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Top 10 Slushies of All Eternity

by fairygold


Mmmm, slushies are perfect for summer days. All you do is slurp, drink, and be cautious of it melting. They come in all different flavors and sizes. Yummy! Slushies are really popular all throughout Neopia, a sweet treat many Neopians love and adore as their favorite cold thing to drink (sorry, lemonade). I especially love these cold delicacies, and I bet some other Neopians do too! Drinking these MAY give you brain-freeze, but if you do, just press the roof of your mouth with your thumb/paw/wing/claw. It'll go away instantly. If you are wondering what kind you want to drink this summer, this article is for you! Now behold, the top 10 slushies!

10. Thistleberry Slushie

This slushie is for pets with steel gums and tongues! This is a slushie made entirely out of thistleberries, which are a kind of berry with thistles sticking out of it. Only few pets have dared to try it out, and my big eater, Shinedrop, is one of them.

Shine: The thistles are really pointy and I got lots of cuts in my mouth, but once you eat the thistle berries, there are only few thistles to worry about in the main slushie. I recommend taking the thistleberries out with extreme caution before eating it. The main slushie was actually really yummy.

Well, the thistleberries of the main slushie are blended really smooth, aren't they? And then some thistleberries are thrown in for extra measure, am I correct?

Shine: Yep.

9. Mystery Berry Slushie

Sometimes the berry is thistleberries (see number 10), sometimes blueberries, or raspberries, or strawberries... no matter what the berry, this slushie is blue, for some reason. The slushie is quite good, with blended berries in it. You also have fun guessing what berry slushie you are eating. When my baby Grundo, Kuipers_Belt, decided to try it, he said,

Kuiper: MMM. This swushie is willy willy good! I think this one is bwueberry!

8. Bubble Gum Slushie

Bubble gum! Bubble gum! We all scream for bubble gum! Wait... wrong food. Anyway, the bubble gum slushie with artificial bubble gum packed inside gives you a burst of flavor that rocks all of your taste buds! It's kind of sour, but still sweet, so it's kinda like a sweet 'n' sour slushie! Here's ChiliPowder's opinion:

Chili: It was delicious! The flavor was threatening to explode in my mouth, but I held it back and it was delicious!

7. Pineapple Slushie

As the description says, two whole pineapples were blended to make this deluxe fruity treat! I personally love pineapple, so it is my favorite! The pineapple-y taste was amazing! I decided to taste-test it, and my immediate reaction was:


There are also chunks of pineapples floating in it, so if you decide to have a pineapple after you finish, just eat a chunk and you'll be guaranteed to smile!

6. Sour Lemon Slushie

The sour lemon slushie is so sour your eyes will water! The sourness is taking over all other flavors, and if people ask you why you are crying, just tell them to taste your slushie and then they'll see why. Pets and people rarely even finish this high-level-sour treat, but every once in a while in the new features TNT mentions someone who finally finishes their sour lemon slushie! Nobody in my family dared try it... so I have no interview.

5. Holiday Slushie

This slushie, as said in TNT's description, is made of gooseberries, ganboplant, and ice cream! Perfect for eating during the holidays, this slushie will make you feel really cheerful! All your relatives will adore it when you pass it out on the Day of Giving! In fact, my pets' cousin Lemon has something to say:

Lemon: Ohhh, this slushie is great! I feel all happy inside whenever I drink it, and when I sadly finish it, I beg for more! Although it isn't really great in freezing weather, if you drink it close to a hot, blazing fire, it tastes better than a gourmet made apple crisp!

I think Lemon's suggestion was just perfect! Just be careful not to burn yourself on a hot fire. Youch!

4. Peanut Butter Slushie

As the name says, this slushie is made of peanut butter. But, as a little lunchtime surprise, TNT added jam too, to create a cool sandwich slushie nobody will ever want to miss! Although many people and pets alike think this slushie is one of the grossest slushies ever (you should see the dung slushie, people!), this slushie is actually really good. AmazingMiracle tested it, and this is her reaction:

Miracle: Oh my, this was really good! It was chunky like peanut butter and jam, something most Neopians enjoy. I think. Anyway, it is good for kids, too, because if your owner says 'No slushies before lunch!' and you want one really bad, just convince them to trust this slushie! Mmm! -slurp-

3. Pepperminto Slushie

Oooo, this is another minty slushie perfect for the holidays! Supposedly created by Minto the Magnificent, this slushie is named after him a bit. Whoever this Minto was, he was great at creating slushies! The minty flavor is loved by everyone! If you dare eat three of these without getting a stomachache, your teeth will turn pink! If you have no teeth, sorry, you can't get this awkward pink sensation. Shine thinks this slushie is good, am I right?

Shine: Oh, yes, it is amazingly good! This Minto guy is, like you said, awesome! Whoever he is, I like him! I just missed the pink teeth sensation - I only had two and a quarter of these, since they are so beautifully good!

Wow, Shine, you are pretty descriptive there!

Shine: I know! -flips mane-

Ah, typical Unis.

Shine: Hey!

2. Autumnberry Slushie

This autumnberry thing, I don't know what it is! Anyway, these berries must be really rare, because this slushie is pretty scarce compared to commoner slushies! Again, anyway... this slushie is really good! It tastes like apple pies, a really autumn-y thing. Oh, let's see if Chili here can tell me WHAT IN THE WORLD IS AN AUTUMNBERRY?

Chili: An autumnberry is a rare berry found deep in Lutari Island forests, only during the autumn. Since the strong storm pummeling the mysterious island started, these slushies are limited and really rare. Anyway, this slushie is cool! It does taste like apple pies a little.

Okay, thanks, Chili.

Okay, now is the moment we've all been waiting for... number 1! The best slushie in Neopia (in my opinion) is...

1. Coco Whip Slushie

Yes, the delightful, entrancing, mouthwatering, stupendous, DELICIOUS number one slushie is the Coco Whip Slushie. Apparently created only when the Chocolate River meets the Cream Waterfall, this slushie is collected by a remote tribe of Myncies. From there they sell it to happy buyers, who take it to factories to ship off to stores. This chocolate-y creation sure is the best! The milk chocolate blends excellently with the creamy cream, making this a once-in-a-lifetime treat for anybody! My thoughts when eating this slushie for the first time was:

Me: Mmmm, this slushie is so smooth and rich! No wonder it is rare! Everyone loves it, so they have it frequently! Mmm... maybe I should put this number one on my article.

Well, that is it, folks! The top 10 slushies, straight out of the bag. Good luck deciding what slushie to have!


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