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The Journey to Find the Origin of Relic Pets

by jahangir201


Where did Relic pets come from?

That was the question that plagued me ever since their discovery years ago. Intrigued by their mystery, I began a yearlong journey across Neopia. From the depths of Maraqua to the summit of Terror Mountain, I traveled all over this planet in search for the answer to that mystery. And today, I'm here to report my findings so that you, too, can know the secrets of the Relic pets.

So, I take you back to exactly one year ago as I paced around Krawk Island with no clue where to begin. How does one solve a mystery? Ask random people? Check Mystery Island? Travel around until a random event gives me the solution? I thought that, without a destination, I would be aimless. So, I decided to pool all the information I had in order to form a lead. Unfortunately, the only information I had was that they were called relics...

But, what exactly is a relic? Using my trusty Pirates Dictionary, I found that the word was pronounced "ahrrrrrelic," but there was no there other useful information. Thus, I began the first step of my quest- finding what the word relic was. After consulting many notable Krawk Islanders, while none were able to either solve the mystery nor define the word relic, they informed me that there existed an "Unabridged Dictionary" that may hold the definition I desired. However, yet another roadblock emerged as no one had seen this dictionary in years.

Nevertheless, it was the first semblance of a lead I had and I wasn't willing to let it go. Tirelessly, I searched the web in hopes to find this dictionary, even attaining the aid of a wizard who specialized in shopping-related matters. Eventually, I found the book I was looking for. It was being sold being sold at a quaint little Garage Sale for a price I could easily afford. All I had to do was go to this Garage Sale... at Terror Mountain.

While I could afford a dictionary, chartering a boat was well outside my price-range. Reluctantly, I approached the Governor of Krawk Island to help me in the matter. After hours of negotiating (begging), the Governor finally decided to help me in exchange for leaving Krawk Island as quickly as possible. He arranged for me to hitch a ride with a Blue Krawk named Dorak. The plan seemed simple enough.

Unfortunately, like the rest of the journey, this part was anything but simple. In addition to taking me to Terror Mountain, Dorak was trying to salvage some stolen dubloons while the infamous Black Pawkeet was shooting homing mines at us. So, here I was, in a rowboat filled with gold being chased down by exploding mines.

To his credit, Dorak did a magnificent job dodging those mines, but while making a sharp turn, I fell overboard and found myself falling into a whirlpool. Next thing I knew, I was waking up with an air bubble around my head surrounded by Maraquan pets. It seemed I fell straight down into Maraqua! After asking whether they knew if Dorak was okay (not only was he, but he was still salvaging treasure), I decided to ask the Maraquans if they knew anything about the Relic mystery.

I was treated with glorious tales about life under the sea and how many of the Maraquans elders have traveled to every corner of Neopia. But even the most-traveled of them had no answers regarding the origins of the Relic pets. Determined to push on, I thanked my hosts for their hospitality and asked them if they could take me to Terror Mountain. A Maraquan Shoyru named Kelby, who had been helping some Jubjubs, asked me to hold on as he sped his way all the way to the base of Terror Mountain: Happy Valley.

There, I parted ways with Kelby and began to trek up the mountain. The journey was uneventful for the most part, but as night fell, I found myself shivering from the cold. Desperate, I took shelter in a nearby cave, only to find that it was, in fact, the Snowager's cave. Luckily, it was asleep at the time. Testing my luck, I stayed in the cave to warm up slightly. About an hour later, I resumed traveling up the mountain and by dawn, I had made it to the top.

I made my way to an igloo with a huge sign advertising the garage sale. I asked if they still had the "Unabridged Dictionary," which they did. I waited as they tossed it to me from upstairs, which I luckily caught (despite having to dodge a piano they also decided to toss down as well). Finally, I would be able to find out the definition of Relic.

Slowly, I turned the pages of the Unabridged Dictionary. Page 151... page 394... page 8472... page 23475... and finally, on page 48673, I found the definition I was seeking. It seems that a relic is something from an earlier period in history. Aha! That means the Relic pets must be connected to the past! However, that alone would not be able to solve the mystery. I needed more information. I needed to know what period of history they were from. I needed to start on the next leg of my journey.

I had to find a way to go to the past, but I couldn't think of anyone with a time machine. I guess Dr. Sloth might have one, but the two of us haven't been on good terms since he found out I hit a sock with his face on it on a near-daily basis. Oh well. The next best thing I could do was to travel to somewhere that was like the past, but where? I pulled out my atlas and found that I was in luck. Tyrannia was right next to Terror Mountain. They're one of the oldest civilizations in all of Neopia. There was no way I could go more ancient than that. So, I bid ado to Terror Mountain, buying a couple snow globes for the family and making sure to remember to come back in December, and made my way down the mountain.

No sooner than had I left Happy Valley, however, I was surrounded by jungle. Hopelessly lost, I traveled for days until I caught the faint aroma of an omelette in the distance. Letting my stomach guide me, I eventually found myself right on the Tyrannian plateau. Willing myself to eat later, I continued on my quest and requested a counsel with the Tyrannian elders. Surely, if Tyrannia held the secrets to the Relic pets, the elders would know.

But, it seemed Tyrannia did not hold the key. It was true that Tyrannia is one of the oldest civilizations, but they had no record of these Relic pets. In fact, after traversing the caves surrounding Tyrannia, not even the oldest cave painting showed any signs of Relic pets.

I thanked the elders for their help and continued on my way, traveling from land to land, town to town, reveling in the now as well as pushing for the future. I climbed waterfalls in Shenkuu, explored tombs in the Lost Dessert, dodged pies from demented clowns in the Haunted Woods, forged in Moltera, and even slung slushies at the Altador Cup.

Now, in regards to the question that started this all: where did Relic pets come from? Well, after a year of traveling the world, I can't tell you. It's still as much a mystery to me now as it was then (except that I know what relic means now). But, fear not, as soon as I'm well-rested, I plan to venture off yet again into Neopia to see where the winds will take me in my journey to find out the secret origins of Relic pets. Maybe this time I'll head for the stars (or the moon perhaps).

You may be wondering why I detailed my journey to all of you even though I didn't solve the mystery yet. Well, I shared my story with you because the journey to solve this mystery has been just as crucial than the mystery itself. I may not have the mystery solved yet, but I do have the crazy stories that brought me to this point and I wouldn't trade them for the world.

My advice to you, from one adventurer to another, is to find that mystery that intrigues you and follow it to wherever it leads. But, more than that, enjoy the journey it takes you on, for even without the answer, you'll always have the journey. I hope to one day read about your journey. Oh, and if you find origin of Relic pets or whether Dorak is still out there recovering dubloons, do let me know.

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