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12 Stand-Out Colour/Neopet Combinations

by sunwreaths


One of the most common goals here in Neopia is saving up to buy a paint brush to make your pet look as beautiful, bright, or interesting as you want. Painting a pet is a wonderful experience, made even sweeter if you've really had to work to save those neopoints. Seeing your pet transform before your eyes as a result of your hard work is one of the highlights of Neopian life. However, there are so many colour and species combinations to choose from that deciding on which paint brush you'd want to save up for can be even more difficult than earning the neopoints themselves! So, in order to possibly make things a little easier, this is a list of the neopets that stand out the most to me in a few of the more coveted colours. Of course, this is all a matter of opinion, but I truly have tried to consider many different aspects and features to choose the colour combinations that seem particularly noteworthy, and a little different from all the others. Enjoy!

1) Baby

Baby is by far one of the most popular paint brushes in Neopia. At 600,000 neopoints in the Hidden Tower and a little less at the Mystery Island Trading Post, this is one of the more attainable colours for your pet. And I can certainly see the appeal – there were so many incredibly cute Baby neopets that it was very difficult to choose! However, I finally managed, and decided that the most stand-out Baby neopet was the Kau.

Those big beautiful eyes and floppy ears make the Baby Kau absolutely irresistible. Its pink nose and sweet expression make it a perfect Baby pet! And just look at the cute little tuft of fur on its forehead.

Honourable Mention – The Pteri is also a very interesting Baby pet, as it is, of course, an egg! Great if you want a neopet that will really stand out.

2) Darigan

Darigan pets are also extremely popular. Dark, menacing, and extremely dignified, neopets painted in this colour demand respect and awe from their fellow Neopians. As it's more expensive at 1,400,000 neopoints, finally saving up to buy this paint brush will feel like a huge achievement. Having studied all the Darigan neopets (and ending up wanting one myself!), the one that stood out to me the most was the Acara.

Incredibly fierce and scary, the rough, dark fur covering the Acara's body is reminiscent of a mythical monster. The eyes are unforgiving, and shine out so brightly as to be unmissable. With so much potential for interesting customisation, the Acara is a wonderful choice for a Darigan pet.

Honourable Mention – The Ixi. Those horns are truly spectacular!

3) Eventide

Eventide is by far one of my personal favourite paint brush colours. The beautiful gradient of dazzling colours is stunning, and all of the neopets in this colour are amazing. However, trying to be totally unbiased (*pokes Chestnutq*) I looked at all the Eventide pets with an open mind. Eventually, I chose the Eyrie.

A pet that exudes an air of magnificence, I think Eventide is the perfect colour for an Eyrie. Its wing span shows the starry blue off to its full potential, and the sky theme is apt for a creature that can fly. The luxury and drama of Eventide suits a majestic pet like the Eyrie perfectly.

Honourable Mention – the Peophin! Similar to the Eyrie, the Peophin gives an air of stately grandiose, a good match to this colour.

4) Faerie

Possibly one of the most coveted paint brush colours, Faerie neopets are always popular, and are again rather expensive. With a fantastic variety of colours and poses, this was by far the most difficult category to judge! However, going on the pet that stood out the most to me, I had to choose the Grundo.

A mysterious and pretty shade of dark blue with star-spotted wings, the Faerie Grundo goes beyond the pretty pinks and greens of the other Faerie pets. The Grundo is often maligned as an 'ugly' neopet, but that can certainly not be said when one is painted Faerie! A truly remarkable colour/pet combination.

Honourable Mention – I really couldn't choose only one, so I decided to mention the Xweetok and the Tuskaninny, again for their lovely colours. The light brown fur and dark green touches on the Xweetok make it fantastic for customising, whereas the fiery reds, oranges, and yellows of the Tuskaninny remind me of a sunset.

5) Halloween

The Halloween colour is definitely one of the most fun. With so much potential for different costumes, the artists of TNT certainly did not disappoint! Spooky, cute, and hilarious all at once, every Halloween neopet deserves an honourable mention! However, my favourite was the Hissi.

Just look at those bones! Looking as though it's wearing its skeleton on the outside of its body, the Halloween Hissi would certainly win the prize for Best Costume at any party! It looks so simple yet intricate at the same time, and the glowing green eyes are the final spooky effect to make the Hissi a fantastic choice for a Halloween pet.

Honourable Mention – Everything! But in particular, the Flotsam – cute yet slightly scary in its makeshift ghost costume.

6) Maraquan

Maraquan is a particularly expensive colour, with prices at around 5,000,000 neopoints. Nevertheless, it's well worth it, with some very interesting pets. Though more difficult to customise, you can still have fun with backgrounds and trinkets, and the wonderful artwork of the Maraquan neopets means that sometimes, you don't need any customisation anyway. My favourite is the Usul, and its brilliant, funny, and cute design is what prompted me to make my own, Passionsun!

Just look at that cute little snail! The colours are nicely shaded, and the overall shape makes a nice, solid looking neopet. The sassy-looking Usul makes an equally sassy little snail, and I could look at it all day!

Honourable Mention – Of course, I couldn't write about the colour Maraquan without mentioning the beautiful new Wocky.

7) Plushie

Plushie pets are again very popular due to their incredible cuteness! These pets are all very detailed, from their little button eyes to their neat stitching. Again, there's a great range of colour schemes, and this was a tough choice! But, eventually, I went with the Cybunny as the pet that stood out the most.

Doesn't this Cybunny just look as though you could pick it up and hug it? It's so squashy and soft, and perfectly epitomises everything a Plushie neopet should be. Cybunnies are notoriously cute, and few more so than the Plushie ones! Its colours are bright yet muted, and all together the colour gives off a cosy, comfortable vibe.

Honourable Mention - The Xweetok. Its pretty turquoise and purple colouring and its (literally!) button eyes make it irresistible.

8) Royalboy

One of the few colours that have different options for boys and girls, Royal is a sumptuous and majestic colour that will suit all neopets, from the prim and proper to the more down to earth. Fantastic for creating a detailed character for your pet, Royal is very creatively inspiring. And the clothes are fabulous! The Royalboy neopets range from dignified and sombre to cheeky, and my personal favourite is the Yurble.

Everything about this neopet is impressive and striking. Dressed like a true hero, the clothes on the Royalboy Yurble are particularly ostentatious. And the colour of the fur just screams royalty!

Honourable Mention – The Bori. Again, a figure of sophistication – brilliant clothes and colour!

9) Royalgirl

Similar to their male counterparts, the Royalgirl neopets all seem to have very unique personalities and styles, with a decadence that only Queens and Princesses could pull off. My personal favourite was very easy to choose – the Ruki.

Never have I seen a neopet looking more beautiful and poised. The Royalgirl Ruki's clothing, serene demeanour, and beautiful warm colours make her look exotic and charming, and one of my all-time favourite neopets.

Honourable Mention – The pretty little Gnorbu, looking extremely cultured and refined in her green dress and purple mane.

10) Stealthy

Appealing to the sneakiness in all of us, Stealthy neopets are in a class of their own when it comes to stillness, mystery, and discipline. All looking as though they could remain undetected even to a thousand guards, there is a sense of awe and intrigue surrounding these pets. Looking like the master of stealth is the Grarrl.

Think about it – if a Grarrl, with all its size and heaviness, can be Stealthy, then surely it is the stealthiest neopet of all! Remaining quiet and hidden is nothing to the naturally light-footed Blumaroo or the acrobatic Mynci. The Grarrl, then, must be the most skilled by far!

Honourable Mention – The Techo. The silver details on its clothing make it look very intimidating!

11) Woodland

Another of my favourite paint brushes, I adore every single neopet available in this colour. Every pet is different and well thought out, with different types of wood, flowers, and foliage. Best suited to a neopet with a simple, nature-loving personality, the Woodland neopet is fun to customise and pair with the perfect petpet. Probably the most popular Woodland neopet, and certainly the most striking one, is the Uni.

The gorgeous pale wood of its body and the blossoming light flowers of its mane and tail make the Woodland Uni stand out beautifully from the rest. Looking very peaceful and serene, this is the perfect pet to calm down their naughty brothers and sisters! Extremely delicate use of colour makes this a truly beautiful neopet.

Honourable Mention - Again different from the rest is the Woodland Grundo. So cute!

12) Zombie

Finally, we come to Zombie neopets – creepy, haunting, and very nicely drawn. There are a few standouts in this category, and it was one of the most interesting ones to browse. Common to all the Zombie pets are the unseeing glassy eyes and grey flesh, sending a shiver down the spine of even the hardiest Neopian. The one that stood out the most to me was the Usul.

The juxtaposition of the dark red bow and headband against the pale, greenish-grey fur is wonderfully creepy here, emphasising the undead look of the neopet. The once potentially pretty clothes are ragged and torn, and the eyes seem to penetrate to your very soul.

Honourable Mention – The Buzz. The detail in the torn wings adds another aspect to the Zombie look!

And that's the end of that! Obviously there are many more notable colour/species combinations, as well as the wonderful world of cross-painting. I think it's important to not just choose a colour and species separately, but to really consider what looks best together – perhaps you'll choose something you never would have considered before!

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