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How to Impress for Less

by fr0zenpeanut


Ever look at an account and scroll down in amazement at their achievements but think you'll never be able to get to that point? Well, this guide is for you. You don't have to be super rich or even very good at games. You just have to put a little effort in to start getting your account to where you want it to be!:)

So let's start!

1. Trophies

It's always amazing scrolling down someone's trophy list. Yeah, just the trophy list! That takes a lot of hard work. We can start the basics right now, though! There are lots of easy games you can earn trophies for, so let's start with those.

Pyramids Bonus & Sakhmet Solitaire Bonus: Clear the board one time for bronze, two for silver, and twice in a row for gold (frustrating and time consuming sometimes, but easy! I'd aim for silver unless you get super lucky.)

Neoquest and Neoquest II: Very time consuming, but they show real dedication. Plus, you get some cool avatars! There are plenty of guides out there and there are a lot of helpful people on the neoboards if you ever get stuck.

Cheat!: This one's pretty easy. It might take you a few tries to get past some of the rounds. But for an easy gold trophy, it's worth it! Plus there's an avatar involved with this one too.

The Neopian Lottery: Yeah I know, it seems like a stretch. But if you buy tickets every day you're bound to win eventually. You'll get yourself a nice trophy and some neopoints! It only costs 2000 NP to buy 20 tickets, too.

Snow Wars: This game's pretty fun, and an easy trophy to earn!

Go! Go! Go!: Another pretty simple card game, another pretty simple trophy

Events: Participate in as many site events as you can! A lot of them will give you a trophy to show your dedication.

That's a good start, but the rest is up to you! There are a lot of trophies you can earn if you put time into it. Jhudora's Bluff, Illusen's Glade, Mystery Pic, Plushie Tycoon, and the list goes on and on. I'd really recommend checking out high scores for your favorite games on reset day (the first of every month, when the high score tables get reset.) Sometimes you're a lot closer to a trophy than you think, you just have to put some time and effort into it. It helps that you're rewarded with a brand new shiny trophy, too!

2. Avatars

Oh my, I have a love-hate relationship with avatars. They do really spruce up your account, though, so try grabbing as many as you can. I'd recommend looking at a guide to help you with all of these.:)

Clickables: These are super easy. Click and done!

Events: A lot of times if there is a plot or an event going on, if you participate you'll be rewarded with an avatar! Not always, but sometimes. So try to participate in any events as best you can, they're super fun anyway.:) (Plus, trophies!)

Games: Ah yes, the evil game avatars. Try your best with these! Some are really easy if you follow a guide, some are pretty easy in general, and some are the worst things ever. Okay not the worst, but very difficult! Try playing all of the ones you can though, you never know when you might have a secret talent for something. You might even end up with another trophy. Some might seem impossible at first, but practice is key.

Pets and Petpets: Pets are a little harder, since generally speaking to paint a pet or morph it takes a lot of money. Some of the petpets are cheap and you can do yourself. Some, not so much. There are people who lend pets though, I would recommend checking out the Avatars/NeoSignatures board for a lot of these.

Items: Well, you might not be getting the Big 3 (MSPP, BGC, and Super Attack Pea) anytime soon but you can start with the small ones! Again, some of these you can check out the Avatars/NeoSignatures board for lends. I would really recommend having some collateral, though; most people will not lend without it. Be super careful with borrowed items though, and always, always, always return it.

Randoms: There are a few avatars you get from Random Events on the site, and then there are some that are awarded randomly for doing something. So do your dailies, you might get lucky! (Plus, you can earn a trophy from some of the dailies, wouldn't that be cool?)

Seasonal: There are quite a few avatars that rely on the time of year. Keep your eye out! Check a guide to see what one's coming up next.

Battledome: Start training your pet! Show that Pant Devil what's what for stealing your hard earned items! Because now we're moving on to making your pet look super cool. B)

3. Your Pet!

You don't have to have the most customized or most expensive color to show that you put hard work into your pet. It's fun, of course, but don't get too caught up in thinking that. You can always adopt a cool looking pet from the pound if you find one you like. Or you could save up for that paint brush and those cool clothes. They do show a lot of hard work, but I'm going to skip those because there are lots of other things to do.

Books: Make your pet super smart! The smartest in all of Neopia! Or, you know, just read a few books here and there. If you read your pet enough books, it could even get a shiny trophy of its own!

Beauty Contest: You don't have to be the best at drawing. Do your best and advertise for your pet so it can have some nice trophies too!

Training: If you have some neopoints to spare, start training your pet! It can be pretty costly but it does a lot to show your dedication. (Plus, avatars!)

Petpet: Who doesn't want their pet to have a nice little companion of their own! There are a lot of petpets out there, and many colors to choose from. Pick one you think fits your pet best, or just one you really like! If your petpet starts getting pretty old it might even help you win another trophy for your pet through the PPL.

Jobs: Yep, you can employ your pet! Go check out the Faerie Employment Agency.

4. Some Extras

There are a few other things on your profile to show off, so we should do those too. :)

Stamps: Yes I know, stamps are expensive. Not all of them though. Use a guide and start with the cheap ones, or add in the ones you get from dailies. Anything helps!

Neodeck: About the same as the stamps, but there are a lot more around the 1000 neopoints range. If you get some extra money, you could always invest there. :)

Site Themes: Collect them like they're avatars! Another reason to join site events too. Plus they can spiff up your Neopets browsing experience.

Shop: I'm not saying you have to start your own mall, don't worry. But having a decently sized shop and a few things for sale makes you look active.

Gallery: Galleries can get pretty expensive pretty quick. You can collect anything you want. You can collect whatever junk you pick up from the Money Tree if you want! Having a gallery and adding to it is a very fun way of showing off your dedication, though. I really recommend it.

Neohome: Show off those decorating skills!

Habitarium: It's time consuming to get up to level 50, but it earns you a lot of money. Well worth it! Try leaving it running in the background and check it every so often to make sure everything's okay.

All of this should start you off at a pretty good pace. :) There are tons more things you can do around Neopets, and almost all of them will help better your account and make Neopets more fun all around. Just remember when you start drooling over someone else's account that you can have nice things too! A little time and some hard work can accomplish almost anything. You just have to set your mind to it. Good luck, and have fun!

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