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15 Items Every Writer Needs

by happytimewithmilk


So you want to be a Neopian Times writer? You want the pretty shiny avatar or just want to get your words out? Your articles, stories, adventures that you've dreamed of others enjoying? Well, I'm here to help! Trust me, I'm not an expert, but I want to help you. Let me help you! Read on, my friend, here are the items you'll need!

1. Framed Neopian Times

Only a true Neopian Times fan would hang this on their wall!

I should already assume you have this item, right? I mean you are probably already a really big fan of the Neopian Times so you have like, ten of these hanging up in your Neohome. If you don't then why are you even bothering me?

2. Star Pencil

Use this pencil to write all about your goals and hopes for the future!

A pencil, obviously! It can really be any pencil, any pencil at all. As long as it works though! I picked the Star Pencil because it's adorable. It's pink, it has a giant star on it. It's perfect. Find a pencil that suits you, that suits who you are so you can really focus on writing an amazing article or story!

3. Bagatelle Colouring Pencils

This is a special prize that you can only get from the Bagatelle game in the Deserted Fairground.

Or maybe you're a artist who loves to draw beautiful comics? These are perfect for you! With so many colours, you'll have a super fun time drawing out your fun and witty ideas! Or not so witty ideas. Sorry, if you are witty then these pencils cannot help you.

4. Waffle Pencil Case

Someone folded up their breakfast and shoved it behind the radiator, so we sewed on a zipper and voila!

Because you'll need a pencil case for your amazingly you pencil! Plus waffles! Sorry, might get a bit smelly but who doesn't want some waffle scented pencils?!

5. Shimmery Notebook

The cover of this book is all sparkly and blue.

Oooh sparkly! This notebook is pretty basic, actually. It's blue, and it's sparkly but it's also perfect. With pure simpleness, you can really dig deeper into your own ideas when you jot them down. No muss, no fuss.

6. Teachers Desk

Keep your Neopets from acting up with this authoritative looking desk.

You should probably get a sturdy and authoritative looking desk for your writing! Not only will you LOOK like the boss, you'll be the boss!

7. Crunchy Carrot Burger

A tasty, healthy alternative to the regular beefburger.

Here is a secret, I love carrots and I love burgers. This combo is the most perfect burger to have burgered ever! Just in case you get hungry as you slam your Star Pencil to your Shimmery Notebook, it's always great to have something to eat! Plus, it's also healthy! Who doesn't love that? Hopefully no Cybunnies or Mutant Gnorbus wandering by steal it from you, though... either way, good luck!

8. Grape Kiko Taffy

This taffy is great if you are a fan of grape candy.

You completely ignored me about eating a healthy snack, didn't you? Fine, fine, then just eat this yummy grape candy taffy!

9. Pinklet Bed

How cute, the eyes and nose are pillows!

You know you're going to get tired if you write for too long, it's a fact of life. Here is another personal favorite of mine: the Pinklet Bed! Not only are the eyes and nose pillows, the bed itself is super soft and squishy! Trust me, my friend, if you work too hard on your Neopian Times story, you will burn yourself out. You really don't want to do that! So just relax and take a nap on this awesome bed.

10. Still With the Times

A collection of all the Neopian Times articles to date.

Never be not up to the Times! You probably already have this book so I'm not sure why I am even suggesting it! But carrying on, this book is a collection of all the Neopian Times articles thus far. If you are writing an article you should probably read up and make sure someone else hasn't written something like it before! Or maybe you'll get some inspiration on exactly WHAT article to write.

11. How to be a Model

Jetsams have natural class and style, but have you got what it takes to strike the pose?

Uh, maybe you should read this just in case you don't actually make it as a Neopian Times writer? You could be a fab model like a Jetsam instead! Or just sit and wallow in the fact you failed at your dream job... Sorry. I've heard modeling can be fun, though!

12. Lenny Paper Mask

This paper mask may look silly, but it will protect your Lenny in battle.

Yes, this item will protect your Lenny in battle, but it can also hide your shame in the whole "I failed at creating a great Neopian Times submission." I'm just looking out for you, alright, pal? It's made out of paper, though, so try to hold in any sort of tear-related sadness.

13. Grundo Ball Paddleball

Every time the Grundo hits the paddle it squeaks.

Sometimes you might get stressed out while working on your story. I get it. Sometimes it's hard to grasp the words you have so deep in your head. Take a break and play with this paddleball! If you dislike Zurroball as much as I do, then this toy will be the perfect thing!

14. Tea With Honey and Milk

This tea is known to be quite soothing and delicious.

Who doesn't enjoy a good cup of tea to get some creative ideas flowing, am I right? Plus, this tea has honey and milk! Feel like you've dived straight into a land of milk and honey with this basic, but yummy tea!

15. White Weewoo

Named after the rather haunting melody it makes. At dusk a chorus of Weee.. Woo... fills Krawk Island.

Okay, I guess you don't really need one of these, but if you're a Neopian Times writer, why shouldn't you have your own little white Weewoo? White Weewoos are the best known mascot of the Neopian Times. Plus, who wouldn't want an adorable little Weewoo chirping you on?

I hope you get an amazing and unique submission into the Neopian Times my friend! Whether it is a article, short story, comic, or epic series, I wish you the best! Thanks for reading! May the Weewoo be with you!

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