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15 of the Best Neopoint Trinkets

by pinkpaint


I know what you're thinking "Hey! It's that awesome girl who wrote those two awesomely-awesome articles!" ('15 of the Best Neopoint Backgrounds' and '15 of the Best Neopoint Garlands & Foregrounds') or perhaps you're thinking, "Not her again, hasn't she shared enough wisdom?" Well, in either case, I'm back! And this time I have for you another of my famous '15 of the Best' lists!


By now you should know that there are some really great neopoint wearables out there for your pets to try and buy. In my last two articles, I gave insight into some of my fave NP backgrounds, garlands and foregrounds but this time my recommended selection is one of trinkets. These nifty little gadgets, whose-a-whats-its and thing-a-ma-bobs sit (usually) on your pet's right hand side; yep, that's right, the left hand side of how we see them.

Below are my top 15 favorite Neopoint Trinkets to date. I'll be telling you a little bit about each and how you might like to use them as per usual.

15. Crate of Fruit

An apple a day may keep the doctor away, but a crate of fruit sure looks cute to boot (sitting next to your pet, that is!). Okay, so I'm not the best poet, but it's true, this little crate of fruit looks fantastic next to your pet. Whether they're visiting Mystery Island in the Summer and have just bought some of the native produce, or if they just happen to be walking by and spot this dashing crate of fruit in the desert- your pet is sure to chow down a few of these! But make sure they don't eat them all! Otherwise your crate of fruit will simply be a crate thereafter. :(

Note: Your pet can't actually eat the fruit from this crate, so unless you've got a Skeith, this trinket might just anger him or her!

14. Pretty Wicker Negg Basket

As the name of this trinket may suggest, this little wicker basket is very pretty! It is filled with some grassy bits and pieces and topped with a few beautifully decorated neggs. The perfect finishing touch for an Easter themed customization! Or alternatively a nice festive little piece for your Cybunny or negg collecting pet!

13. Magic Ball Table

Mirror, mirror on the wall. Wait. I mean, magic, magic in the ball, who's the snazziest of them all? The pet wearing this trinket is! That's right! This is a very retro yet spooky little knick-knack and will add a touch of mystery to your pet's look. Perfect for Halloween, but also a great piece to use all year round.

12. Colorful Building Blocks

Build 'em up, build 'em up! Who doesn't love building blocks? This colourful little trinket is a must have for anyone who has a very playful or young neopet. When my neopets were babies, they each had a set of these very quaint little blocks, and why shouldn't they? Spoil your baby today and watch them have fun and play (yes, I know, still not the best poet).

11. Caution – Pirates Sign

Ye beware, fer thar could be hordes of pirate-scallywags just yonder! Or perhaps ye are in fact the scallywagging-pirate your-- eh... em, yeself! Whether ye be afraid of pirates or lookin' to join 'em, per'aps this ere sign-like-trinket be just what yer need!

10. Basket of Yarn

Like knitting? Got a keen eye for embroidery? Have an old plushie in need of repairs? Then look no further! This basket of yarn is just the trinket for you (or your plushie pet!). This little basket contains an assortment of coloured yarn balls so you can stitch and knit with the colours of the rainbow if you like!

9. Bucket of Sand

This bucket of sand will provide your neopet with hours of fun in the sun! It's bright blue with the cutest little yellow handle and sports a Maraquan Blumaroo on its front. I suggest pairing this sandy piece with an outdoor scene like the Shell Beach Background I mentioned in my first article or perhaps even an underwater on. Be careful not to use this with your Neohome Background, though; you don't want your pets dragging sand through the house...

8. Tiny Snowman

Does your neopet hate the hot Summer months? Or detest the warmth of Spring? If so, this little guy will make the perfect gift for them! He never melts! Well, so far, so good. Long term effects of wearing this trinket with Moltaran backgrounds are yet to be discovered... fingers crossed, though, because he sure does look pretty cool (no pun intended!).

7. Anubis Fountain

Honour your pets first petpet, Fluffy the Anubis, with this fountain. Or use it as a Pteri bird-bath. Either way, this small fountain adds a nice touch to any background. Whether used with an indoors or outdoors background, this fountain is versatile and refreshing on the eyes.

6. Beware of Meepits Sign

Be afraid. Be very afraid! Meepits are on the loose in these parts and it would be best if you kept behind this sign at all times, or fear the wrath of the Meepits. These little guys are pink, round and seemingly adorable, yet they are very tricksey and cannot be trusted! Ensure your neopet spreads the word with this sign. Beware the Meepits!

5. Broken Heart Tombstone

This is quite a sad and somewhat sentimental trinket. I think anyone who has ever had their heart broken needs to wear this for at least a week or so, have a good cry and then tuck it away in their safety deposit box until it is needed once more. In all seriousness, though, this trinket acts as great inspiration for character and story ideas. One need only to look into one's imagination while one ponders why one's pet is wearing it. Perhaps a loved one close to them got turned into a zombie by the lab ray? Or alternatively, perhaps they themselves were painted ghost or Halloween by someone they trusted! Who knows, the possibilities are endless!

4. Wind Up Baby Buzz

Yay! I love toys and if you're reading this I assume you're as big a kid as I am. This little guy is a cutie wutie little buzzie wuzzie! He won't take up a pet slot on your account, he doesn't need feeding or playing with (though you will play with him nonetheless, cause he's cute!) and best of all you can give him to your REAL baby Buzz on April Fools and pretend that you have cloned him! Haha!

3. Valentines Day Tree

This is a timeless tree. Whether you bought it for Valentine's Day earlier this year or even a few years ago, you will no doubt find yourself coming back to this piece in your closet. Although it is a somewhat festive trinket (made for Valentine's Day), it works with so many backgrounds and themes. I could find a way to use this one for every occasion, no matter the time of year.

2. Bear

A little more versatile than the Wind Up Baby Buzz, this little bear makes is an absolute must-have closet item. Did you have a favourite toy or bear when you were young yourself? I bet you still have it, don't you! That's because toys like this one are sentimental, and everyone, virtual or not, should have one of their own to confide in and share their dreams and secrets with.

1. Golden Water Fountain

This golden fountain is similar to the Anubis one; however, it is a trinket I'm not sure many people even know about. I actually stumbled across this little gem in a random shop while I was buying other wearables, and my golden Draik, Wishy, almost never takes it off. It's such a great item that I find goes well with almost anything. It goes great with desert backgrounds, Faerieland scenes, indoors, outdoors, light, bright, dark and shady backgrounds. I have yet to find a background I have not liked using it with. Much like the Broken Heart Tombstone, I believe this trinket also helps sprout character and story ideas, so if you're having writers block, dress up your pet and see where your imagination takes you.

Next time you have a few neopoints spare, hop on down to the shop wizard and purchase a few of these must have closet items. I assure you, you will not be disappointed with the versatility, creativity and individuality that these trinkets allow.

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