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Greatest Autumn-looking Items: Part 1

by sosunub


Also by omgitspuppeh

I have been an autumn lover since I can remember. Whenever I talk to friends or people randomly ask me why I love this season so much, I just do not what to say exactly. Not sure if the range of autumn things the site itself offers is what makes me love it so much but that could be one of the valid reasons. I have pretty much dedicated everything to this season, from collecting items to trying to come up with the perfect outfits. I even love making graphics featuring those beautiful backgrounds. In some words, Autumn lasts 365 days for me both inside and outside Neopets and this is just a way I could dedicate a little more to it.

I have been meaning to write down this article in which I made a list of the top 5 items of each category with a description as to why I believe they are the greatest autumn-looking items ever made. I don't ask you to be 100% agree with what I say but these are just the reasons I believe that make me love each and all these items. If you are ready, please sit back and grab a cup of tea, get comfy and enjoy this article to the fullest!

1) Clothes

We all know how long it could take us to get dressed, especially when it's for a special occasion. Whether or not we want to look pretty for ourselves and for others as well, we can dedicate hours to create the perfect outfit for this wonderful season. There are people who may like to combine the autumn colour schemes, which go from a brown-ish yellow to even a dark green, or people who just like to casually dress clothes that have different kind of patterns that resemble this season. Dressing a good autumn outfit is a hard task, you would say; I would say it so myself too. We decided it was time to showcase the best five clothes that any closet should lack of for this season. Whether you want to customise your pets with a certain customisation or just make the perfect outfit for a special occasion, we suggest you to take note and consider the following five clothes because each of them has something in particular, something that makes them be unique and stand out from all the other clothes. It's time we stop spending hours finding the right clothes and invest that time on wearing these clothes as if we were walking on a runway.

1. Warm Autumn Coat

You may be wondering why we placed this beautiful coat on first place. Well, we didn't even have to think about it twice. This is definitely one of the best coats around Neopia. Look at it, it's just outstanding. First of all, it looks perfectly on every single pet and second of all, the design is absolutely well done. At first glance we can appreciate the autumn scene that was perfectly sewn by hand and every little detail makes it unique, from those beautiful, dark-ish flowers to the little gold buttons in each sleeve. This is a perfect coat for going out on a windy and breezy evening. It has the perfect length and it keeps you warm whenever you wear it. Undoubtedly, this coat makes the perfect outfit for an autumn day.

2. Darling Autumn Dress

If this was a dress you could buy in any stores, I think most girls would die to get it. The delicacy of this dress not only can be appreciated at first glance, but also the pattern was amazingly made to match with that autumn vibe. See the belt that has a soft orange-ish gradient? That's what makes it unique. We all know now why this is one of the most wanted and hard-to-trade-for dresses in all over Neopia. If your neopet doesn't wear this for this wonderful season, then the outfit would be so incomplete. However, I'd suggest you to wear this dress during the first days of Autumn, when there still are warm days. It's a summer-kind dress which you can both use it alone or with a jacket if the outside is a bit cold. The frilly of this dress was magnificently made by hand, which it shows how much effort and dedication was put into it. That's why we place this dress on the second position.

3. Autumn Wool Coat

Is it there any better coat around? This is the perfect coat for those who are looking for a more minimalist, formal look. Even though it has no autumn leaves or those bright orange colour schemes, we can see how well it was woven by the designer. It's cozy, eye-catching and the best thing is how detailed it is. See how the sleeve cuffs match the coat's collar? That dark brown makes the perfect combination between a pleasant coat for a special occasion and the right garment for a job interview, if we had to name some.

4. Autumn Faerie Dress

Here we have something more cheery and fun to wear during those Autumn Festivals we see happening around Neopia. It's the perfect outfit for any lady who may be involved with this kind of carnival. It has the perfect colour tone without standing out too much. It can catch people's attention but it's not overexaggerated and that's what makes it so unique. The gradient that goes from that pale yellow to the red-ish brown is the just the right sequence of colours we need to see in any autumn outfit. Although it's not so warm, the heavy skirt makes it look like it would definitely suit on any kind of body. Last but not the least, those autumn leaves that were... how can I say this, they were magically stitched to the dress making them look as part of it; there is no way someone would think it's a pattern. Sadly, this dress is not so popular around Neopians but we hope it starts getting a second and better look for upcoming autumn seasons.

5. Autumn Leaf Tutu

Out of curiosity, do you have any idea how long it took to the designer to stitch each autumn leaf individually on this tutu? After some research, it seems it took him roughly 4 hours to fully finish this tutu. The effort is truly seen on this beautiful garment that can be used for some special occasions but mostly for those hot days Autumn may have throughout the entire season. The tiny belt makes it look great on any body size, no matter if it's a big or a small one. It just works wonderfully. We noticed that it's not a common tutu that your neopet would wear but if you were looking for something unique and different, this would be our first option!

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