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A Complex Guide To The Wheel of Mediocrity

by hydro_thunder001


IMPORTANT NOTE: If you have not read any of my past articles, everything from this article saying how rare you can land on a space is and other information are based on my PERSONAL OPINION. They are all estimated guesses on how often I land on them and on the multiple. Just to sum it up, your opinions may vary. And also I noticed the error on very/vary in the last 2 articles (if you didn't see it).

Hello again! We all might know what the Wheels are at this point, where are they at, but probably not how it all works. The last article discussed the Wheel of Excitement in sunny Faerieland. But now we go to Tyrannia for the Wheel of Mediocrity, the cheapest Wheel of them all (if you haven't noticed this fact in the first article) and the most exciting too. Okay, not that exciting, but still, it's a Wheel. And as always, we will discuss the Wheel from the Neopedia article first and then explain the what you can win (or lose).

What We Know From The Neopedia Article

Officially named the "most mediocre game in Tyrannia", Plesio (captain of the Tyrannian Sea Division, who is also a Tyrannian Flotsam) operates the Wheel which it is made out of ordinary materials and also... this Wheel isn't exciting. But like every other Wheel, this has prizes. Hooray. Prizes often range from getting NP, prizes, and if you are unlucky enough, a Pterodactyl will bite your pet (Yes, that CAN happen!). But those are only a few of the prizes. And now, it is time to reveal all of them.

What You Can Get From The Wheel

Now that we have read the Neopedia article, we can discuss everything that is on the Wheel and the results of course! Now to get an image of the wheel...*magic wand appears*

Hey, where did that come from? *wand magically makes the image of the wheel appear*

Oh, there it is. Now I can continue the article now! So, as we discuss the 16 icons on the wheel, it will be in the last issue... by discussing sperate icon categories!

Icon Category #1: NP Spaces

Icons in this category: The icons with numbers on them

How often you will land on these spaces: Between Common and Rare (Depending on what you land on)

Highest amount of NP to win: 100-4,000 NP (also an avatar; see "About the icons" for this icon category)

Description: If you have landed on any of these spaces, congrats! You have won NP on whatever space you have landed on.

About the icons: Since you can at least get your NP back from landing on the 100 space, every red number space contains the amount of NP you will win. If you land on the 4,000 space for the first time, you will also win an avatar!

Icon Category #2: Items

Icons in this category: The tar pit icon, Stone "Table" icon, Airax icon, and the Trilo Bite icon

Win or lose: Win items or lose items in Inventory

How often you will land in these spaces: Between Uncommon and Rare (Depending on what you landed on)

Highest worth of an item from this icon category: 2,200 NP

Description: If you have landed on any of these spaces, it kinda depends on what reaction you get, since these spaces have a mix of positive and negative effects.

About the icons: The tar pit icon takes away a item present in your inventory, the Stone "Table" icon earns you a random Tyrannian Furniture item (Examples: Dung Stairs, Straw Sofa, Rock Chair), the Airax icon earns you a random Tyrannian Petpet (Examples: Airax, Reptillior, Niptor), and the Trilo Bite icon earns you a random Tyrannian Food (Examples: Trilo Bite, Cactus Leaf, Bud Bud).

Icon Category #3: Health-related

Icons in this category: The Pterodactyl icon and the fireball storm icon

Win or lose: Lose hit points... or nothing (See "About the icons" for this category)

How often you will land on these spaces: Uncommon

Description: If you land on any of these space, better luck next time! Both of these spaces will lose hit points for your pets.

About the icons: If you land on the Pterodactyl icon, a Pterodactyl will "occasionally swoop down and bite your Neopet on the bum." Actually, your active pet will lose half* of their hit points. For the fireball storm icon, all** of your pets will lose a large amount of hit points!

*If your pet has a odd number of hit points, let's say 51, your pet will have the half of the current hit point amount minus one, which is 50 and will have 25/51 hit points have landing on the space.

**Except if you have a certain pet species, then this space does nothing for that pet with the species. It's for me to know and for you to find out. ;)

Icon Category #4: Miscellaneous

Icons in this category: The "Bones the Aisha" icon, Earth Faerie icon, obelisk icon, and the Grarrl icon

Win or lose: Level up or level down abilities (See "About the icons" in this icon category)

How often you will land on these spaces: Between Uncommon to Very Rare (Depends on what spaces you land on)

Description: If you have landed on these spaces, it kinda depends what reaction you get, since these spaces have a mix of positive and negative effects.

Icons: Since the Earth Faerie and "Bones the Aisha" icons leveled up or down abilities in the Old Battledome, they have absolutely no effect with the current Battledome abilities (Lens Flare, Shh..., Static Cling, etc.) and do nothing. Also the Grarrl space makes a Grarrl roar at your active pet and landing on the obelisk space will have no effect (except having a strange desire to visit the obelisk).

That's all! I hope you have enjoyed this article and if possible, keep working toward the avatar... if you don't have it already. :)

The next article in the Complex Guide to the Wheels series: we stay in the very warm Tyrannia going to the Plateau to head to the Wheel of Monotony!

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