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Why You Should Participate in the Altador Cup

by moonandflowers


In all my years on Neopets, I've heard and answered the question many times; "What's the Altador Cup?"

Well, my friends, the Altador Cup is the Neopet's equivalent to the World Series. It goes on between the different lands of Neopia, and it's captured the hearts of many. I've spent many a day helping my team towards victory. Whenever it ends, I anxiously wait for next year's Cup to begin.

"Why would I want to do that?"

This is the question I usually hear next. Therefore, I've compiled a list of reasons you should join in on the fun.

It's During Summer

For people who get summer off from school (or even work,) it's a good way to bide your time if you don't have any plans. You know how it goes; the first week of summer, you're so glad to be free, but after that, you're bored with nothing to do. The Cup has four games to play; Yooyu Ball, Slushie Slinger, Make Some Noise, and Shootout Showdown. There's something for everyone to occupy their time with. Each game, especially Make Some Noise, only takes a little bit of time, so it's easy to fit games in between activities like walking your dog or doing the dishes. Alternately, many competitors play while watching movies.

Team Spirit

While a lot of people don't like sports, myself included, the Cup is a way to get involved in a sports team without actually getting involved in a sports team. You'll find yourself waiting on edge to see the news the next day; did your team win against it's opposing team? Did you sweep them, even? Who do you play today? Also, knowing you actually contribute to your team's standing helps to feel more engaged. All of this happens without over exerting yourself! This is especially good for people who aren't very good at physical activities, or can't be out in the sun too long.

Make New Friends

There are plenty of chat groups for the Altador Cup with many friendly members on the Neoboards. With them, you can record your scores, talk about the cup, talk about life and everything in it, and become good friends. Many groups take on the persona of the Neopians who might live in their team's area; Shenkuu has ninjas, while Meridell has knights, Darigan has minions, the list goes on. It's nifty to be able to call yourself something other than "Team Fill-In-The-Blank." Granted, some teams don't call themselves anything special other than their chat group name, but that doesn't make them any less competitive.

"I don't think I'll join."

Well, why not?


"...I don't have the time to play a lot."

Despite what some people say, every little bit helps when playing on teams. I've met lots of people who have had very little time to play – parents, people with full-time jobs, people who went on vacation in the middle of the cup – who still devoted time when they could and enjoyed themselves doing so. So if you'd like to play a bit, even if you can't spend a lot of time playing, you still might find it fun!

"...the chat groups won't talk to me."

This is a complaint I hear about many chat groups, not just ones for the Altador Cup. The problem here is a disconnect in communication; after you introduce yourself, there's not a lot to talk about if you don't initiate a conversation. As it is, it's hard to start a conversation with someone who simply says "hello." And when someone says "Um, helloooo?" after no one has responded to them, it's sort of like they're demanding attention. In the same post as you say hello, try jumping into the current conversation that's going on.

A good idea before joining a team is to scope out the teams on the boards. If you're considering joining a team, talk to the others who have joined that same team. See if you get along with them. If not, you may want to consider a new team. If you're dead-set on your team of choice, a lot of other chat groups welcome others from other teams on their boards.

"...I don't know what team to join."

It happens to the best of us. There's a lovely little quiz that you can take once sign up starts that will suggest a team for you. You could always ask your neofriends what teams they're joining, or peruse the boards to see which team you like talking to the best. And remember; just because you joined one team this year doesn't mean you have to join the same team next year. If you find out there's a team you'd rather be on next year, you can switch over when the next Altador Cup rolls around. Some amazing players don't stick with one team, but bounce from team to team one year to the next. If you're happy with your team, of course, you're allowed to pick the same team next year.

"...there's no point to it."

This is what I thought at first, too; I thought it was just a bunch of point-and-click games, and I couldn't understand why everyone played them past their three score sends a day. However, depending on how many games you play, you get a rank. It goes from Rank 1 all the way to All Star. And what rank you get determines what kind of shiny trophy you get for your user lookup. Yup, they throw a trophy in the mix, so if you're a trophy hunter, it's probably a good idea to join a team and play as much as you can. Who knows, you might help your team get into the top 3, or maybe even take first place!

"...I've tried it in the past, and I just don't like it."

The AC isn't for everyone; if you've tried it and don't like it, at least you've tried it and know for sure that it isn't your thing. I'd say though, if you've never tried it before, it's worth a shot!

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