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Gourmet Bites: Holiday Edition

by silvernightingale


The Month of Celebrating; yet again it comes. It's that time of the year when everyone wears beautiful smiles on their faces, painting the canvas of white snow with their festive spirits. Indeed the weather may be cold but Neopians worry not, for everyone shares a blanket of warm holiday cheer. With their pets all cuddled up around the yuletide log, sipping hot borovan and listening to carols being sung, what better way to add the cherry on top than to share with each other holiday gourmet bites?

Ah, ah, ah! I see what you're doing there! Just hearing the word gourmet sending chills down your spine? But no, no, no! Hard-earned neopoints need not dwindle away, I promise. Not all that believable, you say? Just read our list of five and see for yourself.


1) Lentil Cake

Yes, yes. Lentils can be very versatile; it's true! Just look at the slice. It is very reminiscent of the snow-laden ground. Do take a bite. You'll find your palate being immersed in a very unique taste that is not very easily forgettable.

(Est. at 5,000 NP. Available at the Neopia Bazaar Health Food)

2) Chocolate Kau Milk

Can be enjoyed either hot or cold. What Day of Giving is complete without a sip of velvety smooth chocolate milk? Certified fresh; only the finest chocolate Kaus had been chosen for this drink to be made. Milked and bottled on the same day, its freshness is guaranteed. Baby Kaus love this gourmet item as well! One sip would send them in their happy place of dreams!

(Est. at 4,400 NP. Available at Neopian Fresh Foods)

3) Cookie Negg

We have listed milk, and now it's time for cookies! Indeed, they are the perfect complementing items for the holiday season, aren't they? And here's a gourmet bite just to fill in that role--the Cookie Negg! Unlike the usual flat cookies, the Cookie Negg is very plump and bursting with chocolatey goodness! Or if the serving is too much for your liking, it may also be broken apart to resemble the more traditional form of cookie. Either way, it will prove to be an experience to eat this lovely morsel. Mmm... Cookie! Need we say more?

(Est. at 4,200 NP. Available at Neopian Fresh Foods / Available for two negg points at the Neggery)

4) Swirly Chocolate Milk

Less pricey than the former chocolate milk listed, fitting for its smaller portion, but a bargain for its higher visual appeal. It wasn't stirred too much, thus, creating the marbled chocolate effect on the inside of the glass. The foam is very light and not at all distracting from the rich and sweet yumminess that the drink has to offer. And it's fun to scrape and blend the chocolate there, too!

(Est. at 4,150 NP. Available at Neopian Fresh Foods)

5) Spicy Purblare Juice

Yes, it's sour but it's also spiced and heated. If you or your pet had been playing out in the snow for too long a time, then do try and take a sip of this tart, exotic blend. It is sure to thaw away the frozen feeling. Quite the tasty remedy. Not bad for a gourmet item!

(Est. at 3,000 NP. Available at Neopian Fresh Foods)


Hmm? What was that? Still rather too pricey, you say? Fear not, for we have another list of five that is just for you!


1) Carved Cantaloupe

The detail of the carving is very finely made; such is to be expected from the brilliant people of Brightvale. The cantaloupe is very fragrant and juicy and since it's already carved, all that has to be done is to pick and eat. Nothing like a delicious piece of fruit to finish off a holiday meal.

(Est. at 1,300 NP. Available at Brightvale Fruits)

2) Jelly Bean Pirate Chest

The children and baby pets would definitely enjoy these gourmet jelly beans well into the night. They're sure to satisfy sweet-toothed cravings. Despite their similar coloration, no two jelly beans in the each pirate chest carries the same flavor. How exciting a gourmet treat!

(Est. at 900 NP. Available at the Neopia Bazaar Chocolate Factory)

3) Ultranova Sponge Cake

Far sweeter and more delicious than a basic Nova Sponge Cake, it is indeed a delicious gourmet treat! And what more, we can even slice it to generous portions of five. The cake has that melts-in-your-mouth goodness that is sure to fill the heart as well as the stomach. The two berries on top marvelously complement the soft, fruity notes of the cake as well.

(Est. at 700 NP. Available at the Neopia Bazaar Bakery)

4) Hidden Treasure Pasta

Who wouldn't want their pasta served in a treasure chest, indeed? The green, red, and yellow colors are sure to match any holiday decor so it can double as a centerpiece as well! Two for the price of one! The taste of the pasta itself is very elegant in its simplicity and its presentation would surely be a ready conversational piece that could inspire a number of anecdotes that would make the holiday even more special.

(Est. at 670 NP. Available at Neopian Fresh Foods)

5) Zeenana Crepe

One bite of this particular tropical treat would send a delicious creamy and fruity burst in the mouth. And considering that it has four whole zeenanas, it's like buying four meals in one! Wrapped in the freshly made crepe and topped with a generous serving of home-made whipped cream with a touch of zeenana extract, this dessert guarantees satiation!

(Est. at 400 NP. Available at the Tropical Food Shop)


Ah, yes, indeed! Treats need not be expensive to be labelled gourmet. The satisfaction of the gourmet succulence is merely the added bonus, because really, at the end of the day, it's the memories forged while sharing the holiday bites together that count.

May we enjoy a Happy Day of Giving this year and create a lot of fond and special memories as we share the gift of gourmet with one another!

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