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Keeping It Fresh

by affluentflaw


You've been playing Neopets for MONTHS or even YEARS. You've achieved all your goals, and now you're wondering what to do with yourself. The truth is, the challenge of Neopets is all about constantly bettering yourself and your account; and once you've achieved your first set of goals, you might find yourself wondering, "What to do now?". Well, fear not, because today, I'm going to provide you with the top eleven ways to keeping the site fresh!

1. Set a New Goal

This may sound simple, but a lot of people overlook it. The oldest users on Neopets are often those who constantly set themselves new and challenging goals; and this is no coincidence! If you're constantly aiming for something, you're more likely to enjoy yourself whilst you're on here, meaning there's less of a chance that you'll "float around aimlessly".

Consider aiming for a difficult avatar such as Grarrl Warrior, or perhaps get into stamp collecting. You'll always have something to work towards!

2. Keep Up With Site Events

TNT are always providing us with fun things to do, so take advantage of this! I remember how participating in the Tale of Woe plot made me feel fresh and reinvigorated; it was a new challenge, and one where my previous experience meant nothing.

To keep things fresh, participate in site events whole-heartedly. Whether it be the Neopies, or the Altador Cup or the latest plot, getting involved in these events is fun, and you'll never get sick of them!

3. Enter a Creative Contest

I joined Neopets in Year 5. Over my ten years of on-and-off playing, I spent time restocking, playing games and participating in plots, but one thing I had never done was enter a creative contest. It was only this year (Y14) that I finally entered the poetry contest—and I won!

By entering a creative contest, you're challenging yourself in a way that a lot of Neopians choose not to—and who knows, you might even uncover a hidden talent!

4. Share Your Knowledge

Do you remember being a confused, dazed, newbie? I do! My attempts at the games were pathetic, I knew nothing about restocking and I accidentally traded a Maraquan Paint brush for A Full Lab Map.... So something that's extremely worthwhile is sharing the knowledge you've gained to the next generation of players.

You can share your knowledge in a couple of ways. Firstly, you might take an 'informal approach' by hanging around the 'Help Chat' and answering the questions that pop up there. Alternatively, you might want to invest some time into creating a guide! Sure, it's time consuming—but imagine how many people you can help!

5. Play Games For Fun

It may sound strange, but it's surprisingly easy to forget how fun flash games can be. I stopped playing flash games years ago because they 'weren't profitable enough'. I also happen to know that many gamers grind the same flash games each day simply to earn Neopoints. But this attitude will quickly leave you bored, tired and frustrated.

If you want to reinvigorate yourself; play new games. Play games just because you can; even if you won't earn you many neopoints, an avatar or a trophy. You might surprise yourself.

6. Improve That Trophy Cabinet

Trophies are shiny! OK, that was a bit obvious, but seriously, trophies are an amazing way to improve your account. By taking the time to earn a trophy, you're proving to yourself and every other person that visits your user lookup, that you excel in a particular game. Trophies are one of the most challenging things to achieve on this site, so extend yourself and go for one come Reset Time!

7. Set Yourself Non-Monetary Challenges

One thing that has kept me interested in this site, all these years on, is restocking, and you know what? I don't even care about the profits I get from it! I simply enjoy the challenge of trying to nab expensive items, and that's enough of a rush to keep me playing.

Consequently, I recommend setting yourself a goal that has nothing to do with Neopoints. Maybe, like me, you'll decide to try and restock expensive and rare items just for fun. Or perhaps you'll find another challenge, like beating a certain battledome opponent—it's up to you!

8. Battle!

Many users choose not to battle, but by excluding themselves from this activity, they're actually missing out on a lot of fun, and let me explain why..

First of all, battling requires you to think strategically. Once you get into it, you'll spend hours trying to find the perfect weapon combination and another few drooling over awesome items such as The Super Attack Pea.

Secondly, battling will provide you with and endless set of goals. Unless you're a neobillionare, you still have better weapons to work towards; and the challenge of training your pets to higher levels never gets old.

9. Use The Ray & Appreciate Your Dailies

When I first joined this site, I would get legitimately excited about doing my dailies. I remember visiting the fruit machine and thinking "I could win a paint brush!" or zapping my pets and thinking "I wonder what will happen?!" This feeling was one of the things that kept me coming back, but over time, I slowly became ambivalent.

Try and enjoy yourself when going to your dailies! There is a chance that you'll win something amazing, so get pumped for that! It will make the game considerably more enjoyable.

10. Customize!

Why not set yourself a customizing challenge? It's simple; pick a pet, choose a theme and find the items that will make them look amazing! For example, it's currently Winter—so why not set yourself the challenge of creating a Winter themed pet? It's fun, challenging; and once you've finished, you can easily set yourself a new challenge! There's always an opportunity to grow and improve!

11. Read & Appreciate Art!

Neopia really is a creative hub. Plenty of people are writing exhilarating stories or producing original pieces of art, so why not take the time to appreciate them? In a matter of minutes, you could find yourself in an exhilarating and enticing new world just by flicking through the Neopian Times or taking a peek into The Art Gallery. Neopians are always producing crazy and original things, so you'll never get bored!

So, dear Neopian, as you can hopefully tell; there are plenty of things on this site for you to enjoy. Once you've achieved your first set of goals; go for another one! Participate in everything the site has to offer and keep yourself constantly challenged! If you ever get bored; there's always something else Neopia has to offer, so get to it!

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