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4 Reasons Why Pi Day Should Be a Neopets Holiday

by cotop


You are strolling through Neopia, just minding your own business when suddenly you catch a whiff of the most delicious smelling bakery item ever! Following your nose to the Bakery, you see before you a fresh rack of Apple Pies freshly baked for your enjoyment. Your stomach starts to rumble, and, salivating, you run into the shop, throwing your neopoints on the counter as fast as possible so you can get your pie-fix. Now, I understand that not all Neopians are excited about pies as some of us *shifty eyes*, but regardless of your place on the Pie Loving Scale, Neopia should receive a holiday on Pi Day, and here's some reasons why!

The Range of Pi Pies Available

You're walking around Neopia, doing a bit of math in your head and instead of using Pi, all you can think about is the delicious sound-a-like bakery option. But never fear!! The Breadmaster has already catered to all of your math eating needs! The Neopian Bakery now stocks four different types of Pi Pies for your culinary pleasure. There's the Baked Apple Pi Pie, suitably filled with 3.14 litres of apple filling (oh my, that is a LOT of apple!) and a perfect choice if you feel like a traditional pie! The Coconut Creme Pie, also filled with 3.14 litres of creme, perfect for those overweight and hungry neopets of ours *glances at all the Skeiths out there*. The Keylime Pi Pie, with, you guessed it, 3.14 litres of Keylime filling and a fantastic choice for all of those sweet toothed Neopians, we know you're out there! And finally, the Strawberry Pi Pie, a fantastic all-rounder Pi Pie, and I don't think it's even necessary to point out how many litres of filling there are in it. These Pi Pies have been gracing the Bakery since 2007. That's 6 years of pi filled goodness! Surely that's enough to make Pi Day a holiday, need more convincing?

The Mathematics Stencil

Neopets from all around Neopia have been using the Mathematics Stencil in their classes for ease of writing out mathematical symbols. As one would expect, the stencil includes the normal plus, minus, divided by and times symbols, but what's that on the right in the middle? It's the Pi symbol! Such an important part of learning maths for all of those Neopians, that it is even included in their stencil! Neopets since 2008 have been able to draw the pi symbol to their heart's desire after the release of the stencil. No more lop-sided pi symbols! No more unusual looking mushroom symbols instead. Finally, the pi can stand tall and proud on the maths papers of Neopets from all around. That's still not enough to require a holiday, I hear you saying!

Its Delicious Counterpart

I don't know about you, but I for one always envisage steaming hot pies whenever I think of pi. And let's face it, who wouldn't prefer the delicious option compared to a mathematical option. As stated above, there are 4 different types of pi pies, but there is also a great presence of pie in Neopia. To this day, there are over 150 types of pie available throughout Neopia. Ranging from the unpleasant, such as the Dirt Pie and Octornapie, with its tentacles reaching out to grab you before you can eat it, to the most delicious of pies including the Warm Tchea Fruit Pie and the Fresh Baked Chokato Pie, there is a pie for even the most picky eaters out there. There are creme pies, for Neopets who enjoy that extra sweet and soft taste, or meat pies for those who need a little more oomph in their meals. But we can't forget the delicious fruit pies either. A simple apple or cherry pie can never go astray.

The Joy that Pi (and Pie) Brings

Maths groups and guilds from around Neopia will surely agree that pi can bring a smile to anyone's day. That little squiggly line, those two supporting bars, are so much more to them than just 3 lines on paper. Pi can bring people together, and can form friendships, like those times when you don't know the answer to a maths problem, and you see the person next to you doodling pi's all over their work. You know you can approach them, they are a fellow pi lover! And a beautiful friendship can now begin. Or for those non-mathematically minded Neopians, sharing a slice of steaming hot pie on a cold winters day can bring friends together. Everyone laughing, chatting and having a great time whilst they shovel the pie into their mouths as quick as possible because it tastes so delicious, that's what pie can do for you!

And if that's not enough to convince you that pi should be important enough to require a holiday celebrating everything related to pi, then maybe this will convince you. Last year on World Pi Day, the Mysterious Purple Bugs started taking over the games room and Roo Island, even the critters from all around wanted to gather together for this glorious day. We also now have two beautiful pie Neoboard Smileys. We have the Stone Pie, a fantastic item released in the prize shop for The Faeries Ruin plot (what a good bargain) in smiley form. But now we also have a regular pie smiley as well, for all of your pie needs! Board creators from all of the different forums can now show their appreciation of pie by placing a perfect little picture of their favourite item in their board titles. How exciting! Now fellow Neopians know that you, too are a pie aficionado.

So this Pi Day, (14th of March for those a little unsure), grab your Mathematics Stencil out, reach for a freshly baked pie (perhaps of the pi variety, if you so please), call your friends over, and put your feet up! Enjoy the magic that 3.14 can bring into your life with those nearest and dearest to you, and celebrate Pi!

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