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Finest Faerie Foods Ever?

by swayamsiddhamishra


Oh, hello there, fellow Neopians! Seems like you have stumbled upon this great but not so predicable article. Good to see you folks taking an interest in reading the newspaper. Oh, what is the article about, you ask? Well, the topic says it all. This article will provide you with the description of the finest Faerie Food available in Neopia!

The appearance of a Faerie Food is what attracts most of the Neopians. It just looks so delicious. You wouldn't mind one of them melting in your mouth. And the feeling of the sweetness. It's priceless! Faerie Foods are completely amazing. You could eat them all day and not get bored of it! Plus, Faerie = Magic!

See, there are a lot of Faerie foods in Neopia. But only the best ones can make it up to the top! It was a tough decision to choose which food should make it to the list. The foods were selected on the basis of their appearance and unique qualities!

Quit with the waiting now; here is the list you all have been waiting for!


(In specific order from 10 to 1)

10. Sugar-Free Tooth Faerie Cake!

Ah! Who doesn't love cake? And specially when it's sugar-free! This cake provides you with a delicacy of wonders! Look how good it looks! You won't be getting any tooth decay from this cake. That was very smart of them, naming it 'tooth faerie cake' there. The toothy shape of the cake makes it look even more attractive, not to mention the shiny color. You should totally go buy one for your pet and make them taste it. Maybe they will like it?

9. Jhudora Jelly!

You have to admit, this one looks pretty epic, eh? The lime jelly looks like toxic jelly, which makes it look even more dangerous. But, it's not poisonous now, is it? Well, you can never trust Jhudora. Maybe we should try it on someone! Don't worry, no one is asking you to! It seems that by looking at the food, you can guess that it might be tasty for a chance. Why not, right? This mysterious quality of the Faerie Food brings it to position 9!

8. Light Faerie Cupcake!

Nothing can beat the taste of freshly made cupcakes. It's sure, folks; this food has made you hungry. No problem, matey, there might be some in the food stores. Go get some for you and your neopets. The wings are so adorable, and the cupcake seems so irresistibly delicious! Who knew light could taste so yummy?

7. Cherry-tastic Faerie Pie!

The Cherry-tastic is so fan-tastically amazing-tastically awesome-tastic! Every single Neopian craves pies. They are so utterly yummy, it sometimes feels like eating a mountain of pies at a time! Especially the Cherry-tastic Faerie Pie! It has layers of puff pastry stuffed full of real cherries! Now, who doesn't love cherries?

6. Faerie Orange!

The fun of being a fruit and faerie food at the same time! A fruit has never tasted as fantastic. Plus, it's Gourmet! Seriously, what else do you need?

5. Strawberry Faerie Sundae!

This magical dessert is guaranteed not to melt while you eat it. Isn't that super amazing? You can take as much as time you want to complete this Sundae. You should totally take your time while eating it. Enjoy every bite of it! This Sundae is deliciously strawberry flavored, which is liked by most of the Neopians out there. So why not go get some and enjoy yourself eating it?

4. Dark Faerie Sundae!

A treat for any dark faerie, this vanilla sundae has grape sauce on top. The colors of the Sundae are so dark, you can't get your eyes off them! Plus, they don't seem to be that costly. You can satisfy your pets every day with this lovely treat!

3. Ultra Nova Pop!

I present you with a lovely Gourmet food. This lollypop has to be tasted to be believe. It is truly wonderful!! Ultra Nova Pop is one of the most popular Pops around in Neopia, I might add. It's the shape of the lolly that fits inside the mouth perfectly! And the taste is extremely mouth-watery! It's a great lolly-pop for your pet when they are asking for some candies. You can hand them the Ultra Nova Pop! You won't regret it.

2. Soup Faerie Soup!!

What's cooler than having 'soup' mentioned twice in a name? Nothing! This Faerie Food got honored by being the second most amazing Faerie Food because it's a fabulous new recipe created by the Soup Faerie herself! You all know that the Soup Faerie is a great cook. She used to fill the stomachs of your pets when you were poor! Didn't they totally love her soups? Not to mention, it's a gourmet food! Ah, you should be so proud of this soup.

1. Deluxe Fyora Day Cake!!!

Last but not the least, I present you with another Gourmet food called Deluxe Fyora Day Cake! The luxurious cake was baked to honour everyone's favourite Faerie Queen. Fyora is one of the most loved Faeries around. Neopians would totally love to see some food honoring her. Deluxe Fyora Cake tastes like magic and is available in three layers, one on top of another. It would take days for a single person to complete the whole cake! It is also said that the cake is Ultra Rare. So go and find it. Maybe you will get one! Why don't you throw a party, invite everyone and treat a Deluxe Fyora Day Cake? People would remember you forever.

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