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Life as a JubJub - Locomotion

by loba_negra


Hello! My name is Daphli. In case you didn't guess, I'm a JubJub. As a species we tend to get overlooked... literally, most of us are quite short. For the inexperienced user, we may not be the best choice. After all, when you're trying to steal extra free omelette it helps to have a pet with arms. Still, on a chilly winter night, most users would rather trade their Ruki for something warm and fuzzy. No offense to Rukis, of course.

In this article I'm gonna cover some of the good and bad, ups and downs of JubJub life. Because it's a large subject I'm gonna focus on one issue: locomotion, or getting from place to place. Who knows... maybe if people like this article, I'll get more in? I've got my fingers... err, toes crossed...

Getting around can be difficult for a JubJub. You may not think so, since we're all feet... well, about fifty percent or so at least, but it can be quite tough. Imagine picking up some groceries for your mom. You can't really use your feet to walk and carry something at the same time. I'm sure most JubJubs out there have done the "one foot hop". You know, with one foot you keep the groceries balanced on your head, with the other you bounce on towards home. Sure, sometimes it works, but it can be quite dangerous. If you live in the rough landscape of Terror Mountain, or the thick jungles of Mystery Island, you're gonna want two feet on the ground. Of course, some JubJubs balance the objects they're carrying just on their heads, but unless you tie it to your fur, it's very likely to fall... and if you DID tie it to your fur, I imagine it would be painful.

So we JubJubs have to be resourceful. Fortunately our large heads house large brains, and I like to think we're one of the smarter species out there. In the instance of taking groceries home, for example, I find a wagon useful. Put everything you need in there, then push it towards home! Of course, if you don't live in a relatively flat land, it can be rough. Living in the lowlands of Shenkuu I can usually get my groceries home with one push downhill, but some aren't so fortunate. And carrying things isn't the only hard part of getting around.

Now, we are a fast species when sprinting, but we can have trouble with long distances. While we can roll down hills, sometimes it can be hard to get traction on straight or uphill trips. One option, as undignified as it may be, is to have someone carry you. Of course, you won't always have your owner or siblings to carry you. And I wouldn't recommend asking a stranger. Even if they are kind enough to carry you, who knows where those hands have been? It's not worth getting an unidentifiable sticky substance in your luxurious fur. But it's also no fun staying home!

Some JubJubs opt for larger Petpets for this reason. A Gallion or Bika can certainly be of use if you find one the right size. Unfortunately this isn't always an option. They can be expensive or hard to care for. Personally, I prefer skateboards. You can get a Purple Skateboard, a Blue Skateboard, even a super stylish Sharky Skateboard! They make life a lot easier. Since we're quite low to the ground it's pretty easy for us to control them. We can see all the little pebbles or Petpetpets on the ground and avoid them. Just one push with our giant feet and off we go! Plus, if you find yourself having to carry a lot of stuff, you can just set it all on the skateboard and it works just like a wagon! Except, it has no sides, so you have to be a little more careful. Still, all in all, a skateboard is a very useful thing for a JubJub on the go.

For the more high-tech JubJub, a jet pack is ideal. While they're in short supply in Neopia, with the only ones I know of being available exclusively from the Neocash Mall, they are possible to make. Plus, you can pick up just about any gadget in Moltara for the right price. You can also usually find some in the Space Station, but you never really know where they've been. Though they're a little hard to get to used to, it is convenient to be able to fly around. I suppose you could also buy wings for this purpose, but they're not as cool in my opinion. Plus, let's face it, putting them on can be painful.

Another easy way for us to get around, though you can't get everywhere with it, is swimming. After all, most of swimming really is in the legs. Propel yourself forward with kicks and you can traverse water with ease! I've gotta say, out of my siblings, I'm one of the best swimmers. They'll tell you otherwise, but they're just too proud to admit I'm better than them.

Right now I bet all you non-JubJubs are really appreciating not being a JubJub. But, like all species, there are benefits to being one. We tend to rule in Cheeserolling competitions, being able to roll alongside our cheese. We can also run really fast for short distances. If you and I both want the last Neocola, there's no way you're gonna beat me to it! And, while our small size may make life harder in some situations, it sure can help getting into, and out of, tight spots. Since fur can be flattened, you'd be surprised the places we can get into. Though it may not always be easy, when we get around, we get around.

So. I hope this article helps better illustrate the joys and pitfalls of being a JubJub, and I hope you enjoyed reading it. If you'd like to know more about me and my life, feel free and contact my owner! Just don't flood her inbox. I've got a feeling a lot of people will enjoy my article! ...Right?

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