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The Best Snowball to Throw at Your Neofriends *SPLAT*

by kspare2


As the winter season soon comes to an end, Neopians everywhere are eagerly anticipating the cool spring breezes and the sunny summer atmosphere that are right around the corner. But before the snow melts and the hot chocolate is replaced with iced tea, why not invite your neighbor to a fun-filled evening of snowball fights? Here we have compiled a review of the various types of snowballs that are available to you. We recommend that you invite your neofriend to the fight before they have a chance to read this article!

Blueberry Snowball, Coconut Flake Snowball, Pineapple Snowball, Strawberry Snowball, Peach Snowball, Olive Snowball

Key words in item descriptions: Eat it... mmmm... yummy... edible... mmmmm mmmmm... delicious... flavoured...

As you may be able to gather from the key words in the item descriptions, these snowballs are tasty. You will want to eat them. Your opponent will want to eat them. Long story short: Someone will eat them.

Itsy Bitsy Tiny Snowball

Item description: Sometimes it isn't the big snowballs you have to worry about.

This snowball is too small to help you win the battle. In fact, by the time it reaches your neofriend, it will probably have completely deteriorated.

Minty Snowball

Item description: Make your opponent minty fresh and wide awake when you smack them in the face with this snowball!

This snowball should be avoided, unless you intend on using it on yourself. Helping your neofriend wake up more and be more alert will give them an advantage in the battle.

Void Snowball

Item description: Make your opponent think they have been sent to an endless void!

This is a fantastic snowball to use in any snowball fight. One swift smack and your neofriend won't even know what hit them! While your neofriend is envisioning themselves floating through Faerieland and the Haunted Woods, you will have a clear advantage.

Tartan Snowball

Item description: Your opponent will see many colours and be wide awake when you smack them in the face with this snowball!

This snowball is a combination of the Void Snowball and the Minty Snowball, and whether or not you should use it depends on how quick you are to take charge. If you can react quickly after the initial throw, then you will be at an advantage since you can pummel your opponent with snowballs while they are still spinning in colors. However, if you take too long to attack, then your opponent will be alert and ready to get his revenge. Use this snowball at your own risk!

Bullseye Snowball

Item description: Your opponent will be the target when you use this snowball! Just don't hold it too long or you might become the target!

This is yet another snowball that you should only use if you are fast to attack.

Yellow Snowball, Brown Snowball, Snot JubJub Snowball, Sticky Snowball

Key words in item descriptions: Uggh... yellow snow... eww... even worse than a yellow one... snot...

Simply put, these snowballs are disgusting. All is fair in love and snowball-throwing, but perhaps you should look for alternative snowballs that won't make your opponent sick for days.

Abominable Snowball

Item description: A great friend... for as long as the weather stays cold.

Haha... Okay okay, it might be funny to watch an Abominable Snowball screaming as it flies through the air, but petpets are your friends so it certainly wouldn't be nice to use this fellow as if it were any common snowball!

Exploding Snowball

Item description: This magical snowball can be thrown at an opponent in the Battledome. You can only use it once, however, so stock up! One Use.

The major issue with this snowball is that it spontaneously explodes. These snowballs often explode before even reaching your opponent, sometimes even in your own hand!

Taelias Snowball

Item description: Taelia is famed throughout Terror Mountain for making the best Snowballs around!

It isn't quite clear what Taelia does to her snowballs to make them the best, but her snowballs do tend to be pretty effective.

Stone Snowball, Frozen Snowball, Spiky Snowball, Pebble Snowball

Key words in item descriptions: Freezing... frozen solid... thunk... really hurt...

These snowballs are all a bit too dangerous to use on your opponent. Remember, this is a friendly snowball fight!

Remote Control Virtupets Snowball

Item description: Don't have good aim? Then purchase this expensive remote control snowball imported from the Virtupets Space Station!

The remote snowball is unlike the more traditional snowballs. Since it eliminates the possibility of missing your opponent, this snowball provides an unfair advantage. Sure, it would be pretty funny to turn in on Super Fast Throwing Mode and instantly create a snowy hill over your neofriend, but snowballs that aren't manually thrown should be disqualified.

Snowball Fight Shower

Item description: DUCK! Whew that was close. *smash*

Again, this item may provide you with an unfair advantage and so it should really be disqualified. However, it may be a good idea to keep this item hidden away in case your opponent somehow gets the upper hand. Cheating? Maybe... But your neofriend doesn't have to know!

Poison Snowball

Item description: This magical snowball can be thrown at an opponent in the Battledome. You can only use it once however, so stock up! One Use.

This item will only result in temporary illness, so it is safe to use. It is kind of mean, but hey, you do want to win the battle, don't you?

Good Snowball

Item description: It only hits those who deserve it.

This is a good snowball to use... Unless you are the one that deserves it! The last thing you want is to chuck a snowball at your opponent only to have it turn right around and hit you instead.

Spicy Snowball

Item description: Your opponent will be so confused when this freezing cold, hot, spicy blob hits them.

As I have already pointed out, any item that confuses your opponent is a fantastic tool for any snowball fight.

With your new expert knowledge on snowballs, you are sure to win any snowball fight! What are you waiting for? Go invite your neofriend over. Just make sure you treat them to a nice cup of hot Borovan after your insane victory. :-)

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