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How the Peophin Got Its Name

by stefanie2994


A long time ago, when Neopia had just begun, there lived a species of majestic neopets called armoured Unis. These Unis had beautifully encrusted gold plates on their faces that acted like defensive mechanisms during battles. Their manes were long and silky smooth, every strand of tail hair was always in place and their hooves were always polished. They had medium-sized feather wings for flight and a horn to cast simple grooming spells similar to the water faerie's. Their distinctive high-pitched battle neighs could be heard from miles away and would strike fear into any neopet species living in that era.

      Due to their charm and excellent battle skills, the armoured Unis were very popular with the people of Neopia, Neopians. It was a mutual relationship, as the Unis loved their Neopian companions very much. However, there was one particular Uni that stood out from the rest. Yes, from tip to toe, the purplish-pink armoured Uni king, Azriel, was far superior to the rest for he was the only one with matching gold armour on his four hooves. He also donned a grand blue coat with faux fur rimming and a matching gemstone brooch. The king belonged to a very special boy who lived in their homeland, Mystery Island. Everyday, the little boy would meet with his beloved companion and they would explore the world of Neopia together.

      One cold evening, the boy was playing at the harbour and he tripped on a loose plank of wood and fell into the water! As he screamed and struggled, he drifted further away from the shore. The king heard his cries for help and rushed to his aid with his entourage of armoured Unis. Azriel charged into the freezing water and began to sink! You see, armoured Unis had absorbent tails and dense bodies, which were most unsuited for water-based activities, much less swimming. The king flew out of the water, back to the harbour.

      The king stood at the harbour, helplessly watching his friend drift further into the horizon. Soon, the silhouette of the young boy disappeared. Tears filled his jet-black eyes as he thought about the promise he made to his dear friend.


      "Say Azriel, will you look for me if I ever get lost?" the young boy asked.

      "First, I will never let you get lost because I will protect you for life. But if you do, I will search the highest mountains and deepest oceans to bring you back..." Azriel replied in a gentle husky voice.

      The two smiled briefly and looked towards the picturesque scene before them. Silhouettes of a thousand Pteris dotted the sky and the pair watched as they left the trees in Mystery Island for their respective homes. The red and orange in the sky mingled with each other as a lovely gradient slowly formed. Techo Mountain was the best place to catch a glimpse of this spectacular sight, and they came everyday.

      With a newfound determination in his eyes, Azriel called upon the help of an old friend through a native chant:

      "Oceans and tides that crash on the shore, I call upon the help of the one I look for. Fyora the faerie in light and darkness, show unto me your eternal kindness."

      A cloud of lavender haze surrounded the harbour and a beautiful purple faerie emerged from the smoke along with 6 elemental faeries. Among them were Jhudora, the dark faerie, and Illusen, the earth faerie. The lady in the lavender dress and wings was none other than Fyora, the faerie queen. She glided effortlessly towards the sniffling armoured Uni, and stroked his forehead.

      "What is wrong, my child?" she asked in the most soothing voice befitting her status.

      Azriel remained silent with his eyes fixated on the sunset before him.

      "He's gone," he muttered.

      Fyora took pity on him for she had a kind soul and did not like to see anyone sad.

      "I can help you. But if you accept my offer, beware of the consequences that follow. Would you like to hear them?" Fyora asked.

      The Uni king nodded and she began explaining the permanent cost of what he asked of her, to which Azriel agreed.

      "Since you have agreed my dear Azriel, I shall grant your desire..." Fyora closed her eyes and began focusing on the blue orb that rested at the tip of her staff.

      It lit up, emitting a dazzling blue glow, and the king began to change his form. First, his beautiful tail and back hooves slowly merged to form a jetsam-like tail. His back hoof armour settled at the back of it. He began to grown fins from the sides of his ears, causing his gold plate to extend outwards to fit these fins. His grooming horn and feathered wings retracted and vanished from sight. The other armoured Unis watched in bewilderment as their king turned into a neopet that they had never seen before.

      Once the transformation was complete, Azriel batted his powerful tail to save his companion. His new features proved to be excellent in helping him cut through the waters. He soon found the tired boy and promptly threw him across his back.

      When the little boy was safely brought back to shore, he was taken by the islanders to receive medical assistance. Fyora then revealed to those present that the armoured Uni king would never be able to change back to what he once was. Those were the consequences that he agreed to bear.

      "I am sorry, my dear friends. But even the faerie queen has her limitations..." Azriel smiled.

      Some armoured Unis decided to follow the path of their king, while others were unable to part with their Neopian companions. The Unis that stayed sold their gold plates and left with the faeries for Faerieland. Thus, the birth of a new species called Peophins, people-loving Unis with "phins" (what they used to call fins back then).

      The Peophins, including Azriel, bid a bitter farewell to their island and Neopian companion, and set off in search of a new place to reside. Eventually, they found a home in the ocean surrounding Mystery Island where they lived the rest of their days underwater, occasionally surfacing to see the island that they used to inhabit. There were hardly any Neopians living in the ocean and the Peophins soon became immensely shy.

      Word of Azriel's loyalty spread across Neopia and many Neopians sought after Peophin and Uni companions.

      The little boy lived the rest of his days in peace in a pyramid-like stone structure in Mystery Island, Geraptiku. This structure is now called the deserted tomb.

      The faerie queen, Fyora instructed Kauvara to work on a cure for the Peophins, in hopes that someday they may return to Mystery Island as armoured Unis. These cures are now called morphing potions.

      That is how Peophin got its name. Peophins subsequently moved to inhabit the Maraquan ocean and city, where you can still find them. These days, Peophins are regarded as shy neopets who bring happiness to those around them. Now you know why, don't you? And if you look very closely, you just might be able to see the resemblance between Uni and Peophin.

The End

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