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Intermediate Level Trophies

by nayana852


4 Easy Trophies for the Intermediate Trophy Collector

1. Slots Biggest Loser

Although, this trophy is obtained by (you guessed it) gambling away bunches of Neopoints, you don't necessarily have to be a fabulously wealthy Neopian with an overflowing bank account to obtain it. You must be in the top 17 at trophy time to earn a trophy.

How Scoring Works

There are two slot machine games that contribute to the cumulative score; Brucey B. Slots and Black Pawkeet Slots. Each game allows for 250 spins every day. Since the goal is to lose as many Neopoints as possible, ALWAYS select "max bet". Each time the machine is spun, take the amount of Neopoints won and subtract it from the amount bet (AMOUNT BET – AMOUNT WON= SCORE). This is what you add to your cumulative score for this game.

For example, you bet 450 Neopoints and win 0. Since 450-0=450, your score so far is 450. On your next spin, you once again bet 450 Neopoints. This time, however, you win 250. Since 450 -250= 200, your score for this spin is 200. Add this to your score from the previous spin to get a cumulative total of 650. On your third spin, you once again bet the maximum amount of 450 and (lucky you) win 100,000 Neopoints. 450-100,000= -99,550. Any negative number is rounded up to 0, and 0 is added to your cumulative score. 650+0= 650. So after 3 spins, your cumulative score is 650 (note that your total Neopoints is much different than your cumulative score).

Ideally, you want to win as big as possible a few times, but lose most of your spins. That way, your actual amount of Neopoints doesn't change much, but your cumulative score does. It takes about 25 minutes each to spin the slot machines a maximum of 250 times, so plan your time accordingly. If you don't have enough points to get a trophy on the first day, don't worry. The score is cumulative and you will have both sets of 250 spins the next day to try and catch up on the High Score Table.

Best Time to Start Playing

As stated before, this game runs a cumulative score. It resets on the first of every month. So you want to spin both Brucey B. Slots and Black Pawkeet Slots 250 times on that date. If you don't get a trophy on the first day, try again on the second. And then the third. And so on. Personally, I was not even on the High Score Table at the end of the first day. But I went up to 50th on the second day, and I managed to get a Silver Trophy by day 3 or 4. Although my cumulative score is much higher, I only lost about 35,000 Neopoints daily for the times I attempted it.

2. Neopian Battlefield Legends

I like to call this trophy an "Inevitable Trophy" because, in concept, this game is simple. All you have to do is get a perfect score and be in the top 17 at trophy time. Execution, however, can get tricky. I haven't yet managed to time it right yet, but I hope to do so within the next few months.

Concept and Best Time to Submit Score

I will not go into much detail about actual gameplay because there are already several wonderful guides floating around Neopia.

All I will say is:

1. Use lots of Catapults and a couple Rapid-Fire Towers.

2. Use the Basic Towers to block paths of enemies that make it through your assault and force them to change direction (and go through your assault once again).

3. Pause the game and take some time to think if you need to.

So, as stated before, you have to get a perfect score and be in the top 17 at trophy time. Why is this so hard? Because getting a perfect score (125,266) is so easy, the High Score Table (HST) is full of them. So if you submit a score of 125,266, you will be put on the bottom of the HST (below all of the people who scored perfect before you but above all of the non-perfect scores). Since the HST can only accommodate 100 people, the 101st person will person will bump off the 1st person. And the 102nd person will bump off the 2nd person.

For example, let's say USER1 has the 1st spot on the HST, USER2 has the 2nd spot, and USER100 has the 100th spot. If USER101 decided to send a score, then he will take the 100th spot, USER100 will move up to the 99th spot and USER2 will move up to the 1st spot. USER1 will disappear off the table completely. And he cannot get back on it for this month. So your goal is to get bumped up into the top 17 places at trophy time.

The best time to submit scores to ensure the correct number of bumps is usually later on in the month (25th or later). Since most people have played it by then, the bumps aren't as often at this time. Once again, the concept is simple, but the execution takes a few tries (and some luck).

3. Hannah and the Kreludor Caves

I love the Hannah games. The cool thing about this game is that you can theoretically score as much as you want. Once again, be in the top 17 at trophy time to get a trophy.

How to Obtain

Every time you finish a level, you can pick the next level you play (providing you have unlocked that level by completing the one directly before it. The best thing to do is to play the first three levels on a continuous loop. When you get bored and think you have scored enough, lose on purpose and submit your score. It's pretty simple, huh? This method can get boring since it is so repetitive, but 50 minutes can get you a snazzy trophy for your collection

Best Time to Submit Score

Early in the month. Preferably the first day.

4. Attack of the Slorgs

This is one of Neopets' older games. Another one I like a lot. You must be in the top 17th during the time trophies are awarded to get a trophy in this game.

How to Score Big

I'm assuming you already have the avatar. So you at least have a general idea of what you are doing.

Here's a quick refresher:

1. Shoot the Slorgs. Make combinations of three to destroy.

2. A frog sometimes pops up. Shoot it for 25 points a shot.

3. Use the powerups

4. Typing "chargex4" recharges your laser

5. Typing "marrow" awards an extra life

Now the easiest way to score high is to take advantage of the frog in the earlier levels and then the glowing pink blob (called slorg destruct) in the later levels. Here's what you do in the first four or so levels. Get a slorg block and block off the front slorg. Then shoot repetitively where the frog appears until the slorg block runs out (hopefully the frog did appear and you got to shoot it a few times for a solid 50-75 points). Repeat this method until the slorgs are dangerously close to the vegetables and then finish the level. In the later levels, shoot off to the side where the frog appears until you get a glowing pink blob. Then let the slorgs get almost all the way to the vegetables and destroy them all at once. Repeat until you complete the level. And then use this same strategy on the next level. And the next. And the next. Do this until you lose all your lives.

Best time to Submit Score

The first day of the month is the best time to send scores, but a bronze trophy is usually manageable any time during the first two weeks. This is an easy game, but it takes a couple days of practice to understand the strategy.


Hopefully, this guide will help you get some newer trophies for your collection. All of these trophies are simple to get once you understand the technique. If you have any questions, there are lovely people on the Games Chat and Avatar Chat message boards who would be delighted to help you out. Good luck!

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