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Guide to Becoming A Better Neopian Citizen

by kaitlinhoneybee


The sunlight pours through the bedroom window of your Neohome. Grumpily, you sigh as you go to pull the blinds shut. You clamber back into your Zen Bed and shut your eyes, longing for a few more minutes of that precious sleep.

Ding dong!

The doorbell rings, piercing your eardrums. You grumble as you go to answer your door. Peering through the peephole, you identify a group of cheery carolers, even though no holidays are near.

"Go away," you shout through the door harshly.

Sadly, the once enthusiastic group of Neopets departs. A young one starts sniffling softly as they trek over to the next house, but you pay no mind. You're too busy complaining about how you have nothing good to prepare for breakfast while your pet glares hungrily at all the perfectly edible and delicious food you're passing up.

You head outside to go to the Money Tree. At the tree, you take advantage of people's generosity and snag a whole bunch of rare items right from under the noses of those who needed those items. You cackle with greed and head back to your Neohome with your pockets filled to the brim with Neopoints and valuable items.

At home, your pet is sneezing and sniffling, but you don't pay attention to that. You're too focused on getting freebies everywhere you go.

A flyer on your doormat invites you to participate in Neopia's newest event. You don't really, however. Instead, you turn your attention to stocking your shop to make yourself a ton of Neopoints.

"Neopoints are the only the things that matter!" you growl, while your pet lies, forlorn, in its bed.


If you can relate to the above story, then you're probably one grumpy Neopian citizen. Well, have no fear because I'm here with a guide to turn your frown upside down!


Guide to Becoming A Better Neopian:

Step 1: Be generous!

Remember all those hours wasted at the Money Tree trying to snag a good item? It's time to donate your own items to the less fortunate. Also remember to donate your unused wearables to the Second Hand Shoppe. Even your discarded items can be of some value at the Rubbish Dump. So what are you waiting for? Give, give, give!

Step 2: Be polite!

No one likes a negative Nimmo on the Neoboards (or anywhere in Neopia, really)! Remember to say please and thank you. Avoid harsh jokes and be kind to everyone, not just people you like or people who are popular. This is not grade school, so please act mature. This makes the community richer for everyone!

Step 3: Keep your pets happy!

Nothing makes me sadder than going on account with crying and starving Neopets. This is especially saddening when the user's shop is updated frequently, or they're chatting on the Neoboards. The site is called Neopets for a reason, that reason being the pets. Please feed and play with your pet. After all, they are the building block of Neopets.

Step 4:Participate in events!

The Neopets Staff tries their hardest to keep us entertained with a myriad of new plots and events. Taking part in such activities can be fun and rewarding. You can play games, solve puzzles, and maybe even earn a nice shiny trophy on your Neopets user lookup! These events can make you closer to people as you all try and solve the mystery or even as you pit against each other in fierce competition.

BONUS TIP: Money isn't everything!

Just because Neopoints are the currency here does not mean they are the fun in the game. Neopets should be a fun game for everyone, regardless of how many Neopoints they have. There are plenty of cheap and even costless ways to enjoy the site. Try exploring the lands or going to the Arcade, where you can have fun and make money too!

That's it for this guide. Thanks for reading and thank you very, very much for continuing to make Neopets a community of friendly comrades.



It's a new day in Neopia and you rise with the sun. You stifle a yawn, and then smile as you dress for the day. For breakfast, your once determined-to poison-you-for-neglecting-it pet gives you a tasty (and non-poisonous!) Boiled Egg on Toast. As you eat, you caress its head lovingly.

Once done with your morning meal, you decide to stroll down the cobblestone road to Neopia Central. On the way there, you spot a young Blumaroo sporting a frown and looking dejectedly at a broken Wooden Skateboard.

"Oh dear! What happened?" you ask the poor fellow.

"My Wooden Skateboard just broke after I used it once," he replies with a wobbly voice.

"Stay here, please," you tell him as you race to Neopia Central, a determined look on your face.

As fast as you can, you buy him a new Wooden Skateboard and race back. You hand him the Wooden Skateboard and he's smiling so bright it's like he's a second sun.

"Thank you!" he exclaims and then hops on his new Wooden Skateboard.

Grinning, you head back to Neopia Central. You accidentally bump into the storekeeper at the Neopian Pharmacy, while trying to buy some Step Out Shoes for your pet who's been suffering from a mild case of NeoPhobia.

"I'm sorry, ma'am," you tell her.

"It's quite alright," she responds.

After hitting up the Money Tree and donating a few toys your pet doesn't like to some grateful users you head back home. At home, you cure your pet of NeoPhobia, feed it some of its favorite omelette, and play with it using its favorite toy. It looks happier than ever.

Before you go to bed, you notice you're running low on Neopoints. Ignoring that, instead you think of all the people and pets you made happy and feel much better than any Neopoints could make you feel.

Congratulations, you are now a better Neopian citizen and no longer a curmudgeonly grump! Bravo!

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