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Getting Ready for Halloween

by fr0zenpeanut


The spookiest time of the year is upon us! It's time to get in the spirit for ghosts, pumpkins, witches, candy and costumes. Let's see what Halloween goodies we can find around Neopia. :)

The Haunted Woods

This should obviously be the first stop on our quest to find all the best Halloween stuff. What is Halloween without the creepy goodness that is the Haunted Woods? You can check out the Brain Tree (maybe pick up a quest while you're there), a Haunted House, some spooky pets and games, and the witch Edna! There are even some Neopets themed masks you can print out, then it'll be super easy to dress up yourself! Make sure to check out the Halloween pets while you're here, and maybe even pick up a spooky petpet to go along with it! I'm sure your Neopets would love a Slorg or Dribblet of its own.

Don't forget to check out the Deserted Fairground while you're here! There's some more creepy games around for you to play. Buy a Spooky Gooplecream from the Spooky Foods while you shop for some spooky furniture to decorate your Neohome. Test Your Strength while you wait for the line in front of the Wheel of Misfortune to stop being so long. Pick up a Stale Candy Blade from from Haunted Weaponry to help you out against Chia Clown in the Stone Dome. Don't forget about the ghost Neopets while you're here. Your Neopet could really creep people out that way. Boo!

Halloween Treats! Mmmm

One of the best things about Halloween is that you can eat all the candy and sweet stuff you want without being judged. So what if I have 500 candy wrappers sitting around my room? It's Halloween. Don't look at me like that. I don't have a problem.

There are a lot of treats around Neopia that look soooo yummy. Like a Meowclops Candy Apple? Mmmmm. I bet that Assorted Pumpkin Mixed Candy contains a bunch of yummy treats that I'd love. Strawberry Kiko Candy is not only a bunch of adorable little Kikos, but it also looks tasty! Candy Feast also looks super cute (and spooky!) Super Stick Kacheek Candy Apple *drools* Yes, I may be a sucker for candy apples. October is good to me! I bet a lot of people would go for a Candy Pumpkin Latte though. I could go on about all the tasty treats in Neopia for twenty years probably, but there is more celebrating to be done! Just let me grab another piece of Rock Candy before we go.

Just... also keep in mind that just because it's candy does not mean it's good. Eye Candy... uhm.... I might pass. Maybe your Skeith would love it, though? Just don't get it too close to me.

Other Spooky Items! (That are just too cute to resist.)

Scary Spiders are probably my favorite thing in Neopia. That spider doesn't look so scary! I want 50 of them. I want them to be my best friends.

How about a Spooky Speaker? Look at its face! So adorable. Check out the item description: "It plays a haunting tune, of course." Yeah, of course! I bet it'd be a great addition to your Neohome decorations for Halloween.

Dr Sloth Pumpkin?! Look at how great the person carved that pumpkin! I wish my pumpkins turned out that well. I'm totally not biased at all because I'm a fan of Dr. Sloth, it's just way cool. Heh.

Cannibalistic Pumpkin... yes. Yes. Everything about it. I want 10 of them. How much did you say they cost? Oh. Okay. Maybe just one will be okay. Don't want to overdo it.

Ghostkerchief Plushie awwww so cute. :) I bet your pet would love to play with this! It's also way cheaper than that Ghostkerbomb they've been asking for ;)

Disgruntled Candy Corn, awwww look how angry it looks. Look at their little faces!

Alright, that's enough out of me about cute and spooky items, you should check around Neopia to find your own favorite spooky items!


Make sure everyone knows you're super excited about Halloween by posting with your favorite spooky avatar.

How about some awesome game-related avatars like Carnival of Terror or Mutant Graveyard of Doom II? Or an awesome pet avatar like Werelupe? The Meowclops avatar is also super cute. :) Evil Fuzzle would be a perfect choice! Edna has her own avatar too. Or celebrate by showing off your participation in the Spooky Food Eating Contest!

I guess if you're really cool you could use the Haunted Woods Stamp Collector avatar.. won't make me jealous at all. Nope! :/

Make sure you have the perfect font to go along with it. A giant pink heart may not go so well with your Werelupe avatar. :P

Some Final Thoughts

There are quite a few spooky games you could play to get in the mood for Halloween! How about Ghost Bopper or The Castle of Eliv Thade? There are a ton more spooky games than those two of course; make sure to keep that in mind while you're checking out the Haunted Woods and Deserted Fairground too!

There are some costumes you can buy for your Neopets so they can dress up! Poke your nose in Unis Clothing Shop to see what they have for sale. Maybe you can even make yourself a matching costume so you can match! (Don't worry, I'm sure everyone will understand that you're dressed as Scarblade and not just any pirate.)

Don't forget to check out the NC Mall! There are a lot of super cute autumn and Halloween themed goodies being sold around this time of year. If you don't feel like spending real money on items, there are a ton of cute Neopoint wearables that can make sure your pet is ready for this Halloween!

Last but not least, trick-or-treating! You may be too old to go in real life now, but Neopets won't tell you no! Be sure to check around Neopia for some goodie bags on Halloween. :)

Have fun, eat lots of candy, and don't get too scared!

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