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What Sandwich Are You? - A Quiz

by fairygold


What kind of sandwich am I? This question has bothered me for a long time (more like the hour I took dreaming up this article) and I decided to make a quiz to help myself, and other users, find out the truth. Are you the kind of sandwich with too much ham? Or are you a chicken sandwich? Perhaps you have lots of cheese. Well, you won't know until you take this quiz~ Oh, yeah, don't forget to have a piece of paper (or a sandwich) and a pencil ready to record your answers. Have fun, and sandwich it up!

1 - You come across the Fountain Faerie. She asks you for an item. As you head to the Trading Post, you think about the color you would like to paint your pet. What color are you thinking about?

a) Island

b) Faerie

c) Grey

d) Darigan

e) Pirate

f) Royal (except you can't get royal from the fountain faerie, sorry)

g) Baby

2 – You want to go vacation somewhere... but where?

a) Mystery Island, so fun and hot!

b) Faerieland, the faeries are so kind!

c) Lutari Island, it'll be so depressing and stormy...

d) Darigan Citadel, the evil Lord Kass is my idol!

e) Krawk Island, those tough pirates sure know how to live!

f) Brightvale, maybe I can get to speak to King Hagan!

g) Roo Island, games all day, whee!

3 – What is the first thing you do when you get on Neopets?

a) Explore Neopia, looking far and wide for things to do.

b) Go to the Money Tree and donate a few thousand Neopoints for newbies.

c) Go on the Neoboards and change your preferences to a good gloomy quote.

d) Evilly plot your mission to destroy Neopia... in the search engine box.

e) Go to the Battledome and challenge those cowardly fighters to a one-on-one duel!

f) Gaze at the wonderous items in the Hidden Tower and chat it up with Fyora.

g) Play games, what else?

4 – What do you say when someone compliments your lookup's designs?

a) Aw, thanks. Yours needs a bit touching up, though, no offense.

b) You are totally sweet!! Here's a Faerie Paint Brush, just for complimenting me!

c) Thanks... you are so kind... yay.

d) Pretty lookups will not matter once I destroy Neopia, muhahahaha!

e) Thanks, I try to make it look as tough as possible!

f) Thank you, my esteemed friend. Perhaps you would like to become Neofriends?

g) Yay, I got a compliment! Thank you very much! Whoop!

5 – What do you say when you come across a cute little petpet?

a) You could come home with me! I won't hurt you... just don't get me into a mood.

b) Ohmigosh, a little bitty petpet! Wanna come with me?

c) Oh look. A petpet. Whoopdeedoo.

d) I'm keeping you – we could destroy Neopia together!

e) A new training pal! Perfect.

f) I am pleased to meet your acquaintance. Perhaps you could follow me home for a cup of tea?

g) Yayyayyay, a petpet! We can play together!

6 – How do you scold a wrongdoing Neopet?

a) Okay... WHY DID YOU DO THIS TO ME???!!!

b) I expected better from you... but it is okay as long as you apologize truthfully.

c) Whatever, just don't do it again. I don't care.

d) Excellent...

e) (Nothing. You just walk away in frustration and take a few swipes at your punching bag.)

f) I do not like how you behaved today. Explain yourself.

g) Hee, please don't do that!

7 – What is your dream?

a) Just to have a successful account. What else?

b) To feed a thousand Kadoaties! It'll cost ten million neopoints, but it will be worth it!

c) Complete my gallery of grey things. But I probably won't reach it anyway.

d) To conquer Neopia, making foolish Grundos my minion!

e) To have the highest level Neopets in the Neopian world! Look out, Punchbag Bob!

f) Buy every single Hidden Tower item and stuff them into my SBD, so I can admire them.

g) Earn a million neopoints from gaming! Yay!

8 – Who would you most likely be seen with?

a) Probably Illusen or Taelia. A nice faerie.

b) The Faerie Queen, Fyora, or perhaps the Pink Adoption Uni from the Pound. So sweet and pink!

c) That Wheel of Monotony Quiggle. He has the right attitude.

d) Dr. Sloth! If you thought anyone else, you are totally crazy!

e) Balthazar! Punchie, punchie, fighty, fighty!

f) Princess Fernypoo, or perhaps King Hagan. So regal.

g) Any Blumaroo! Yep, that's my favorite species!

9 – What is your favorite colour (not Neopets colour, just like red or blue)?

a) Hmm... green. Yeah, green.

b) Pink! Pinkety pink pink!

c) Grey... did you seriously expect any other colour?

d) Black, the colour of revenge... at least in my mind.

e) Brown or red, one of those warmish colours.

f) Purple, royal purple.

g) A pastel blue. Yep.

10 – What is your favorite Neopet species?

a) Umm... there's so many! Just one? How about... Acaras? Peophins? Bori? Gelert? So many!

b) Unis, definitely! Aishas and Usuls are good, too. I love Cybunnies and Kacheeks also.

c) I don't know... Grundos. Ogrins. Chia. Moehogs. Gnorbu.

d) Whatever Dr. Sloth is. Or a Draik. Yeah, Draiks and Hissi.

e) The toughest one, a Krawk. Possibly a Scorchio, Skeith, or Grarrl, too. Kougras also.

f) I enjoy Shoyrus, Xweetoks, and Zafaras. That's it.

g) Blumaroo, JubJubs, and Wockies, mmhmm!

Now... count up your letters. If you got mostly...

A - Sandy Sandwich - You are a person who, although being a bit hot-headed, is very sweet on the inside. Others may think you are a bit rough around the edges, but you just want to help others. Isn't that nice? ;D

B - Earth Faerie Cookie Sandwich - Aww, you are such a kind person! You would give up your hand to someone in need, and you are a very loving person! You like anyone and everyone, and don't care what they look like. Hey, you're like the Earth Faerie!

C - Grey Sandwich - You need some cheering up. You look at the world in an upset and angry attitude, and your pessimistic mood never fails to astound happy peoples. I'm not telling you to be happier or anything, heheh...

D - Last Blast Chocolate Sandwich Cookie - Muhahaha, your sole desire is to take over the world! Please refrain from doing so, though. You might become Sloth's arch nemesis, and that ain't good.

E - Mega Meat Sandwich - You love fighting, sports, training, anything of the sort. You will never give up without a good fist sandwich! Ohmigosh, that was so ironic!!!

F - Apple Walnut Tea Sandwiches - You are very proper and girly. Yes, maybe you are a bit annoying at times (no offense), but people see you as ladylike. (If you are a boy, you are still proper, but you are not girly or ladylike. Congrats!)

G - Moon Sandwich - Remember those days when you used to have your sandwiches cut into cute little shapes? Well, you can live those days again, because you are cute, kawaii, chibi, childish, whichever suits you.

And if you got a tie, or a triple tie, or a quadruple tie... congrats! You are a good blend of personalities and characteristics, and you should be proud of that!

So, that was my quiz. I guess... expect more to come! Thanks, everyone, and enjoy it!

Author's Note: Hi guys! Thanks! Oh, and I took the quiz - I'm an Earth Faerie Cookie Sandwich. :)

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