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How To Make A Personal 50k A Day Game Guide

by sylanne


  • 30 – 60 minutes on ratio change day. With an additional 30 – 60 minutes for initial basic coding set up.
  • Most or many games in the games room played.
  • Petpage and 'a href' link code and line break code. Both of these codes are very basic and easy to remember.
  • Ratio calculation – easy calculation tip provided further into this article.

First of all, this guide to making your own personal 50k a day game guide will not be for everyone. There are many 50k (50,000 NP) a day game guides out there that are updated often or reasonably often.

Depending on how easy games are for you AND the current ratios for each individual game, your 50k a day guide could provide you with games that take you 30 minutes or less to complete, but more often than that your list will take more than one hour. Each game on your list you should send a score 3 times a day. If you are restarting games and not sending scores then this will cause your playing time to be longer. Each person's amount of time it takes to complete their list will be different. The problem with other users' guides is that some games are easier for certain users while they are difficult for other users. This means you may find it hard to gain the 50k a day the guide advertises or it may take you much longer than is necessary.

You won't need to know pet page coding; you can create a very simple pet page and just use the line break code after every link (coding details later in article). The coding of the page is up to you on how simple or advanced you would like it to be.

While this guide is for 50k a day playing games, you can change it to suit you. If you only want to make 10k, 20k, 30k, 40k or over 50k then you can alter it to suit you using the same method of listing explained in this article.

How to choose your games:

First on your list should be all available and current sponsor games (avoid mirror games, only use them to add to your total games played and make sure not to play the original and mirror game on the same day).

You want to locate the all games area in the games room (viewing alphabetically) and open each game in a new tab. Open either all the games listed on each page or open all games located under a certain letter of the alphabet (or the # symbol) from # - Z. View each games page, calculate the score needed to score 1,000 NP using the games current ratio. If your high score is close to or above the needed score add it to your list.

Using this method should give you more games than you need to play to make 50k a day. Now you have a choice in further editing your list by removing games that take longer to play to get the score needed for 1k NP per game (which will in effect cut down the time you need to play to gain your 50k a day). Or you can keep the entire list and just choose what games you want to play from the list each day, providing yourself with variety, I myself prefer to have a longer list as I get bored with games if I play the same ones for a week.

**If you haven't got most or many of the games in the games room then don't stress out, put aside a week to go through and play each game 3 times so you will have a score that will be you best score at your current skill. This does take some time, however it is very beneficial for you because you will then be able to tell at a glance if a game is worth your time and a place on your 50k game list.

Decide on a petpage to store your personal game guide. This should be a pet that remains in the same place so there is no risk of you losing all your hard work.

There is only one line of code you will need and you can just repeat it every line until you have added all your games to the petpage list:

Game name here - Score needed here

By having the score needed noted beside the game you will know what score to end your game at, saving you time and also be able to notice when the ratio has changed.

Ratio Calculation.

How do you find out what score to send for a game? Simple, using a calculator key in the ratio exactly the same. Then simply multiply that by 1000.

Things to remember...

Some games (such as sponsor games) will have a ratio that makes it impossible to gain 1k NP when achieving the top score. Most of these games usually provide a very fast neopoint gain and are a valuable addition to any 50k a day guide.

To locate the All Games area of the games room click 'games' to enter the games room. Below the slideshow that features 'New & Now', 'Popular', 'Featured Game' and 'Staff Picks', there is a heading 'Categories'. To the far right of the page there is a link button that says 'ALL GAMES' with a faded picture of 2 retro looking joysticks. Click the link, it should take you to the all games area and should be set to the A-Z option by default.

There is the option of adding the featured game to your 50k a day game guide list as an optional extra. All you need to do is go to a game page and hover over the feature game link in the pages top navigation (manually type out the link) or right click the link and select the Copy Link Location option.

The less time it takes you to complete games that take less time to complete for the 1k NP per game, the more time you have to spend doing other useful things on Neopets. Trophy collecting, more games for more neopoints, learning restocking or sniping, collecting avatars or just chatting to neofriends.

Good luck in your Neo endeavours. I hope this article helps you to make your own more efficient list of games to play and reach your goals sooner.

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