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Ice Cream Machine - So cool, it's freezing...

by jazz_invincible


Jazz: "ICE CREAM!!"

Random nearby Neopian: "Umm.. you scream?

Jazz: Well, you would too if you had giant scoops of frozen Kau Kau Milk flying at you at 100mph!


Everyone loves Ice Cream, right?

There's a flavour for everyone! It's sweet, it's tasty and oh so cool (you might even say freezing cold!). But what if you ate too much? What if the ice cream wanted revenge? What if the ice cream scoops were as big as you? What if they were flying at you at great speeds?

What if I keep "What if-ing?" - Editor:- A very boring article will be created.

Not very likely, maybe.. but this is the problem that Adee the Chia is having. She's having some nightmares involving all of the above! Some say it's because she ate too much ice cream the day before, but we all know that you get nightmares by checking out the Neocam!

The goal of the game is simple. Don't get hit by the ice cream! A simple concept, but none the less challenging to play.

Quick Overview of the game

I'm sure you all know how to play, and if you don't.. well, there's a big button when you load it that says, "Instructions". This will rather unsurprisingly, instruct you on how to play.

You play the game using the mouse. The mouse pointer is Adee, and to move her about, simply move the mouse around. Move her out of the way of oncoming ice cream, and you can't go wrong. If you find you have a problem with a sticky or jerky mouse, I suggest giving it a good clean before playing. You will need to have good control of your mouse, since this is the only way you can control her. You can't use the Right Mouse Button to "pause" Adee, then click elsewhere to "teleport" her. Right clicking will END THE GAME. If you have a twitchy middle finger, I suggest you disable that mouse button! ;)

There are 10 levels of ice cream dodging to get through. Each level is a different colour and flavour, and as you progress through each, the ice cream will fire at Adee at a faster rate, and at a faster speed.

The levels are as follows:

~Level 1 - Strawberry - Dodge 25 Scoops. Speed similar to that of the Sleeping Turmaculus.

~Level 2 - Vanilla - Dodge 50 Scoops. Speed of a Slorg.

~Level 3 - Chocolate - Dodge 75 Scoops. Speed of Tiki Shop selling out.

~Level 4 - Mint - Dodge 100 Scoops. Speed of Cheeseroller Cheese on a hot day.

~Level 5 - Blueberry - Dodge 125 Scoops. Speed of Cheeseroller Cheese on a warm day.

~Level 6 - Vanilla Chocolate Chip - Dodge 150 Scoops. Speed of Cheeseroller Cheese. (I did not run out of ideas! *shifty eyes*)

~Level 7 - Strawberry Vanilla Chocolate - Dodge 175 Scoops. Speed of Neopians grabbing items from Money Tree.

~Level 8 - Peach - Dodge 200 Scoops. Speed of Dr. Sloth running away when the Space Faerie appears.

~Level 9 - Vanilla Chocolate Swirl - Dodge 225 Scoops. Speed of Meuka being sneezed out.

~Level 10 - Double Chocolate - Dodge 250 Scoops. Speed that Number 6 can eat his Asparagus! GAH!.

As you can see from my handy guide, levels 1 through 5 are pretty easy. Slow moving ice cream doesn't pose too much of a threat. But look how the speeds compare from 6 onwards. I hope you're dextrous!

Scoring & "Powerups"

The scoring is fairly simple. For every scoop successfully dodged, you get 5 points. With 1,375 scoops you must dodge in order to complete all 10 levels, that's 6,875 points.

But wait, some of the ice cream has toppings! Normally a yummy addition to ice cream, this isn't something you want to be munching on. Just as deadly as the other ice cream coming at you, except if you successfully dodge this stuff, you get x2 the normal points. For those not too strong at mathematics, that's 10 points for dodging them. They come in Caramel, Chocolate and Strawberry flavours. Hooray for variety! Sometimes you'll get a Multiple Topping Bonus which gets you x3!

With that out of the way, I shall mention the "Powerups". I use this term loosely, as to be honest.. not all of them are very good. I shall explain them below.

Speed Changing Ice Cream

~Green Plus Sign - The Speed Up Powerup. There is no reason at all to want to collect this, unless you're either very impatient and want the level to end quicker, or you're a little crazy and want an extra challenge. This will increase the average speed of the scoops. These scoops are cumulative. The more you collect, the faster the scoops will go.

~Red Minus Sign - The Slow Down Powerup. A Very handy powerup that is invaluable on later levels. This will decrease the average speed of the scoops, giving you more time to dodge them. These are doubly handy, because they don't decrease the rate at which the ice cream is fired. When you reach the total number of scoops that need to be dodged, the game will continue until the remaining scoops have left the screen. The slower they're moving, the more there will be on screen, and as a result you will get more points for the level since there are more to dodge! These scoops are cumulative. The more you collect, the slower the scoops will go. WARNING: As with all things in life, excessive use of anything tends to be bad for you. If you collect too many of these on later levels, you will decrease the average speed of the scoops, but NOT the rate at which they fire. Because they're moving slower, they'll be closer together, and you may find yourself trapped with no space to dodge them all.

Size Changing Ice Cream

~Light Blue "Large" Chia - The Grow Up Powerup. You may think this a useful scoop to throw at n00bs in the hopes that they "grow up", but I don't recommend touching it. This will increase Adee's size meaning she will become a larger target for the ice cream to hit. It will be more difficult to dodge oncoming scoops. Avoid! These scoops are cumulative. The more you collect, the bigger Adee will get.

~Purple "Small" Chia - The Shrink Powerup. In a similar way to shouting abuse at Adee (which I don't recommend since that's against the Terms and Conditions!), this will "belittle" Adee and make her feel (and look) just a few inches tall. This makes Adee a much smaller target for the oncoming scoops, and makes it much easier to dodge them. These scoops are cumulative. The more you collect, the smaller Adee will get.

Protective Ice Cream

~Silver Shield - This powerup will make you INVINCIBLE!! You will be unstoppable, an all powerful Chia who can stand up against anything..... for 3 or so seconds. *sigh* This is a bit of a let down. This will give you a protective shield. After a second or so, it will beep and turn red.. then a second later.. *poof*.. gone. This will also get rid of ALL size and speed powerups in effect. Unless you accidentally made Adee too big, or made the scoops faster, I don't really recommend getting this at all. It's only really good for getting rid of all negative effects in play. However, if you're good.. You won't have collected any negative powerups in the first place! ;)

~Pink Heart - This is the Extra Life Powerup. This... well, it gives you an extra life. Duh! I always recommend getting this, as it'll give you more chances to continue if you're hit. However, remember that collecting this will get rid of any size or speed effects you have collected. But it is an extra life, and isn't to be sniffed at. (After all - how do we know this ice cream isn't out of date? - I certainly wouldn't risk sniffing anything deadly, which used to be edible!)

~Strawberry Bomb - Like Strawberries? Of course you do! Like bombs thrown at you? Of course you don't! This is a tasty strawberry scoop with a small helping of KABLAM!! Sounds painful? Well, only for onscreen ice cream! (Say that 10 times fast!) It clears the screen of all ice cream. It doesn't go towards your "dodged" total, and it does nothing for you score. It will clear any speed or size effects that you have collected. To be honest, it's not much use unless you want to shrink Adee back to her original size, or get rid of a Speed Up Powerup you accidentally collected. This is only really useful if you happen to be trapped, and by a stroke of luck... this is one of the scoops trapping you.

Scoring Ice Cream

~Yellow Ice Cream with Cherry - Collect this for an Instant 100 bonus points. That's the equivalent of dodging 20 non-topping scoops. It will remove any speed or size effects, but almost definitely worth it if you're going for a trophy. Plus it's Cherry. CHERRY PEOPLE! *licks lips*

~Blue Fish Ice Cream - It's fish flavoured ice cream! It's... disgusting. *glares at Alien Aisha* That wasn't what I was hoping for when I said "Surprise me." However, ignore the taste... UGH, and that smell... because collecting this will get you 250 Bonus points! That's the same as dodging 50 non-topping scoops! As with the Cherry ice cream, this will remove all size and speed effects.

Remember! No powerup will continue on to the next level, with the obvious exception of the Extra Life. Providing you don't get hit, all remaining lives are carried over!

That's everything you need to know about Ice Cream Factory. Remember, practice makes perfect!

Still reading? What more do you want? Go away!


Umm... you're still here, aren't you?


FINE! OK, stop staring at me, I'll tell you! There is a hidden Easter Negg (Fun surprise) that the programmer hid. When you have completed a level, and the next starts.. do NOT click to continue. Leave it for about 3-5 minutes and you will eventually here a SPLAT sound. Adee has turned into a Member of Staff! If you're a big gaming fan, you may recognise him as one of the many great programmers of the games you play. See if you can find him in other games like "Snowmuncher", "Meepit Juice Break" and "Hannah and the Ice Caves"!

Thank you to Brennaa for keeping me entertained whilst I was typing this up!

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