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A Feast for the Season

by littlecomments


You and your neopets are in the middle of a snowball fight when you see something flash across the screen. "Your Neopet's stomach is rumbling.... I think they would like a Super Icy Negg! You better buy one for them :)". Uh oh... it looks like someone hasn't been feeding their pets. It being the month of Celebrating, those little critters would of course be craving for some wintery delights. But fear not, here's a guide to a feast for the season that will keep your neopets hungry for more!

1. The first thing that should be on your dining table is a Slushie!

These delicious frozen beverages are just the thing to start your neopets' day! What better feeling than the coolness of crushed ice sliding down your throat and into your belly. To top it off, a wide range of slushie flavours available at the Slushie Shop will leave you spoilt for choice. One slushie I would strongly recommend is the Snow Slushie! As you can see above, it is completely made of snow, making drinking it a much better alternative than trying to catch snowflakes on your tongue. Another slushie for the season would be the Pepperminto Slushie. This delightful drink tastes just like a candy cane! Be warned, though – it is advised you do not take more than two of these lest your teeth turn pink!

2. Following that, how about a Brucicle?

What better way to celebrate these wintery neopets than having an ice lolly shaped in their honour? This popular delicacy can be seen in the hands of every neopet and its owner in this season. Made from the richest cream and lots of ice, these treats are well-loved by all. One Brucicle you would probably have seen around the most is the Snow Brucicle (shown above). As with the earlier-mentioned Snow Slushie, it doesn't take a genius to guess that it is made from snow too. While you may not feel this gives you a run for your money, you must agree it is a fashionable way to eat snow. If you aren't feeling too rich, a cheaper alternative is the Icy Brucicle. Given out as an advent calendar item in Y7, you can buy it from other Neopians' shops for a small fee. An additional bonus is the absence of calories in this healthy yet yummy treat. :)

3. To build up your appetite, why not try a Chia Pop?

If licking an ice lolly shaped like a Bruce makes you feel queasy, a Chia Pop is a good alternative to try! While it does contain the neopet 'Chia' as part of its name, it's not actually designed like one. Drinking one brings a magical feeling to one's mouth. Beware of the magical Chia Pops, however, as drinking those can turn your Chia into a vegetable or a fruit! One particular flavour that is the 'in' thing for this month is the Snowberry Chia Pop! (shown above) It is manufactured with the subtle taste of a Snowberry, a common flavouring in many other products such as Snowberry Ice Lollies, Snowberry Tea and even Snowberry Crepe! A tantalizing snack. Head down to the Super Happy Icy Fun Snow Shop for yours today!

4. Now a Snow Puff for the main course...

Also available at the Super Happy Icy Fun Snow Shop, this festivity is made by firing rice really hard at snowflakes when there is a rainbow in the sky. It melts almost instantly upon touching your tongue, making gobbling down tens of these an easy feat. One flavour perhaps of special mention would be the Rainbow Snow Puff. As you can see above, it isn't just a dull mono-colour but bursting with the bright shade of red, green and yellow! As if it doesn't look appetising enough, this treat is rather hard to get your hands on, giving you an extra touch of satisfaction as you savour it. Others worth trying would include the Lime Snow Puff, the Strawberry Snow Puff and the Lemon Snow Puff. With so many tangy flavours to choose from, prepare your taste buds for an explosion of the rainbow!

5. Fruits made of snow for dessert!

Keeping the festive spirit, you wouldn't expect anything less but something icy for dessert, would you? Well, here's something that won't disappoint! Fruits made from... you guessed it – snow! A healthy yet interesting way to celebrate this holiday season, snow fruits are well in stock now. One exquisite fruit you might want to try is the Snow Grapes (shown above). It is still unknown till this day how this mystical fruit survives growing in the cold and harsh conditions of the Ice Caves. However, despite its source, it tastes just as sweet as any other grape, only with an additional special taste of snow. Another commonly available fruit would be the Snow Banana. This fruit is ideal for lazy owners and their pets who can't even be bothered to peel one. Unlike a normal banana, you can eat the Snow Banana just the way it is. Another fruit of special mention is the Snow Apple. This unlike the others, cannot be found in the usual Super Happy Icy Fun Snow Shop and instead in the heart of Neopia Central itself! With the familiar proverb: "An apple a day keeps the doctor away", this fresh and juicy Snow Apple is just the thing to keep you and your neopets in the pink of health this season.

6. To finish your dining course, what better than a Negg?

You wouldn't forget what your pet asked for in the first place... would you? Despite this being around for ages, no one really knows how to describe this delicacy that bears resemblance to an egg yet tastes entirely different. Nevertheless, it is a posh way to end your meal. As neggs come in all shapes, colours and sizes, it is crucial to choose the perfect one for the occasion. Without saying, it would be the Super Icy Negg! (shown above) As much of a challenge it would be biting through all that ice to get to the filling inside, the taste is surely rewarding. If you are feeling rich and want to go for a more sophisticated taste, why not try the even rarer Ultimate Icy Negg or Ultra Icy Negg? Another festive negg you may want to have on your dish is the Icestorm Negg! While it may be used in the Battledome as a weapon, it is far more classy to savour it yourself. Other neggs would include the Candy Cane Negg and the Christmas Pattern Negg. A fair warning – before embarking on this course, you are advised to stock up on lots of neopoints as Neggs can be pricey! You may even need to purchase more commonly available neggs in order to obtain these extraordinary neggs at the Neggery. Truly, this is a treat only for the elite.

Is that the sound of your stomach growling? Well, it can only be expected with you devouring this article hungrily. Now that we've reached the end, it seems only right for you to head out to Terror Mountain and clinch all these seasonal snacks for yourself! The long climb up there is but a mere sacrifice for the savoury delights that await you and your neopets. As the French chefs say, Bon appétit!

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