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Wrath of the Snowager Trophy Guide

by nicanorduarte


You, the Snowager, are the victim of a thief Chia that is taking your treasures under your nose. Your mission, of course, is to recover all the stolen items.

You move the Snowager with the arrow keys and shoot blasts of ice (ROAARRR!) with the space bar. You grow a little every time you pick up objects. You have 3 lives at the beginning: you lose 1 if you touch the walls/obstacles or if you hit your own tail. To retrieve the objects you have to reach the Chia and hit him, so he'll drop 3 items. If you throw the icy blast you'll get 5. After a while the Chia will collect those objects not saved.

The Wrath of the Snowager has 12 levels, each a little more complex than the last. As the game progresses the obstacles and the number of objects to be recovered will increase. If you complete a level without losing lives you'll get a maximum score for that level, regardless of the time you take, but different between levels (we'll clarify that later).


The Chia releases them once in a while. Most of them are positive. In the game's instructions are explained well, so here I will only talk about 2.

Red, with a negative number (Example: -4, -5): You lose that amount of objects. It's really annoying! You lose the points awarded for these items but is not that bad. Do not waste a life trying to avoid it. DO NOT! You have no idea how many times I lost because of this!

Green, with a heart: LIFE! Important? YES YES YES! This is what will get you a trophy.


Ok, note that the scores are specific to each level. What do I mean? Well... I will refer only about "hard" mode because is which gives you more points and is not complicated.

Level + Bonus Points = Total

The bonus is different for each level, but to my knowledge is always the same for the corresponding level.

* Level 1: 20 objects to recover. Points: 129354 + 32338 = 161692.

This score, 161692, is obtained by grabbing all the objects. You will always make the same score if you finish the level, no matter if you took 60 seconds or 15 minutes.

* Level 2: 20 objects. Points: 122072 + 30518 = 152590

* Level 3: 20 objects. Points: 49142 + 12285 = 61427

* Level 4: 21 objects. Points: 91754 + 22938 = 114692

* Level 5: 21 objects. Points: 54494 + 13623 = 68117

* Level 6: 21 objects. Points: 88022 + 22005 = 110027

* Level 7: 22 objects. Points: 86132 + 21533 = 107665

* Level 8: 22 objects. Points: 104662 + 26165 = 130827

* Level 9: 22 objects. Points: 61736 + 15434 = 77170

* Level 10: 23 objects. Points: 47268 + 11817 = 59085

* Level 11: 23 objects. Points: 62326 + 15581 = 77907

* Level 12: 24 objects. Points: 78052 + 19513 = 97565

Conclusion of all this? Play the first level ONLY. If you get bored, play the second. Both levels give you a score much higher than other levels, and will help you to reach the required score for a trophy.

Another point to consider is how much you get per object.


Seashell Keyring: 402 points

Sticky Snowflake Keyring: 672

Banana Plushie: 850

Tea Time Acara Plushie: 900 points

Snow Architecture: 914

Spardel: 956

Suteks Riches Scratchcard: 1400

Christmas Gnorbu Plushie: 1766

Scorched Treasure Scratchcard: 1800

Scarab Negg: 1830

Platinum Negg: 2000

Mutant Negg: 3000

Sloth Negg: 4000

Jewelled Negg: 5000

Snowager Stained Glass Window: 5000

Snowager Petpet Bed: 5000

Snowager Usuki: 6000

Pink Faerie Snowball: 6778

Bullseye Snowball: 9520

Itsy Bitsy Tiny Snowball: 27500 *** ding ding ding ding!

Conclusion: One of the objects the Chia drops is something like a ping pong ball. That tiny snowball is worth 27,5k! Needless to say it, right...? Grab that ball! Because what you have to do to achieve a high score is to lose 1 life before picking up the last object. That last item should NOT be this snowball because you'll lose a lot of points.


If you complete the game without losing lives, in hard mode, the score you get is 1218764. So... how can people make 7 million? Playing the same level several times.

What you should do is to go around until you get a heart (at least one) and then grab ALMOST all the items, leave without picking up one and crash to lose. The score you've earned will be kept even when losing a life.

Try to get more hearts, not just 1. You can win 2-3 lives per level or more if you want to. If you're bored, you had bad luck and see no life, it doesn't matter! You can still lose and repeat the level since you start the game with 3. You can get that life back later!

In my opinion, the first level is the best because it gives you a lot of points, is completed faster and there are no major obstacles.

When you are about to sacrifice stay away from red numbered power-ups. If you get hit by them in the last second you'll drop some items and miss those points, no matter that you already touched the wall.

The same applies for the final object. If the last item is close and you get it then you will move on to the next level. This is annoying if you are playing level 2, because in level 3 you'll start earning less than half the points as before, and the next level with good points is 8.


Play in "hard". Do not worry, it's not complicated.

Just play the first level over and over again. Grab all the objects, except 1. Before you grab the last one you should hit the wall and repeat the level. Make sure you get at least 1 heart before losing so you don't run out of lives. If you get more than 1 life per level is great, because there is an error in the game that will make the Chia unreachable and all you can do is waste a life, but is not very often.

This is not a matter of life or death, but if you have the choice is better that the last item is not the tiny snowball (like a ping pong ball). Whenever you see it pick it up.

You need to be persistent if you go for the trophy in the middle of the month because the scores are high, but is not difficult. You'll have to play for a while. To avoid a long game try the trophy on the first day of the month.

When you're happy with your score, complete the level and wait until the next one starts. Otherwise, if you click the X before moving to the next level the score you got on the last round will not count.

Good luck, have fun and go get that trophy!

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