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Money Making, Saving, and Other Such Things

by moosetacular


First off, I know that in the Neopets community, we all want our millions of Neopoints. There are many ways that you can earn Neopoints, but I can't say they'll work immediately. These methods take some time, and you won't find any cheat codes here, only honest ways to make money.

1) The obvious way, play games. I'm sorry, I'm sure you've heard it all before, but I had to get it out of the way. Look for games that have a better ratio of points to Neopoints. Potato Counter can be tricky, but if you get used to the speed and can count fast, easy money. If you're playing the games for money, stay away from games that take a lot of points to make a single Neopoint. Play the well-paying games every day, and submit your higher scores. When doing this, I made about 6,000 Neopoints in two hours.

2) Another obvious one, open a shop and restock. Customize your shop to make it more inviting! Add a theme, GIFs, pictures, graphics, whatever! But as a Neopets user, I tell you, don't make it so flashy and don't make everything move. It slows down the user's computer, and it doesn't look all that attractive. Secondly, make sure to restock often, and don't use junk. Try to put things that people collect, or put special or rare items in. If you're using something less rare, make sure you don't make it too expensive. Say, you've got a Baby Paintbrush and an Omelet. The Baby Paintbrush is obviously going to be very expensive, that's a rare and special item that a lot of people want, and some people collect. Now the Omelet is even free some places! Don't make it too expensive. Depending on what kind of omelet it is, I'd say price it around 10-30 NP.

3) This one isn't a way to make money, but it's a way to save it. There's a few methods of this, but let's start with the first.

Let's say that there's an item that just came out that you really, really want. If it's not a limited time item, I suggest that you wait a few weeks. The price of the item will go down eventually, and it'll be more affordable and you can buy more items with your available NP.

Second, do your dailies. I repeat, do your dailies! These can be very helpful. The giant jelly, omelet, the Grundo plushie, Soup Kitchen, etc. These are great ways to get food, NP, and items for your pet. If you want, you can get free items and then put them in your shop, but keep the pricing reasonable.

4) Spin wheels. Simple as that. Pay a little money, and spin a few wheels. The wheels can do good or bad things, so for your and your Neopet's sake, try the Faerie wheel first. It has less chance of bad things, losing money, loosing health, etc.

5) Scratchcards! Just pick one up on the mountain or in the desert. They cost a bit of money, but they're fun! And you just might win the jackpot.

6) Open a bank account! I would've suggested this when you first made a Neopets account, but if you don't have one, make one. What I do every day is collect my interest, put all the money I've made into an account, and go to make more NP. Use all the methods I've mentioned to make more money, and wait until you've got enough to upgrade your bank account. With every upgrade, your interest goes up and you collect more daily.

Those are all the ways I can think of to make and save NP. You can use these Neopoints for whatever you want! Collecting, shopping, etc. But don't run any scams! Please don't cheat, and respect the Neopian rules on wheel spinning and card scratching! If you're being fair, I wish you well on your journey to Neopian riches!

On to part two of my article, which is somewhat connected to part one.

Something that can be used as a way to make money that takes a lot longer but can wield hundreds of thousands at once, is collecting and selling. You can choose many things to collect. I, personally, chose plushies! Plushie selling can be very good money if you know your market and the fair pricing for plushies.

In pretty much any collecting group, if it's plushies, paintbrushes, books, clothes, you have to know which ones are rare and cost the most. You want to go after these. Now, you still want to collect the ones that are less rare or special, those can still sell. But go after the ones that cost a lot, because if you want to sell your collection, you'll make a lot off of those.

When starting your collection, do research if you're really serious about it. Research which ones are rare, expensive, and special, and research fair pricing. This can be used for when you buy and if you decide to sell your collection. Once you've researched your item, it's time to start buying! This is the fun part.

Use the Shop Wizard to find specific items, and compare prices. Unless you've got a bit of money, I wouldn't suggest looking for your item on the auctions. Especially if it's rare. The prices go up high there, and you can lose a lot trying to get an item. You can try to arrange a trade for an item you have for an item you're looking for. Sometimes, if you look for an item you want, you can find someone offering that item. You can ask them about it, or, on the Trading Post you can look for something someone else is looking for.

Be careful, though. Savings for that Faerie Paintbrush might have to be put off to the side if something comes up! I remember that once, my pet got sick through some weird chance thing, maybe a game, but that's beside the point. She got sick, and I could not find the medicine. At the time I had a pretty miraculous plushie collection going. When I did find the medicine, it was so expensive I had to sell the majority of my collection to get enough money to buy it. It set me back awhile and I had to raise money all over again to get my plushies back. Moral of the story, be prepared, perhaps save money in another place for emergency situations!

Welp, it's approximately 1:43 AM as I type this, and I think that means it's time for me to go to bed, but I appreciate you reading this! I hope I helped you!

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