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by kitty_power_2298


"Kelly! Could you please go down to the shops in Neopia Central to buy some food? Here is the shopping list," said Kelly's mother.

     "Again? But I want to read my latest edition of 'The Adventures of Judge Hog' comic book. See? This comic shows how he saved a tiny Gruslen from a tree," moaned Kelly.

     "Yes, again, Kelly. I am busy and I have work to do. Now please go to the food shop to purchase food." Kelly's mother sighed.

     Without complaining another word, Kelly took the empty basket on the wooden table and headed down to Neopia Central.


     "Hello, Mister. Can I have a slice of cheese, a loaf of bread, a sack of potatoes and a carton of juice, please?" asked Kelly, the blue Kacheek.

     "Good afternoon, Kelly! Back again so soon? Stocking up on food supplies, I see? Please wait one moment while I get your order," replied the yellow Chia in the food shop in Neopia Central.

     "Yes, I am. My food supplies seem to be depleting rapidly even without anyone consuming them. It is as if the food has evaporated into thin air!" exclaimed Kelly.

     "That is weird. But it seems like you are not the only one whose food had disappeared. I have had other customers complaining to me about their food vanishing as well," remarked the yellow Chia.

     "Really? Something must be going on!" answered Kelly.

     The shopkeeper hurried into the storage room at the back of the food shop where all the food was being kept. A while later, he came out from the room holding two grocery bags.

     "Anyway, here is your order. I hope to see you again," the shopkeeper said to his regular customer.

     "Thank you," Kelly said to the yellow Chia, handing him three hundred neopoints.

     Kelly trudged home from the food shop in Neopia Central, one blazing afternoon on the sun-dappled, feeling extremely exhausted from carrying a heavy basket of food. She had gone to Neopia Central to stock up more food in her neohome as the food had mysteriously vanished. Lately, Kelly and her neighbours were having this problem that food has been disappearing without a trace.

     Suddenly, an object on the ground caught her eye. Near an expanse of native bushes was a ludicrously outsized box. Feeling very curious, Kelly peered at the box. In a small lucid corner of her brain, she thought that the box would be lovely to put her collection of various plushies. Kelly had all sorts of plushies. There were big and small, colourful and dull. Her mother was always saying how messy Kelly's toys were being strewn all over her room. This box would be very useful. As Kelly bent over to pick up the box, she felt something grab her arm.

     She was astounded and appalled. She turned around and saw the famous Judge Hog standing in front of her.

     Kelly had heard a lot about Judge Hog from her friends and neighbours. He was always helping people and had a strong sense of justice. This made him famous around Neopia. Kelly had least expected to see him up in person today.

     "Oh no! Did I do something wrong? It must be a mistake!" Kelly cried. In her panic, she dropped the box. All kinds of thoughts started to run through her head. Judge Hog then pulled Kelly behind the Money Tree. She was feeling very frightened. Kelly restrained herself from screaming, panicking and running away. Judge Hog explained that the box contained a lot of delicious food. They were waiting for the Pant Devil to arrive.

     "Lately, there have been many cases of food disappearing mysteriously. We have investigated thoroughly and concluded that the Pant Devil is behind all this. The Pant Devil should be arriving soon. He comes here each day around this time as he is feeling hungry and wants to find something to eat. Hopefully, this box of food will lure him here," Judge Hog went on in a judicious but oddly pumped up tone. Judge Hog went back to his hiding spot while waiting for the Pant Devil.

     "Wow! And to think the Pant Devil is behind all these mysterious food vanishing cases. Always stealing our food!" exclaimed Kelly, feeling mad with rage. Kelly decided to hide in a nearby bush to wait and see what will eventually happen. She found this really exciting to witness a live action case. Making her way to a nearby bush, she realized that there were other members in Judge Hog's team from the Defenders of Neopia also hiding around this area waiting for the Pant Devil. Even Kelly did not see them at first as they were well hidden and almost imperceptible.

     Minutes seemed to crawl by slowly.

     "When is the Pant Devil coming? It has been quite a while now. This is so exciting!" Kelly thought to herself.

     Some time later, the malicious looking Pant Devil appeared. The Pant Devil looked as if he had been living rough. His blue fur was in disarray that had not been groomed for days. Smudges of dirt rim his face. The Pant Devil stealthily advanced towards the large box that was filled with food. Kelly was frozen with fear. She had never seen the Pant Devil this close before. Yes, she had seen many posters and heard stories about him from her friends and parents but despite that, she could not imagine actually seeing him. Her parents were always telling her to keep away from danger. She was unable to move, but just stood there watching as the Pant Devil moved stealthily towards the box of food with short frenzied dashes between bushes and trees until he was crouched down beside the box. His sharp claws opened the box. The evil gleam in the Pant Devil's small beady eyes was staring at the mouth-watering food in the huge box. As the Pant Devil was about to make his getaway, Judge Hog and his team, the Defenders of Neopia, jumped out of their hiding places. The Pant Devil tried to escape. He flew as fast as he could. However, his escape was to no avail. He was not fast enough for Judge Hog and his team. Soon, he was encircled. Judge Hog and his team members caught him to bring the Pant Devil back to the Defenders of Neopia's headquarters.

     "Take him back to the headquarters," said Judge Hog, feeling very pleased that his mission was once again successful.

     "Yay! The Pant Devil is caught! Now our food will not be vanishing mysteriously. This is so exciting to witness this mission. I cannot believe that I was able to actually see Judge Hog and the Pant Devil on the same day!" squeal Kelly in delight.

     "Thank you, Kelly. I am deeply honoured. It is my job. This is what I do. Now, I have to go back to the Defender of Neopias' headquarters. Farewell, Kelly," Judge Hog exclaimed as he bid Kelly good bye.

     Kelly was filled with unconfined joy as the Pant Devil was caught. She was exhilarated to have witness such an exciting Defender of Neopia's mission. She could hardly wait to tell her friends and family about it.

The End

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