. They're all really good.

4. The Soup Kitchen/Giant Omelette

The Soup Faerie is one of the most loved Faeries. She cooks delicious soup, which oddly varies every time a poor neopet gets soup from it. The soup is delicious and free. Sadly, only poor neopets can get it. That's where the Giant Omelette comes in. It can give you free omelette every day. It's so big that even getting a small chunk from it, you need to chow down on it three times! The great thing about both is, they're both free and you never know what you get.

3. Exotic Foods

I love cuisine like this. Scaling Shenkuu is no easy task, and I was delighted with this store. The warm dishes were really welcoming and there were unique and delicious dishes there. Nearly every dish I sampled was delicious. The owner also told me that most of the dishes have health benefits, so that's a plus. For a drink, try the Jug Juice or Bamboo Tea. For appetizers, try the Squibble Berry Salad or the many dumplings available. Grilled Stuffed Tofu and Korbat Tofu is also good. There are many choices for your main course; I recommend the Grilled Enoki and Green Bean Kimchee. Purplum Buns, Green Tea Custard and Ginseng Popsicle make great desserts. Pack a Bag of Dried Mushrooms for a snack. Isn't that cheaper than Kelp?

2. Exquisite Ambrosia

This eatery is truly magnificent. It serves splendid food and magnificent delicacies. It will make you rethink everything about food. It brings food to a whole new level. Food for heroes can now be eaten by regular people and neopets. It serves delicacies of figs, olives and more. Try it. The food makes your mouth water. Truly amazing.

Finally, the moment you've been waiting for! The #1 place to get food is in...

1. The Neopian Health Foods!!

My pet was resistant to enter this, and I know why. Lots of pets are resistant to healthy foods. This shop, for some reason, makes healthy food delicious. Try it, something there will be your favorite food. Mine is Cinnamon Honey Sticks. And it's categorized as "Healthy Food". This shop supplies you with amazing food and healthy at the same time.

I hope you found this guide useful, but of course you shouldn't limit yourself. Many shops that are good didn't make it to this list, and remember this is an expert's opinion ("opinion"). Go out there. The food for you is out there, somewhere.... And if you fail, then, um... you're far beyond help at that point.

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