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The Top 10 Things to Do While Playing Key Quest

by josefine378


It is probably the worst kept secret in Neopia: Key Quest is a great daily! There's no passing it up for the chance to win items like neggs, codestones, Secret Laboratory Map pieces and even the occasional paint brush! With the opportunity to use up to ten keys per day and the ability to store thousands upon thousands of keys for future use, what's not to love about this game? Nothing! Well, except maybe the wait time. We all know it is a fun game, but everyone is a multi-tasker these days. I have found myself doing many things while waiting for a second player or waiting for my turn in a Key Quest game. I decided to go to the Neoboards to see what other avid Key Quest fans have found themselves doing in game lulls:

1. Neo Dailies! I frequently find myself with two browsing windows open while waiting for someone to join my Key Quest game. One for Key Quest, but in the other I do easy dailies like spinning the many wheels of Neopia, collecting my daily interest at the bank, surfing The Neopian Second-Hand Shoppe for the perfect finishing piece of my pet's look, or even skimming the New Features updates!

Other players confessed that they will zap pets, check Tarla's Non-Toolbar Treasures, and even play their other daily games while waiting for another player. Some of these dailies are a little involved, so make sure if you decide to do your dailies while waiting on Key Quest that you aren't the one putting the game on hold!

2. Exercise! One person on the boards told me they did bicep and deltoid exercises while waiting for a player to join. What a clever way to sneak in a workout for the day! They managed three sets before someone came into their game! If you're playing ten Key Quest games a day that's plenty of time to slip in a few exercises.

I haven't tried this before, but now I'm thinking of the different ways I could exercise while waiting for a player. There could even be some drills to fit in between turns during the game! Exercises using dumbbells would be easy, or doing squats, sit-ups, jumping jacks, push ups, jogging in place or even interpretive dance! As my friend on the board said, "Feel the burn!"

3. Chores! Come on now, we all know we've neglected a little real life cleaning for Key Quest, am I right? I have folded laundry, cleaned up my desk area and even dusted a little while waiting for someone to come play with me! When I asked the board, people suggested things like putting away dishes, making the bed, and generally picking up things and putting them away in their proper place. What a useful way to use this wait time! A couple braver Neopians said they even mop and cook easier recipes before their Key Quest games start. Wow!

4. Hobbies! As any obsessed Neopian will admit, it gets harder and harder to squeeze in our non-Neopets related hobbies. One self-described "Book Fanatic" on the boards says she will often read a book while waiting for a player. Others told me they knit, play musical instruments, draw, and even work on their scrapbooks while waiting!

I may not be as creative as many of these players, but I have been known to do a little sewing and patchwork while waiting for a player. Just no fishing or pottery now—that could be a real mess!

5. Size up your game! I am more of an amateur Key Quest player, so I was not aware of some of the finer strategies of the game. One very avid player told me that they check the user lookup for whom they are going to play before the round starts. They go to that person's Key Quest collector case and see their win ratio. While this practice isn't an excuse to leave that poor person hanging if their ratio is good, it is an easy way to see who you're up against. But really, who knows! Win ratios can't predict everything! Even if you've never won a game in your life, you could get the perfect power up to win. Game on!

Another common practice of avid players is to write down their opponent's user name before the game begins. After the game they may Neomail a polite "Good game!" or even ask them to play again. Who knows? You could make a great Neofriend through Key Quest!

6. Chat the boards! Whether you decide to talk more Key Quest and hope to find the perfect person to play, get some stock tips or even discover another world, chatting on the Neoboards is a great way to pass the time while waiting for a Key Quest player. I have personally gained a shiny new avatar with the help of the lovely folks on the Avatars/NeoSignatures board while waiting for a Key Quest game to start!

Other players on the boards told me they scoured the Neopian Pound board for their perfect pet, promoted their shops in the Shop Ads board, and even chatted on the board I created in the Key Quest boards to get input for this article!

7. Relax. Now, repeat after me: breathe in, 1... 2... 3... breathe out, 1... 2... 3... Don't you feel a little bit better now? Sometimes we all need to find little ways to relax throughout our busy days. One person on the boards told me they listen to soothing music between Key Quest games. Another said they play other Neopian games on Zen mode, especially Sutek's Tomb.

You could even meditate or try a little yoga. Just don't get so relaxed that you fall asleep and miss out on the next game entirely!

8. Eat! Whether it is a bowl of mushy peas or a gourmet meal from Kelp, we all have to refuel from time to time. Grabbing a snack or a meal is a productive way to fill the wait time in Key Quest, and a full belly can make you a happier player! If your Neopets are hungry, why not take them to the Giant Omelette or even the Grand Neopian Neolodge for a good meal and a quick vacation?

On the boards one player told me they often eat breakfast while playing their Key Quest games for the day. You know the saying: the early Pteri gets the worm!

9. Restock! Don't you have some things in your SDB that your pets no longer use? Of course! One of the most common suggestions on the board was to restock their shop while waiting for Key Quest. Whether you restock from your SDB, Neopia Central, items from dailies or other player's shops, this is a great way to spend a little time. Bonus: with any luck you will have a profit by the time your Key Quest game is finished!

I often restock my shop with items from my previous Key Quest games. Think about it, the turn around time is incredible if you restock your shop between every game! Cha-ching! You'll have Ultimate Riches in the bank before you know it!

10. Do nothing. Sometimes the best thing to do is stop and focus on the game about to start. In this busy world it can be a great thing to practice patience. One person told me that multitasking makes them forget their turn during Key Quest. Another told me that when they have multiple tabs open they end up closing out of Key Quest on accident far too often. That's no good! Follow their wise words of wisdom, take a deep breath, and patiently wait for people to join you. Get ready to enjoy another great game of Key Quest! Good luck!

Thanks to everyone who helped come up with ideas for this article on the Neoboards! I loved each and every one!

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