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Why Are Kadoaties So Picky?

by kat900


As I approached the Kadoatery, I heard the cries of Petpets and Neopians alike. The small creatures pined and whimpered for their assorted delights while the people responsible for feeding them groaned in despair at the thought of their pockets being considerably lighter just to satiate these Petpets' extravagant appetites! Most of the foods our furry friends request can range from 100,000 to over 1,000,000 Neopoints and many Neopians simply can't afford that. I myself can't find the money for any of the food that the Kadoaties demand! Time and time again I have heard this very question being whispered across the lands of Neopia and, hopefully, some of your laments will be quieted as I ask the culprits themselves: "Why are Kadoaties so picky?"

When asked, Sasuke (a yellow Kadoatie who is a regular at the Kadoatery), came up with a response that could be interpreted as somewhat snooty! "I personally think that such an expensive Petpet as myself requires only the finest foods to live on, and it's up to you to treat me to them. I expect to be fed every day with the exact food that I request, and nothing less! All Neopians should know and understand that." At this point Sasuke flicked his tail and marched to the corner of his cage, refusing to answer any further questions, even after I had tempted him with a few crumbs of Kadoatie Biscuits. But perhaps he is right. Since Kadoaties are so rare, they need rare food to munch on and as Neopians, it is our duty to take care of our confined Petpets. I asked another Kadoatie who seemed to have a different point of view.

Burlap, a green Kadoatie with a sad look on his face, voiced his remorse, "I feel terrible for making the Neopians spend enormous amounts of Neopoints on me! But I can't control my cravings. I've tried before to request something low-priced such as a small cup of Rancid Dung Coffee, but I was barely able to stomach it (although honestly, who would be able to?). The fact of the matter is, nothing gets me completely full and satisfied like an Upside Down Ice Cream or Kadoatie Biscuits. It's out of my paws!" Burlap's lower lip trembled with his last insistent statement and I quickly reassured the Petpet that I believed him and told him it wasn't his fault. I thought to myself, "Are the Kadoaties' appetites truly just an odd physical function of their bodies that can only be cured with certain pricy victuals? If so, then nothing can be done about the picky eaters! We must feed them whatever their bodies are telling them what they need." Next, I interviewed an additional Kadoatie who took me back to her youth.

Poptart, a quiet and honest Island Kadoatie, brought up past experiences in reply to my query. "Before my owner adopted me, went on holiday, and left me in the Kadoatery," she sniffled, "I lived with my momma. All during my childhood she fed me nothing but Kadoatie Biscuits, declaring that it was the food I should insist on for the rest of my life. Every day she would say to me 'Poptart, no matter how much it costs other people, no matter how many times they refuse, you have to ask for only Kadoatie Biscuits. It is the food of the Kadoaties and I expect you to honor the tradition that has been passed through our family for generations.' I am only trying to do what I have been taught and that is to ask for nothing short of the food my mother claimed was what could keep a Kadoatie going for as long as she needed to. I hope the Neopians understand that and I thank them kindly for the biscuits that they have so lovingly purchased on my behalf." My heart softened at her closing remark, and I couldn't help but feel that perhaps under all this, the Kadoaties are incredibly thankful that we continue to feed them whatever they wish for. So maybe asking for costly items has been ingrained in the Kadoaties' minds from birth. Who could argue with the Petpets just doing what they are told?

Now that we have heard from several opinionated Kadoaties, I have a question of my own: Why feed them at all? The answer is simple and I think most Neopians would agree. Kadoaties are one of the cutest Petpets around. Just one look at their little ears, pudgy bodies, and characteristic forehead markings will compel even the toughest Neopian to buy them whatever they want no matter what the cost! Hardly anybody wants to see a Kadoatie starve, especially when one hears its piteous cries ring throughout the Kadoatery. Such a thing is hard to resist!

So, whether you think that the Kadoaties' pickiness is due to the rarity of their species, a strange physical trait that can't be helped, or simply the carrying out of orders given to them by their parents, the fact still remains that they must be fed because they just can't feed themselves. It's up to the Neopians to keep our caged Petpets full up and content! Yes, by doing so your Neopoints can dwindle rapidly, but one look in their large eyes will surely melt your insides so much that you'll want to give them whatever their little hearts desire.

I wish everybody in Neopia a good day and happy Kadoatie feeding!


As a side note, all the Kadoaties that I interviewed and the ones currently living in the Kadoatery wanted me to say to everybody that they are in fact extremely grateful for the amount of Neopoints spent on them and wish they could do something to repay us all. They send love and hugs to all those who have given their time and effort in feeding them. Even Sasuke managed to give us all a rough mewl ("ankewww") that I can only describe as sounding much like a begrudging thank you!

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