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5 Reasons to Own a Pteri!

by jackie_3_3_3


As an owner of three adorable Pteris, I believe everyone should adopt a Pteri of their very own. I'm probably just saying this because I'm a huge fan of anything with a beak and feathers, but the Pteri species are actually more than they appear.

To start off, here's some information straight from Neopia:

"You will often find Pteris nesting in the treetops of Tyrannia. They like nothing better than playing tricks on those who pass by and filling the air with their squawking laughter. Pteris are lively and fun loving creatures who can soar through the skies with ease. They are originally from the prehistoric world of Tyrannia although can now be found all over Neopia."

"Pteris were discovered in Tyrannia on May 16th, 2001. They now call Neopia home."

Pteris are ranked 29 of 54 for Neopet Popularity with 3,450,252+ created (This doesn't count morphed or labbed Neopets).


As you can see, this year marks their 10th anniversary in Neopia and we should be very happy to see them just about everywhere!

So now you're asking why should you care? What if I already have one? What if I don't feel like having one? Well, I'm just here to spread the word on how awesome Pteris can be and some additional facts on why they are worthy of any home. Let the listed reasons begin!

1) Golden Opportunities!

I'm sure Neopians have at least experienced or knew about that random event where a Golden Pteri flies overhead. This event is perfect for Pteri owners mainly because if this Pteri flies by, you are rewarded around 2,000 to 8,000 neopoints! It's usually around 5,000 neopoints that gets rewarded, but hey, free neopoints for being a Pteri owner is awesome! For any non-Pteri owner, this event can still happen... just don't expect anything but the Golden Pteri to fly over you. This random event can happen at any time, so hope that you Pteri-owners can get it.


Anyone who is anyone should know about the Giant Omelette in the Tyrannian Plateau! Free omelettes mean you won't have to spend a lot of neopoints on other foods that require even 1 neopoint. This is the perfect must-do daily for feeding pets easily. After a while, though, no one would want to eat just omelettes on a daily basis (or those random jellies people seem to find). Pteris, however, LOVE omelettes and not once have I heard them complain about having them for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. They are not picky eaters in general, so anyone even with a tight budget can easily care for even these lovable pets! It would probably still be wise to feed them DIFFERENT kinds of omelettes or else they might pull a prank on you from behind... just saying.

3) The Ultimate Medicine for 1 Neopoint!

Sure you can go to the Neopian Pharmacy and see that most medicines aren't even cheap. The Healing Springs is cool... unless that Water Faerie gives you that unnecessary Wet Snowball and leaves your Neopet sick. You can also wait for it to go away, but that's just mean! Did you know with a Pteri, they can be easily cured of ANY diseases with anything with "worm" or "grub" in it? Anything with these ingredients have been proven to not only make them instantly bloated, but can cure any diseases, even the dreadful Reptillioritus. The cheapest worm food around is the Rotten Wormy Apple, worth only 1 neopoint, and the Grubwich, worth around 5 neopoints! Sure, it's kind of rotten/strange, but I did mention that Pteris are not picky eaters!

4) Natural Battledome Advantage

Neopians that know their way around the Battledome already have a huge advantage on something really fun and worth their time. So many come from far and wide to test their strength and even fight during harsh wars and events. With this, Pteris also have an advantage in battle that not many Neopets have. In battle, Pteris naturally receive 40% LESS damage from air attacks. Air attacks are very difficult to block since the best shields out there don't protect against it, so having a small natural shield against weapons such as the common Golden Compass or the rare and powerful Tornado Ring is a must!

5) Saving You NeoCash Since 2007!

It's already been proven just by looking at other pets that besides clothing, wings are very popular for customization. It gives wings to those without them and can even change the appearance of wings on a flying pets. However, for anyone that tries to customize wings onto a Pteri will notice that their original wings still remain intact, which makes it look like they have another pair of wings. That's because Pteris honestly have no need for other wings! Pteris have beautiful wings to begin with and since a lot of buyable wings out there don't really look good on them, you can just save all that Neocash for something else! I know there are a few Pteris out there that can pull off those other wings, but they really don't need it. So save that 150 NC for something else that you can still totally enjoy!


As you can see, or read, Pteris are more than just cute little Neopets that can be seen flying around here and there. Besides being so lovable, they are the perfect pets for random neopoint events, easy caring, for serious Battledome battles, and simple customization. Plus, who can deny those cute little faces of theirs! Well, anyways, I hope that everyone learned a little thing or two about our cute little friends and hope that they can be appreciated more.

November 8th marks the Pteri Flying Championships (Pteri Day), so hopefully Pteri-owners will be sure to treat their flying friends to something special on their day and for everyone else to at least appreciate them. The five reasons above really shows that even though they aren't the "most popular" pets around, they are still more than they appear.

Plus, they're just so cute!

See that? PRETTY! :D

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